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I made a Slime Bath!

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XX/XX/20XX Somewhere in Tokyo Dr. Hajime is in the lab doing an experiment. Hello, everyone. I'm Dr. Hajime. Do you know slime? Right. That thick stuff. I'm going to do a special experiment for slime today for the first time. That's right. Slime bath. Why do I make it? It's man's nature. The materials are as follows. 90 L of laundry starch, 60 L of water and... 120 cc of borax mixed with 9 L of hot water. That's all. Very easy! First, dissolve borax in hot water. Then, put 90 L of laundry starch into a bathtub. Next, blend with 60L of water. Ask someone to help you to mix. It looks well mixed. Add some food coloring into the bathtub. Finally, add borax mixed with hot water. Mixing slime puts a heavy strain on your arms! The slime bath is done. Thank you for waiting. Slime bath is finally ready. Seriously, I couldn't make this in my home. I appreciate everyone's support in making this bath. Don't make this at home because of the harmful chemical ingredients. Get in! I'm ready. I expected it would splatter. Check out the next video too!! Share on SNS! How can I describe this feeling?