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Ramayya Vasthavayya

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Coorg, Karnataka Why fix marriage in this hilly region? Had you okayed my brother Jagannadham's daughter, engagement would be in Jaipur palace and marriage in Buckingham Palace. You still have time, shall I call him? Welcome, brother-in-law! - Welcome please! Greetings. - Welcome, son-in-law. Had a safe journey, right? Please come in. What? Is bride missing? Brother-in-law, bride has ran away. Check if there are any saris hanging out from window. According to our tradition, I told you bride won't be here for engagement. If you want I'll let son-in-law talk on phone after engagement. Don't bother about him, you carry on. What tradition? Had it been my brother Jagannadham's daughter, she would be in the groom's lap by now. I rejected the proposal for that reason only. Oh my God! What's all this? I'll tell...I said I'll tell... Brother-in-law! He's talking in different tone. Groom's friends are getting drunk there. Did you really inquire to okay this proposal? Everyone will have bad habits. Only few have bank balance. Inquire their favourite brand and send bottles. Brother, you don't answer phone call and they're fixing marriage here. This is what you call catching leaves after hands are burnt. Just a minute. Tell me, sister-in-law. Have you all left? It's not marriage that's going to happen in your house but your obsequies. Are you happy about getting your daughter engaged? We'll kill you in another hour. Who are you? Your death! Brother-in-law! - I'll meet IG of police. Stay here and look after the arrangements. - Okay, brother-in-law. Are you in guest house? I'm coming. Can't you manage it without me? I'm getting threats on phone. This is third time. Fire at him! Gun is jammed! Escape! How did it happen? Who did it? You must answer the questions. Along with your jammers, his gun too got jammed, that saved my brother-in-law. How can people who world for salary save peoples' lives? It was our mistake to have sought security from you. Don't get angry, sir. We'll tighten the security further, sir. No need to tighten or loosen the security. No need to do anything. I'm sending back your staff. No need of this security, brother-in-law. I'll get men from our place. They'll not hesitate to protect or kill. Who has the courage to kill me and who would benefit if I die, I don't get it. God! What sins have we done? Who would save us from this danger? Who? Guru! It's just rehearsal! Why are you scaring me? What did you say? Can't a low caste man compete with high caste man? What an absurd idea! This is a test of valour not of social status. It's not and it shouldn't be. Do you say this is test of caste? By the way think about your father Bharadwaja's birth! Your coming into this world is more absurd than that! You were born in a pot! Which caste do you belong to? Vada and NTR's dialogues are unbeatable! What about our great ancestor Shantanu, wasn't he son of Ganga, wife of Shiva? What was his caste? What did you tell me? Didn't our race begin with Sage Vasishta, who was son of celestial prostitute Urvashi? Didn't he marry a low caste Arundhati? Didn't she give birth to Parasura, a low caste? Didn't Parasura father my grandfather Vyasa with a village belle Mathsyagandhi? Didn't his widows give birth to my father, with my grand aunt my paternal uncle Pandu, and didn't a maid of our palace give birth to Vidhura whom you respect so much? Which caste does he belong to? This Kuru clan lost its caste many generations ago if we consider these precedents. So, it's unnecessary to talk about caste. Buddy, our Anji went after a girl, somebody beat him badly. Slaves! Have slaves become so arrogant? Hey! Do you know who we are? - I know, womanisers! How dare you go after a girl my boss loves? How dare! How dare you go after her? Brother! Don't get angry, tell him fondly. Please leave brother's girl friend. - No, I'll not. My sweet little boy! - No way, I'll not give her up. He and his get up! Hey, leave him. I'll leave him, will you leave my girl then? What if he refuses? What would you do? Only I'm romantic, all my boys very violent! What to do now? - Shall we run away? I'll beat them black and blue! I said what would become of them? Will you beat us black and blue? Brother! - It seems he'll beat us black and blue. If he does it, I'll pay you Rs.1000. If not, you must pay me, I'm betting on him. Okay, brother. Come on, beat us black and blue! Come on do it, we'll get Rs.1000! Come on, beat us! Do you've to beg to beaten up? Come on beat us... come, I'll thrash you boys! Will you come to college with guitar, jeep and posters? Take out Rs.1000! Give it to him. Take it. - No, please.- Take it I say! Bet on horses not on lions! I got it, brother. Why did you bring the original, brother? Whether it is mace or guts, using original is my habit! I didn't do it with bad intention. She smiled at me once. Made gestures too! Hello Padma! What's happening? I don't know if there's a woman behind a man's success or not, but I'm sure there would be a girl like her in a fight between two men. I'll set it right now. Padma, tell me clearly. This guy or that guy? Oh my damn girl! It's clear now! This is for you and she's his. Had she told me this clearly? I wouldn't have bought this guitar, coat and poster! Whatever said and done Alwal Raju is Alwal Raju! Yash Raj is Yash Raj! If people have this philosophy and clarity in life, every moment in life would be a celebration! For the present, he's enjoying it! My darling! Salute this guy with attitude... Anyone dare to taken on me, show power and enslave him... Surge ahead mercurially in the race of life... If you face trouble, go abscond... Show your adventurous character... Teenage is too short to make it a battlefield... Channelize your anger and temper into enthusiasm... Youth will never come back, go full throttle... Play mischief and have a blast of this short life... Change your step for rhythm and have a ball in life... Make your own rules... live as you like... If life gets rusted, even if it fire, clean it... Body is full of energy... Its thunders in blood... Fire like character... Whoever robs your freedom, take on and pin him down... Whoever crosses your path, thrash him down... Fly your collar like a flag... make your own path with your guts... If anyone dares talk tough, silence him forever... You're a hunter of cheetahs... History needs you... Victory is yours as grant... Bulldoze your way out of any danger... Who can match your speed? Have a blast! It seems a man will lose 5 minutes of life if he smokes a cigarette. Did you hear that? - I must quit immediately. I must quit reading such magazines immediately. You do that but won't quit smoking, right? Come, my dear. New tenant in the downstairs portion. Very good in studies! She tops the class always. Isn't it, dear? - Yes, it's too competitive world, right? If we don't get first rank, we can't survive. Brother has brought a car in America, take sweets. Where in America? - Chicago. If he buys car Chicago, why are you distributing sweets here? If you stop roaming with useless guys, you too can go to America. Our parents too say the same dialogue. It seems if we don't roam with him, we would become Collectors. You? What would I do in America, mother? You can buy a car like her brother within a year. We can buy a car there but can't engage a driver. But here I've a driver for my bike too! I said it affectionately not to belittle you. You add little curry leaf and chilly powder. If he eats so much spicy, he'll start burning. What do you say, Saraswathi? Oh no! Not Saraswathi but Jyothi! Asha Jyothi! That's okay! How much did you score in Maths? 