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Ambulance bed Toys & Kongkongyi Baby doll 콩순이 119 병원 장난감 과 캐리 옹알이 콩콩이 인형 놀이

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Hi. This is Carrie from Carrie and Toys. Today, we will be playing with the Kongsuni 911 Hospital toy set and the Kongkongi baby doll. Now, let’s start playing. First, let’s take a look at the front of the box. This is for kids 36-month-old or older, and it has an ambulance with a siren. You can also take an x-ray image. Now, let’s also look at the back [Siren.] When you open up the ambulance, it transforms into an examination bed. You can use the stethoscope to examine our Kongkongi baby doll. Let’s take a look at the front box of our baby doll, Kongkongi. This doll is for kids 36-month-old and older, and she can say 12 different sentences. You can also listen to a lullaby. Let’s take a look at the back. When you lay her down and wake her up by shaking her body, you can hear Kongkongi’s response. Now, let’s open up the box. Ta-da. In the Kongsuni 911 Hospital toy set, there are stickers, medications and vitamins, x-ray images, a pair of glasses, a first aid bag, a pill bottle, a thermometer and a syringe, a fever-reducing pad, a medical insurance card and a consultation card, a stethoscope, and lastly, an ambulance. For the baby doll Kongkongi toy set, the box also includes a standard play manual, a jingling milk bottle, a pacifier, and lastly, our baby doll Kongkongi. Now, let’s play with the 911 Hospital toy set and Kongkongi together. What? You need to take a poop? No, no, no. Are you going to sleep or not? You are not sleepy, right? Okay, Carrie will play with you. Let’s play balancing the body. Oh. Once more. A balancing game for our gymnast. Oh. You are hungry. Let’s drink some milk. Milk. Let’s drink some milk, have a pacifier, and go to sleep. Wait. You need to burp. Oh, the smell. You shouldn’t have farted. But you did well. Now, let’s have a pacifier and go to sleep. Have the pacifier. That’s so strange. Why can’t our Kongkongi go to sleep tonight? Do you need more milk? Oh, no. She has a fever. What do we do? 911. What’s the matter Kongkongi? Kongkongi, are you sick? You have a fever, Kongkongi. Lie down. Shots. Shots We need some shots. Wait a minute, Kongkongi. First of all, registration is done. We need a thermostat. I think the fever is too high. The temperature is... Oh. It is 38.9 Celsius degrees. What do we do? I think we need some shots. Shots. Your butt, butt. Kongkongi, please turn around for a second so that you can get a shot. Okay. You are such a good girl. You don’t even cry. You can even take this medicine. Kongkongi, you need to take this medicine to get well soon. So is the fever is getting low now? Should we re-check the temperature with the thermostat? For an accurate decision, let’s do a close reexamination. Is it the head? Hmm, the heartbeat is normal. Kongkongi, you are okay, you are okay. Now, Kongkongi can just take this medicine again and go home. Before we take this medicine, let’s take an x-ray. Let’s plug in the x-ray machine. Yes Normal. Yes, now Kongkongi can go home after taking this medicine. You already had and IV so let’s take it out. Kongkongi, good job. Now, should we go home? Bye-bye, Kongkongi. Oh, wait. I forgot the fever remedy. The pad doesn’t work well on Kongkongi. Then, you take this home with you in the hair band. Bye-bye for real now. Bye-bye, Kongkongi. Today we played with the911 Hospital toy set and Kongkongi. How was it? Did you have fun? Carrie will be back with more fun toys next week. Bye-bye.