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Americans Try Surströmming (The Smelliest Food In The World)

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they say that when you first open a can of Saurashtra minutes when the worst males in the world what's under it and I don't want to all i'ma see all all poll it and I'm all up okay now I'm at home I hit her I like about to end millage didn't do it again I'll let you know liden to me a done someone on the air I had the worst gag reflex at deafening and he the it's one of the worst thing that ever smother my life and I'm can't wait to get outta here I smell this from outside the building I don't see how you can be this indoors call a lot of terrible smiles and it's like fish baby diaper cheese jury in the fruit and dead body smells like foreskin all these things got together and they're like hey let's hang out like our grad I guess I regret it it's weird because you smell it for signal icon that smells bad like a national park bathroom that somebody just dumped a bunch a dog for dinner there's no kissing on them release months back know it's snowing do good public to then another one texting in like undone but hope have people been puking day Agni it already but hug and that 10 looks like it's left over from World War two honestly holy shit i think is just in a superb its own fermentation go by dope I love when a booger dripping Grange you this doesn't look like a real collar vomit a here it looks like when you walk bias sewer muck and bacteria that is congealed taking it out and putting on a play intensified this now as anyone even this actually No not doing it so yes yeah I draw the line somewhere network shares worth trying to scam me it does not taste even a quarter as bad as its mouth it is very brainy extremely salty yet I still don't want to eat more of it I kinda just wanna get outta this right I can imagine is probably has better with side dishes or may be wrapped up in something what the fuck is this an wears a crown and how I never happens again sky set up a bucket list I feel like the smell is so overwhelming that is informing my taste buds not like it you have to follow at now now i dont want it was kinda really clean faced a timeout at this point that the very beginning it was booed I don't know what that his lies three well put day why Harry and they're definitely bones in it chasing this whole thing in my mouth how could this be more yes home good paddies the worst thing I'd ever eaten the worst thing I've ever smelled or put my mouth and I'm not exaggerate does the weirdest things in the world are poor well the coolest thing about this is that it's pretty badass if you enjoy it and he did i mean but not many people in the world I think stomach this yet my father is that and what happens so let's close at in close this chapter on our lives together it's something that's culturally sensitive in people's respect that someone out there it's this enjoys it they must have a very very limited access to their sense of smell to it is the worst food I've ever smelled