99 out of 100, I'm writing exam for betterment. This time I'll get that one mark too. That's what you call education! How many marks did you get? Who is better student? - I! She prepared for 100 and got paltry 99 only! I tried for 36 and got 37! How much she's feeling for losing one mark, I'm also feeling as much for getting one mark more, father! I'm ready to sacrifice my mark, let her take if she wants. Come on buddies! He took away one I had! He charms people with his logic! In this rain, in a hotel in my place Antharvedi, watching sizzling Nagamani, eating hot biryani, it would be great! - In between you must have drinks too. Hi useless guys! Tell me what the best we do in such rain? What I say is, when we're sitting without any work like this, an expensive car must come and stop here! It did stop, buddy! Anyway car has stopped, right? A stunning beautiful girl must get down from the car! She did get down, buddy! Open your eyes and see! Is it dream or real? Is it the magic of new day? Is it new happiness? Is it possible to stop you? Encapsulated womanhood... At least now wake up... Time is great! Make a wish, buddy! If rain stops now, I'll hug the girl passionately. Thank God, you didn't want to carry her. Nature is also on my side. No need to wait anymore, Ranjith. Round her up to make an impact. What's this? Who are you? Few goons are after my life. Please don't talk for few minutes. Where's he? - Where's he? He came this side only. You were right. They're here only. No way are we going to spare him today! Did you hear that? Please don't leave me. He came this side only. Buddy, that's our boy only! Don't get up now! They're here only. How can I get up? Thank you very much. You saved my life with oxygen like hug. I feel contented. I'm also contented for saving a life. Move, boys! What an act! - Wait, boys! What's this? Just now you were fighting, right? We've become friends. Friends now. How? If we kill each other, there won't be anyone left, Lord Brahma gave life, mother gave birth and raised us, life is very short, why should we kill each other? Acclaimed film director Boyapati Seenu said this! I didn't want to disappoint him. So, we compromised. ,Isn't it boys? - Yes. Cheating me with film dialogues, right? I'll see. - See! When? Where? Hello Secretary! I'm not grandma! Why not go to gym in your free time and get your body into shape? Be up to date, girls! No use in admiring yourself in mirror. Get in shape so that others watch you. Is she our caretaker or are we her caretakers, sister? Once again, please! What happened to him? Why is he licking the phone? He's playing ring a phone and kiss game with his girl friend. What's his score? - He's about to hit a century. If I get the girl I met yesterday, I'll play a new game known as cut the call and hug the girl! If your girl friend has to come, either it must rain or Ilayaraja's song must play. If the girl comes as easily as the song is played... Bunty! Start the bike! Madam, this is no parking zone. Stop...stop... Young Tendulkar, come here. You don't use phone, tell me whose number you gave! We're holding it in hand with tension! It was a fancy number! Was it 6666? - Yes.- It's mine. He came with you, you broke the window pane. Car belongs to the girl, why did you give my number? Madam! Expensive window pane is broken! Hello! Is your car window pane broken? - Yes. Buddy, the girl's phone. My car window pane is broken, this phone number was pasted on it. It didn't break, I broke it. Why? - Why did you park car in no parking zone? What bothers you if I park it there? Your car became a hurdle in the movement of my life. That's why I broke it. Why did you leave a phone number? If you park like this again, to warn I'll break another window pane too. I don't have your number, right? That's why I left my number there. Is Switzerland better or Bangkok? If you're single Bangkok is right place, for honeymoon, it's Switzerland. Then, we'll go to Switzerland. Is that Jubilee school better? I think they won't admit you at this age. Not for me but for my forthcoming son! Without confusing us with words and dreams, come out with truth. 1You saw the girl, right? She's class like heroine of Gowtham Menon's film, and I'm a mass hero of Rajamouli and VV Vinayak films. By now, so many would be after her. You didn't pocket the ball but my heart. If you say yes.. One side credit cards and other side debit cards! Pay slip is in my pocket, balance in my bank account, I've a policy and there's privacy in my flat! I've plenty of hope in life. You're there... When I saw you I realised this, my dear... Love is sheer madness, my dear... If you refuse I’ll drown myself in Hussain Sagar... Do that first! Now, you're... Can I talk to you for two minutes? Day before yesterday... Why don't you accept? Please accept me. I'm elder to you. - So what? Jessie too was elder to Karthik. Will you come with me to Khandala? At least to Gandipet? Since we don't have the tradition of being one among many! What should I do to make her register my face well? Hereafter she'll have it... We're visiting temple, look after home carefully. Oh no! She's here again with sweets! What's this time, dear? Offer them also, they may get some sense. Come, Asha! We'll have, please sit down. What sort of a husband do you prefer? Please tell me. Husband? This subject isn't there in my time table. He mustn't smoke! He mustn't drink! Early morning he must kiss on my forehead and wake me up. Where? - Forehead! He must come home from office early, cook food and feed me with his hands. She wants him to cook too! At night... - Night? He must hug me like a baby and put me to sleep. That's all! If so all his life he must... - Buddy! He'll have to hit his head! Is it brain or bad word? Can I leave now? - You can go later. If you come here again with sweets for getting 100 out of 100, this time I'll write your exam too. Our results would get withheld. Your brother would wait for you in America bus stand. I'm in trouble now. Who is she? Your friend? Which college are you studying? I'll not tell you. You said you'll steal my hall ticket, why should I tell you? You mad girl! Whether you tell or not, I'll do it. No please! I'll tell you. Bunty, note down the name of college. Okay. Jesus, I must top college, this state... I must get 100% marks. Nobody else must come. All others must fail. There must be zero competition. Why did you come here? To hug your friend tightly. I'll complain. - I'll use your hall ticket number. Take her place and ask her to come back. Very difficult, please. Mad girl! Abdul Kalam said nothing is impossible for a man if he decides. When a man can walk on moon, can't I put my hand her waist from here? Let me try it. Lord, forgive this sinner! I broke your car window pane. What should we do to make you leave her alone? We'll do it. If you give a photo, you'll not see me again. Photo? Why my photo? Let's give it, we can study happily. Come here. - Me sir? You're here with a photographer. - For my family. You mean should I put my hand on her shoulder? When did I say that? Okay, you do it. This is for him. Let him do it, after that good riddance. Okay! My parents saw this photo and said why girl like her, she's great! How about meeting your parents? I'm not like other girls. - I'm also not like other boys. I'm high end model in men, one of a kind. Hug me! Tell me this clearly, is love physical or psychological? I'm asking you. - Why did she corner me like this? Tell me! Physical or psychological? Physical gives psychological happiness. Hey girl, that's law of nature! O Laila, today I must make an ever lasting impact on you... O girl, we must pain the town red with our love... What I say is... Don't ever say that I can't get or have you... My heart would burst like cracker, babe... Don't make faces like that, girl... If you do like that would infuriate me... Come, my life is with you only... My heart is vacant for you only... If I blow whistle, you're finished... If I tie the knot, it's bliss all the way... I'll make you scream for more love... I'll rock you with pleasure... What I say is... If you cook, I'll cut onions for you... I'll not let a tear drop from your eyes... I'll not see your messages or missed calls... I'll let you use FB or Twitter accounts freely... Your naughty waist is arresting men... Don't challenge me, I'm a stubborn man... I'll be your pillow for the nights you're sleepless... If you're angry, I'll say sorry to become yor friend... What I say is... Don't prolong it like long and winding TV soaps... Don't change quite often like Apple Iphones... I'm like land litigation, can't do away so easily... You can't find a better choice than me even in Google search... Please sit down. Brother-in-law, we must be very careful about security. Send every person in after a thorough check. Give this access card to guests along with marriage invitations. Don't allow anyone without this card. Even groom will not be allowed inside without this card. Great build up again! Why all this, brother-in-law? I've too many enemies in my business. Bad people may also have money. But all rich are not bad people, right? Your younger daughter-in-law. Tell me, dear. I'm facing a lot of problem from a boy here, father. He's chasing and teasing me madly. I'm confused and calling you, father. Okay dear, I'll take care of it. Is your sister there? - Just a minute. Hello bride! How are you dear? - I'm fine, father. Marriage is fast approaching, be here as soon as possible. Okay, father. It seems some boy is teasing the younger one. Tell our people in Hyderabad... - Shall I bump him off? This is common in a girl's life. College boy, just cut his leg or hand. What? Will you cut leg or hand for teasing your daughter? Had it been my brother Jagannadham, he would've got him lynched. If I kill people for trivial issues, I would've cut your head on the day of engagement. Give lights. - Take it. I asked lights. - Smoke that lightly. You're getting too leisure to mouth punch dialogues. You're cool today! Why have you come like a family girl? Changed your heart? It's your hobby to chase and tease girls, right? Not tease, my dear. These are our sweet memories. After we marry and have children and they too have children, when we reach the age of watching Devotional channels instead of FTV, when a grandson or granddaughter comes to you, and says grandma, please tell me about your love story with grandpa. There must be few sweet memories to tell them, right? That's why! Sweet memories, concept is good. In future if your son or grandson chases a girl, you would call him and say this is wrong, sunny! And if you do people will break your limbs, to tell this you too need a sweet memory, right? Uncle? Why do you call me uncle? I'm here for settlement, why do you call me uncle? Can't you see my guts? What's the matter, boy? I'm getting too many complaints on you. I'll stab you. He looks like a pirated DVD seller. Who is he? Are you asking who am I? Am I here for a settlement without knowing about me? What's this settlement without both of the parties knowing each other? Your balance is very low, please recharge immediately. I'll do it. We settle so many things, can't I do this? You cut the call. Why not? My uncle's name in Guntur will ensure 104, you know that? What's this 104? Fever...104 fever on hearing my name. I'll stab you! Why are you talking to this kid? Kill him! If anyone dares call me kid, I'll strip them and beat! You should've the right to call me like that or should be my fan. Did you see his arrogance? I don't know what you do, He mustn't come after me again. Do you know to fight? Is the matter so serious? Buddy! Whether its song or fight for this girl, it's my prerogative. You stay out of it, boys. Twist...twist it like that! His nerves must break. Poor man may die. Please leave him. Madam told you, right? Take your leg off me. I was after you for many days, just to check if you've any sympathy for me or not, I let these jokers to beat me for a while. Poor man may die, please leave him, how cutely you said this! This teaser is enough! I'll show them the full film! To hell with your individuality! Attack him united, boys! Not yet been hit! - Yes, brother. It'll hit you now. Who are you, kiddo? - Student...student... Which college? - EAMCET college. Eamcet is not a college. - Please don't beat me, brother. What about you, man? What's this nasty fight? Why are you hitting so harshly? Don't beat them! If you hit sensitive part, how can they marry? Who would answer their parents? Your name raises temperature to 104, right? Who said that? He said that. How can anyone get fever on watching another man, very strange! One must get love and affection. Why did you call me for a settlement with a man who can fight? If you go overboard this will be the result. I'll answer like this to hundred goons also, but I don't know how to express my love. What? - Start the bike. Today's girl is like a wild stream, any man would get carried away in that flow, but I didn't want to get drowned and to tie the knot with you, and to catch your attention, I did all this, certainly not to tease you. Buddy! That's way I wanted to impress her. What do you say? Aren't you doing this sincerely, buddy? Mad boy, knowing her likes and get into her... Buddy! I mean her heart not her bedroom! Is that brain or bad word? To know what she likes, we must steal her diary. Asha Jyothi told she has the habit of writing diary. May you get blessed with a chilled beer! What great news! You're bore at times. Other times? - Irritating! No need to wait anymore, Ranjith. Round up the girl, get that diary... Chinna, get my phone. I gave the complaint. Why don't you increase the speed of internet? Be update! Is that internet boy here? He's here, Baby. Are you done? Excuse me, please lock the door, people are entering at will. Okay, you go. Buddy! My thoughts! Title is great. - Super! Luck will knock our door. But we bring the bad luck by choice. Buddy, this diary... There's a woman behind every man's success. Yes, girls go after successful men only. Well said, son! My prince charming must ride a horse! He must rebel against law! He must jump on clouds! Must take me around stars! In moonlight...Oh my God! Her wishes have no end. I can't do all this but I'll do few I can do and make her fall for me. You do it. Who took it? Where is it? Nobody has discipline here. What's this Baby? Why are you shouting? You don't update and let me update myself. What happened, Baby? Gone...my life! My everything! My life! Everything is gone. What exactly that is? Diary! Quarry of my dreams. Where did I keep that diary? Prince who rides horse! Why did you get down, grandma? Come, Prince! Get down! We've been waiting for clients since morning. You're here at right time. Where's your license? Where's the RC book of horse? Where's the chassis number? There are many issues like this. You're asking chassis number of a horse, are you humans? Do you think isn't there anyone to go against your law? I'm there! I'll ride the horse, I'll go against you. What the hell are you saying? Man who rebels against law! I've my horse! Horses have my support. He looks like a man on mission. I must meet him. No grandma, he's not a good man. I know him very well. You know him? Then, I want him. Grandma? He's getting glamourous with every passing day! Buddy, Akarsha is here. I think my plan is working. You keep silent. When she nears, you start it. Why did you ride the horse and sing old songs? Why are you getting into black and white days? What has happened to you? Would life be colourful without Akarsha? It'll be black and white. Anyway who bothers what we do! That's why I rode a horse. Don't know what life is! See, someone is calling. You... Music is lilting in heart raking up myriad of wishes... Hey, stop the radio. I'm getting unwanted feelings. Why did you come back? I'm staying away from you, right? Please don't say like that, you must come to dine in my home. Are you planning to kill me by poisoning my food? Again... - I mean goon attack failed. Please forget about that incident. Watching you ride horse... - watching it? Watching you ride horse and take on traffic police... It has worked out. I mean I got it. You're inviting for a dinner at home, right? Actually my grandma... Whether you cook or your grandma cooks, I'm coming for the dinner. No... Let's discuss other things over dinner. You'll definitely come, right? - Yes. If you don't come, it's a promise on my grandma. Why is she talking about grandma? Those who are away from mothers get attached to grandmas. Don't we watch in films? A jasmine twig in the courtyard of Seethamma... Tomorrow I'll step into their home... Are you sure he would make it? I said it's promise on my grandma if he fails to turn up. If he comes it means he loves me, right? He'll definitely come, grandma. Do you think that's him? Come in. Please sit down. She's getting ready, will be here in 2 minutes. Thanks for accepting the invitation. Would you like to have soft drinks? My grandma! Look, how she got ready for you. - For me? Why? I must match your dress, right? Match with my dress? Why? My grandma is writing a love story since 1942, she lost her diary recently. Yes, she titles it as My thoughts! Poor woman! Was that grandma's diary? Will you tell everything yourself? Forget about losing my diary, I found my dream boy in you, right? Yes, I did get caught. I wanted her diary, will you bring her grandma's diary? Are you also lost in past? No, into the future. A drink with you. Have it. If you don't mind, just once with you... What? - Just one dance! For grandma's sake, please. One flight is in air, you've to adjust, you can't jump down. Come, let me see your love... Oh God, your rejection... Come...come...come... Come, I'm your love... Oh God, your rejection... Come...come...come... Grandma! What happened? You get some water. Careful, grandma. Dancing with me isn't as easy as having a drink with me. Same eyes! Same neck! Same face! In my black and white days, I loved a great man who looked like you. But I came to know he was already married, so I remained a spinster. Had I married, I would be having a grandson like you. Grandma! I don't like anyone calling me grandma. When you call me, I feel very happy, grandson. Will you come at times to meet this old woman, right? I mean I won't live long. - Why, grandma? I'll go to bed now. You have dinner and go. I always thought grandma was u[dating, I didn't know she was adjusting. She always changed according to time but never insisted us to change. She never forced us to take her path. You're the first man to go in her way and understand her. Let's have dinner. No, please. I feel content. What's this grandma? When you said meet in the evening, I expected disco or dinner. Why did you bring me to a temple, grandma? Isn't it? I told them many times but they never update themselves. What can I do? Can't you take me also to the marriage, grandma? Why? What will you do there? Once you marry and go away, I can't spend time with you, right? Will you miss me? Are you joking? Grandma, please come here. Grandma! - Grandma! It's over...over... Did you see how you got saved from a danger? I can't let you go alone to marriage without me. What will they look after you? I'll take care of you, grandma. Okay, don't cry! As the bride, I'm inviting you. Come. Yadagiri, see what he wants. You place the order, I'll come back in a minute. How hot the Sun is! Leave her! Check everyone. - Yes sir. You go, I'll park the car and follow you. Okay, Nandu! Pigeon is married to cage... Do you know who am I? It's an order not to allow anyone without access card, sir. What a great build up! Go, sir. What's this access cards for kinsmen too? Thank God, they didn't ask ration card for feast and Aadhar card for gifts. It's an order not to allow anyone without access card, sir. Nandu, stop! Please come sir. Your son is very handsome. Why not fix up a good match? We must get a good proposal, right? Ain't here for that? I've a brother Jagannadham... You've done a good job, I don't know how to thank you. Please don't use such big words, sir. You didn't save my daughter, you saved my life. If anyone teases girls, you must kill him, why did you leave them easily? You told me now, right? Next time, I'll kill him. Leave him, you get freshen up. Young man wouldn't leave me alone, he bit me like an ant... Buddha like boy wants kisses, he went bonkers around my cheeks... You're a sandalwood doll... why are you feeling so shy? You're a beautiful girl, don't slip away like soap from hands... You're captivating sweet and arrows of flowers... Don't prick my heart with your dart like eyes... If you rein in the youthful zest, won't desires start to beg... Just with one look you flattened this 25 years old moustache... I'll hug you for 15 minutes... Even a measure of honey won't be that sweet... It disturbs me somewhere... - When while marble dove like you smiles... I'm a doe-eyed tender beauty, your laser like eyes are pricking me... I'm a glass doll and you've trapped me with bait not letting me fall down... Don't feel shy, you've won... Mischievous girl...beautiful girl... Don't wish for the slipping heart of the man... Is the moon in skrt wishing for marriage? Is the damsel wishing for a beauty spot on cheek? Milk is boiling and spilling on stove... Is it the expectation of festivities ahead? The bed is spread with flowers... expecting something to happen... Don't arrest me with the shackles of your beauty... Your thin waist is raising heat... Don't add fuel to it by winking... Who is it? Your death! What the hell are you saying? We attacked your daughter in the roadside eatery. Some guy saved her life. This time nobody can save you. we'll kill you exactly in one hour. What happened, uncle? Nothing, elder daughter has just left home. When daughter leaves home after marriage, there must be tears in eyes, one mustn't sweat in tension! Please tell me, what has happened? A small disturbance in business. Small disturbance! Attack on Akarsha in the eatery isn't a small disturbance. Marriage must happen amidst relatives not among bodyguards, this is not a small disturbance, if one phone call can shake you up, it isn't a small disturbance, uncle. Please tell me, uncle. Forget about them, just forget about them. Whether you like it or not, I love Akarsha. I'm ready to give or sacrifice my life for her and her family. Uncle, I've never taken life seriously. I want to see how would it be if do take it. They gave you an hour, right? If I don't show their place within this hour... There's no doubt of doing it. Why did you call here, brother-in-law? If some man calls on phone, should we change place like cowards? This is not cowardice but taking precautions. Since groom's people have left, they wouldn't expect us here. What about the women there? If they were after women, they wouldn't have attacked uncle after engagement, and call him after the marriage is over. Since they've warned before striking, it means they know the place very well. This is new place and they'll think twice to come here. If they take risk and come here... Not one man would go alive from here. Why do you take him seriously, brother-in-law? Aren't we here for you? What the hell can he do alone? Didn't you study as kids? A spoonful of cow is better than a pot full of donkey's milk. You mean? I expected you wouldn't have studied. Though there are umpteen donkeys here, they can't match for horse to run or attack. If we kill you directly, you'll die peacefully. You must die a death every moment till you die really. That's why we're warning before killing you. Who are you guys? Who are you? Who are you threatening? A real killer won't threaten so many times. He would see angrily into his eyes and unsheathes a sword, and kills him! Who are you guys? Try to remember...recollect! Are you from the family of IAS officer I killed for power project? More please. More... Wiped out entire family of MRO for a road project. Are you from his family? You've done countless mistakes and murders you can't remember! It's not a mistake to kill you. Do you remember Adityapuram? Do you remember the people of that place? Do you remember Ammulu? Ammulu? I beg at your feet! I accept what I did in that matter is wrong, not wrong but a dastardly act, I agree what I did is wrong, please forgive me, please forgive me, please forgive me! Only God can forgive humans! I'm not God and I don't know to forgive! Meet your parents once... Why not take me also with you to the marriage? Murdered man isn't an ordinary man. Musallapadu Nagabhushanam. - A contractor and an industrialist. This is official. unofficially he's a proxy to many a politicians. Whatever it is, we must do our duty. This time sincerely. He was attacked despite tight security, the attacker is not an ordinary man. Ever since I remember I spent most of my time away from father for studies. I completed my studies now but father is no more. My father used to say as property grows enemies too grow with it. I tried a lot to save uncle but... I'll not spare... I'll not spare anyone. No Nandu! Whatever you may do, you can't bring back my dead father. If I lose you also in this effort, I can't bear it. Three months later... Theirs is Adityapuram, my native place. You're worrying about other's welfare. Just do what I say! Adityapuram means... This marriage won't happen. They both are made for each other. Grandpa! Why did you come to college on Sunday too? Grandma is making desperate calls. You're not seen, where am I to search for you? Grandma, found him. Take it, talk to her. Where did you go away, grandson? Is this the way to love? Will you leave her alone in this situation too? I'm unable to forget the incident so easily. Today is her birthday, she hasn't eaten anything since morning. If not to wish her, come at least to comfort her. How long will you sit like that? No need of any party. Just cut the cake, that's all. Please, I'm hungry too. Please leave me alone. Can't you understand if she says to leave her alone? If not for your sake, at least for your friends... Try to understand. I must understand everyone. Nobody will understand me. Today is my dad's birthday too. We both share the same birthday! O Moon, you tell her...tell her.. She's not listening to us... O star, look at her once... Make your sister to talk... Will you come down from the clouds? Singing sweet tunes... The would become cool breeze... This night should sing lullaby to put her to sleep... In the world of dark clouds, a hope of lightning is hidden somewhere... In the cauldron of long hot summer, a hope of cool drizzle falls some day... There are people who love you more then their life... Be happy and spread cheer... People up there, your near and dear ones want your to smile... Who says smiling is wrong? How can you say no to smile? Who says it is wrong to spend some time happily? Will you please give me their details? Won't branches and stalks come if you call? Won't it give whatever you ask fondly? People who are not with you are all around you... See them with your heart once... I'm ACP from Crime branch. Please tell me. I want to discuss with you about your father's murder. Can you please come to my office tomorrow? - Okay, sir. Why are you scaring him? He's our family friend, he's investigating dad's murder case. He wanted to meet the main witness, so I brought him here. He threatened me yesterday just like this. Boys, leave us alone for few minutes. In our training, they ask us to start the investigation from why shouldn't the witness be culprit angle? I tried to see your reaction. I don't see any reaction, why? I don't react unless something happens of my range. Your number? He never uses phone. He won't listen to anyone. It's almost 200 years since telephone was invented. But still you... I hate talking in air and telling lies! If I want to meet anyone, I'll meet at any cost. Anyone who wants to meet me can meet me. You don't get so easily. - What's the use to get? I mean I'm not running away, right? - I'll get you. You need to keep this for me to disturb you at any time. I said I don't need it. - But it is necessary to me. Keep it. Nagabhushanam was already attacked once. Yes sir, while coming from his daughter’s engagement. Find immediately those who witnessed it or got wounded in the incident. I must meet them. Every minute clue must come to my notice. Why did you call me here? I don't know, Avinash wanted me to bring you here urgently. It seems he has found some clue in dad's case. Do you recognise them? What? Look at them closely. They were the guys who first attacked uncle. They missed him, so they made a second attempt. I'm sure they did it. What do you say? First time they missed him, fearing people would recognise them, they may have sent others, right? Think over it. I'm thinking like a police man. You're thinking like a criminal. Criminal? - Not that Nandu... What? What? You call me here as you wish. You say investigation! You thrust phone on us without bothering about our likes and dislikes. What do you think of me? No, they hacked uncle with swords right before my eyes... I was a mere spectator without helping him. His death is still happening before my eyes and these police too... I'm dazed. You too are a member of my family. Keeping this case aside, shall we all go out for lunch? For my sake. I'll not in your police jeep like an accused. I'll come in your car. Please take me. Greetings, sir. Do you know him? How can I not know him, sir? I'm coming. Our families want me and Akarsha to marry. There's age gap But any girl would wish for a well settled husband, right? I must think. Congrats? Aren't you feeling bad? You and Akarsha are... - Not so much to feel bad. 2How do you know Akarsha then? You're not from same college too. There's a girl Asha Jyothi who resides in my building, she's Akarsha's college mate, I became friend like that. Did Asha introduce you or got introduced yourself? She introduced me. - Is it? If she refuses to give Akarsha's details. Why did you threaten Asha with changing hall ticket number? I didn't say it seriously. It was a casual joke. You joke casually but fight seriously. Well built strong body guards and security men died, but you were left alive, right? Beating is different from killing. One who beats is angry, one who kills is with vengeance. we can stop even 100 angry men, we can't stop even one man who is seeking vengeance. But you're not alone but three people. Once your people's sketches were ready, we sent it to neighouring states, we came to know a lot about you and your family. Wow! What a great act you just put up! I agree, you're a great actor! You planned it so well, how could you believe the lie about my marriage with Akarsha? You dodged questions and got caught with me. If you surrender before Akarsha comes, I'll take you respectfully. If not I'll drag you. Akarsha! Don't trust him, he killed your father. If you act smart, I'll kill her also. You can't catch me, I'll meet you when time comes. Don't commit another crime. I went mad and got closer to you. I personally took you to the marriage. I killed my father. I'm responsible for everything that happened. You took me? I got closer to you myself. I gained your trust. I killed your father with a well laid out plan. I should've killed your father in your sister's engagement. Missed the bastard. Moreover he saw my men. That's why I had to come personally. How could you kill such a good man? How would you know about what my father did to so many people? You don't know what your father did with so many people! But I know. Your father is so great to forget his own son's death for the sake of money. To know about what goodness is, you must know about Adityapuram. You must know about it's people's happiness and their innocence. You must know about great Ammulu. Bangalore - Though we're Telugu people, we settled in Bangalore. Elder brothers used to look after business, I was studying in Hyderabad. We lost our parents as children, our grandpa raised us. Don't stop with pudding, there are sweets too. What's this, sister-in-law? It's grandpa's birthday, why are you forcing me to eat sweets? What's this, grandpa? You come here once a year, that too on my birthday. We wait all through the year for this day. Will you please emotions and step into entertainment? Let's take a group photo. Got a phone call from your mother's native place Adityapuram. Your mother used to organise Rama Navami festival grandly there. That tradition and honour went away with her. Then, I'll go this time, grandpa. Will you go? Yes, you said seeing Adityapuram is like seeing my mother. That's why I'll go. I left to Adityapuram with my friends. It'll be great walking in slow motion... Buddy, if we don't board the train at right time, they say we miss a life time, right? They do but we got into the train, right? What's in it for us? Likewise if we don't get down from train at right time, we'll miss life itself. Did you see any girl? - She wasn't an ordinary girl. As soon as I saw her, entire world came to a standstill. You finish rest of the journey carefully with my memories. Wave of beauty...my dream girl... How can you say no to priority RAC numbers and allot berths to them. Their father is richest in district and with political power too. I can't go against them. You don't so anything. Only rich rule this land! Arrogance of money power! You take my berth. Thank you. - No problem. You sit there. I'll adjust here. She's dynamic! Not she's dynamite, go near and she'll go off. Whatever it may be, no need to wait anymore, Ranjith. We must round her up and trap her. Buddy, you'll rock with our act, right? Rock it. You're going to see NTR and SVR in me. No need of multi star films, fix to one star. I've already fixed. What's this? Come out...come out... Come out I say! - Sir! Why are you not afraid or respect me anymore? I told you to get bottle at Ankannapalem, will you get it from Venkayyapalem? Some Palem I did get the bottle, right sir? I told you to get cool bottle, are you arguing with me? Come closer, my neck is hurting. I thought you're a good boy and my grandson and would be useful... You're going overboard, fool. - Ain't I? You don't have berth in this train and you're not worth to work for me. This is unjust! Gross injustice, sir. Please don't throw me out, sir. Sir! I'm in no way related to you, get out! What happened? - Please leave me alone for some time. Leave me doesn't mean completely leave me. Did you see how angry he got for not getting chilled water? Who is he? He's grandson of Raja Rao Bahadur Ramachandra Naidu. That means he's from Adityapuram, my native place. Is it? It's been years since they left the place. Who are you? Whether my boss wants water bottle or liquor bottle, whether he wants breakfast or bed spreads, I've to take care of all his needs. They say I'm a servant. I say I'm a worker. Arrogance...arrogance of money. They need servants even to travel in train for few hours. I came to get water bottle and while coming, I saw and fell for you. What? I mean I got attracted by your fight with TC. Okay, please sit here. Why do you worry about others so much? You want to take the path of Mother Teresa, right? When hurt, even animals cry. One who cries for other man's hurt is human. I've been watching them for long time. Where are you going? Please stop. What's this nuisance? People are sleeping. What should we do for it? Should we sing lullabies? You calm down. I mean it'll be good if you also sleep. Good for whom? For you? If we all sleep what would you both do? What's that nonsense? How dare! Please don't raise hand on a girl, sir. You please go, I'll manage. Please go. - No... Go, I'll tell them. Go...come sir. Actually... Please give me an opportunity, please go...go... Come, let's do as we please. Come sir...come. So, that's it. Please sleep...sleep well. They went silent, what did you do with them? I told them about me in detail. Did you tell them about working with Raja Ramachandra Naidu? That's it. Adityapuram Ammulu? She's daughter of our school teacher. She fought with Collector and got roads to this place. She raises a hell. Instead of going to town for higher education, children here are stopping education here with 10th class. Why? Hospital and water tank are standing unfinished. Why? Because we don't have proper roads to get sand and cement. Why did I have a quarter because I don't have money for half bottle? Indeed! If you disturb Ammulu, I'll stop your Aadhar card. Bloody idiot. As soon as she gets up, she looks around for problem. If there isn't any? - She creates one on her own. Won't her family stop her? - What will he say? He's a school teacher, right? She has been pampered by mother and raised with father's ideals. Why do you worry about others? Why not marry and become a wife like all other girls? Ammulu isn't like all other girls. My father didn't raise me like that. Isn't it, father? - Yes, dear. People are talking bad about not marrying of our daughter. Let it turn worse, I don't care. I'm living for myself. Aren't they seeing any proposals? - That too happened. The girls is very beautiful, right? She got a rich proposal from neighbouring village. I'm feeling shy. Why do you want to marry? - What's that question? A man must have a woman and a woman must have a man. Their relationship is inseparable like whisky and soda. What are your qualifications to marry me? I own 500 acres of land. Did you earn it? I never got that chance, my ancestors earned it. I've 300 acres of coconut farm too. Do you do coconut business too? How many coconuts do you get in a season? Would I get that opportunity? My father and elder brother look after business. What do you do? I keep worrying about how to spend so much money! Day time I spend time on playing cards, at nights... Sir! You say like that? So, you don't work hard. Oh my God! Why should I work? Get up! I hate men who boast about ancestors' property. Get up! If I marry her, I've to work every day. To all fans of Adityapuram... Ammulu baby has come to our place after finishing her studies. So, we got a road to our place today. When they asked about which place do I belong to in my college? I said Adityapuram. Where is it? They cracked jokes if such a place existed. I decided that day itself to make our Adityapuram a role model. Not only that I'll ensure Ammulu is Adityapuram and vice versa. Adityapuram means Annapoorna and vice versa. I liked Ammulu very much, mother. How she is...just like you, mother. Isn't it luck to get a girl like mother? It means journey. It's an hour of journey from here to Ravulapalem. Mr. President, you please tell. It's an hour's jabany to our place from Ravulapalem. Sir! No sir... Please don't beat me. - What happened, Ramu? Where are you running away when boss is calling? How dare you servant! Come out...come out... Come out I say! Do you need English for your cheap life? Shouldn't our people speak in English, sir? If I know English, you fear I would know your secrets, right? How dare you argue with me? Sir...sir... - Stop it! Education is basic right of every citizen. When I see people like you, I feel if we're really a free country. I'll teach him to speak better than you in English. Go away. You'll face music in the bungalow. I thought you're a good boy and grandson and would come good in life... Greetings sir. - Greetings. Introduce yourself, Ramu. Super! Not I, say my name is... I told you I don't know to speak in English. I know a lot of songs and poems in Telugu. Okay, sing what you know. Like refined Telugu... Like day's first rays of light... Like a river... Like flowing river... Here comes an angel... She's standing right before me... Nothing dear, it's over... Never again sing like that, Ramu. Children may get fever in fear. What's this, Ramu? Have you gone mad? They... Why is he pointing at us? What could he have done there? If I hug you like this, you would scold and send me away, and I would stop learning English from you, they say something in college for it... Jogging...they're jogging me. Oh, it's ragging not jogging. Come, I'll talk to them. Are you humans? You think I would scold and beat him if he touches me, right? Watch now. Oh God! Is it enough? - Enough! He says enough, please leave him. I'm Ammulu, be careful. From today you've special classes in my home. Come home. - Yes. Ammulu, tell e the spelling of elephant. You remember well if I tell you once. What's the meaning of it? I love you. What did you say now? I mean meaning of that is I love you. Everyone says I love you, no discipline at all. Boys passing tenth start falling in love. What happened? Why did you come with a crowd? My daughter passed MA with distinction. He struggled to get through Intermediate and runs a telephone booth here. You taught her since school days, right? I brought her to put some sense in her. There's no rule that wife must cook and husband must work. To marry it's enough if their hearts unite. No need of castes and education. Yes, I love you, Ammulu. This is the twist, first solve your problem. We'll wait here till then. Your judgement is good for us too. What are you blabbering? Ammulu is teaching you English. Are you teaching her love lessons? Hey you... - Stop! It's not his mistake. I gave him that freedom. I know he likes me. What's this, dear? - Yes, father. I too love Ramu, father. He kept quiet and loved me silently till I came out. He never expressed it. He never misbehaved with me. If he hadn't expressed it now, I would've done it. Where can I get a better husband than a man who understands a woman so well? I'm very happy. I'm very proud of you, dear. Her wish is our wish. If teacher says so, we're nothing, I'll talk to your father, come. That's it. - Good. Ramu has become a groom... Did I ever think about it? Did I ever dream about it? That love would deluge my heart... Never my heart skipped a beat for anyone till now... Why is it ringing like anklets now? Eyes have joined eyes and dreams are leaping into sky... Heart is uniting with heart, lips are getting wet with love honey... Beauty has been uncovered... Love is blossoming... Shall I turn myself into fairest of fairies? Shall I share warmth of Kashmir with you? You're so beautiful, you won't let me bat my eye too... May I arrest you in my eyes and arms for the life? You're the fragrance of jasmine, I'm the scented water... Won't the spring move to the season of happiness? I'm the twin evening... You're the mischief of youth... You're my world and I'm your intoxication, let's unite as one... What's it, Ammulu? Nothing. I didn't feel when you were here, but I feel terrible when you leave. What happened, dear? Mad girl, I'll be back as soon as possible. I'll come with unexpected good news. Stop crying. Stop I say! The place is very green! My body is warm. That's why, did you bring me here? You're not in this scene, your scene is over with flight. I'll have country chicken here. Boys, send her back to Delhi. Congratulations, owner! Welcome brother...welcome. Vaidehi Steels, brother. You say Vaidehi, won't she come for the ground breaking ceremony? No, she can't. My grandma! She died before I was born. Come. - Let's go. Your name, sir? - Musallpadu Vikas. Just say Vicky. Who are you? What's this nuisance? Farmers who were living on these lands for 25 years. Stop this foundation laying. We've paid advance and signed agreement with land owner. You've only signed the agreement, it hasn't yet been registered. It'll not happen. - Who are you to say that? I'm the land owner and Ramachandra Naidu's grandson. What's the problem there? I must run the show here! The lightning isn't it sky but in that girl! What's it, dear? What happened? These farmers have the rights on these lands. They're still talking to the owners, but without even registering the agreement, they arranged the ground breaking ceremony and invited you. Whose lands are this, Vicky? Let's finish the ceremony. First people, ceremonies are second. Registration is scheduled for today, we arranged this ceremony earlier because we can't get your appointment. Farmers are not interested in building factory here, sir. You want us to stop this ground breaking ceremony, right? Yes. Vicky, stop the ceremony. Why brother? - Just do what I say! We're indebted to you for life. Nobody must be indebted to anyone. You must settle it. I mean by voting in favour of my father. Okay. You're making me sweat even in rain, I mean determination in your eyes. I like it. I like the courage of your heart. Taking the cudgels for farmers. It's fantastic! Overall you've impressed me a lot. I've become your great fan. Bye sir. Long live Ammulu Baby! What great news! What more can I expect than another girl from Adityapuram as my daughter-in-law. It means your mother's place is your mother-in-law's place. Then, I'll go tomorrow, grandpa. I can conduct Lord Rama's marriage too. Then, marry tomorrow, bridegroom! Great man who said man's wish is the root cause for the problems. But wishing to see a wish less society is also a wish, right? When God has so many wishes, we're just ordinary humans! Sir, my name is Billa Bhikshapathi, my father is Billa Umapathy. He's central Minister of Women's welfare. To tell you directly, I love your daughter. You're her parents, so I'm here to inform you. Excuse me, my daughter's marriage is fixed. No problem, I've a scheme. A great scheme for girls to earn money to pay for their dowry. What's this? - Money! A thing which is necessary for any man! I'll not love your daughter all the life! Just for one night only! That's why I'm offering a crore! You can conduct your marriage grandly with this money. Get up I say! Is it the way you speak about a girl of marriageable age? What sort of a man are you? You too have fire in you. You're married, right? I don't mind you also. But I'll offer 50 lakhs only! Used piece, right? Carnal desire has no shyness or shame or sari or jeans. When you offer a crore for a night, I can judge how you earned this. May be you were the pimp of your mother and sisters. It's wrong, son! Pay this for your mother or sister and bring them back to home. What the hell are you blabbering? One more bad word against my daughter, I'll beat you with slippers, bastard! If you want that factory to come up, I need her in my bed. Bring her, boys. Hubby! This country is not ruining because of draught or famine, but for the curse of women who are mercilessly exploited. You'll get ruined! I've drawn the line, entered the arena to challenge you, any man worth his moustache or his manliness dare cross this line with her. Try taking her! Run over him, boys! Who are you? Ammulu's future husband. A man who is here to take her home. They said about fixing her marriage, is it with you? I gave an excellent offer to your In-laws. They rejected with orthodox beliefs. I'm offering you the same offer and same money. One crore! You marry her. I'll go to honeymoon with her. I'll offer you ten times of your offer, Rs.10 crores. Call a press meet and tell that you're no more a man after visiting Adityapuram. Women in large would know about you. Will you offer Rs.10 crores? Who are you? Annapoornamma's youngest son! Raja Ramachandra Naidu's grandson! Real heir of Adityapuram property! Brother, if you kill him, the girl is yours and land is mine. I'll kill you in as many ways as I can. My father says I own the record of killing in this state. What bloody records are you talking about? I created records as a kid. If you've state record for killing, I've the world record in hacking. Mother promise... Don't take the situation to that level. Go away! Take your slipper, Ammulu! Your slipper please! Father! Are you really my son? 200 acres of land! Rs.2000 crores worth factory I put it in your hands like a chocolate. You couldn't bring a girl for a night's stand. I'll bring and confine her to your Delhi guest house. Not just for a night, enjoy her till you're fed up. After this, I don't want her now. I want her life. That's like a real man! Who is he? Raja Ramachandra Naidu's grandson. They own the lands where we're building our factory. It's not safe for you to stay here, go to Delhi immediately. Already your father has called ten times. Any woman who spurns me or any man who challenges me mustn't live. They mustn't live, that's it! With his just one lie, we've reconnected to Adityapuram after 25 years. He loves this place and people here as much as he loves you. That's why considering farmer's difficulties as his own, he came to us. We've come after cancelling Vaidehi steels contract. I lied to get closer to you, not to cheat and marry you. Whether you agree to this marriage or not, we've decided to give the lands to farmers. I'm saying this as Annapoornamma's son not as the land lord of Adityapuram. Ammulu dear! Annapoornamma's son is ready to marry you, why are you still hesitating? But you must always be the Ramu I know. Don't ever speak in English. Okay, I'll be Ramayya as you and this Adityapuram wants me to be. Tomorrow is Lord Rama's marriage and next day Ramu's engagement. What do you say? Fixed! Where's Hari? - Still not out of that character, buddy. My foot! he's not acting but planning to usurp your property. Grandpa! Grandpa...grandpa... Grandpa! Mother, pick up the phone. Sister-in-law! What happened? Who did this? Who? Musallapadu...Musallapadu... Musallapadu Nagabhushanam greets you. The decision taken in anger is making me lose crores. Think again. My son and your grandsons did it in haste. We didn't do anything in haste, After doing all this, how dare you come to my grandfather. They killed grandpa gorily. They didn't show mercy on women too! - Grandpa! Buddy, I couldn't live the character as Ramachandra Naidu's grandson. Please forgive me. My character ends... Hey, grandfather and grandsons are dead. You start the pogrom there. They're killing, Ammulu... Boys, kill her first! Don't leave her. Hubby! You go dear...go dear... Brother, you leave the place immediately. What about you? - Go! Go...go from here. Noting will happen to you... I'm here, you'll be fine. Nothing will happen to you. Nothing will happen to you... I'll kill them. Ammulu, listen to me. - They stabbed me. Look at me, Ammulu, I'll kill them... Please open your eyes... open your eyes... They're made for each other! They can't live without another. Send him also with her. I swear on my mother! I swear on my love Ammulu! If anyone who is responsible for this pogrom is alive, I don't consider to have been born to my mother. No...no...no... I can understand your cause for vengeance. I can understand your pain too. But avenging will not end your pain. Think once again peacefully, leave this path. My mind too says no. But my heart says don't spare them. I trust my heart more than my mind. Come. What's this, buddy? Why didn't you tell us Akarsha is Nagabhushanam's daughter? I've lost so much in life, I don't want other to lose anything. Drop her in home carefully. Bhikshapathi is coming to Hyderabad tomorrow along with his father. He lands in airport as usual in his chartered flight at 11 am. Press meet in party office from 11.15 am to 12.00 noon. He's going back to Delhi by 4.30 pm. He must attend my college function before going back to Delhi.- How? It's not in his day plan, right? - It's in my plan. He has to come, he will come. Hail central Minister Umapathy! Stop! Are you here to garland me or attack me? Come in a line. Yes, recently he had a heart surgery. Mosquito! It must be same, would I keep quiet it bites my secretary? Be nice at least till you get the ticket. I've to spend over Rs.80 crores. Till then stay out of women and mingle with party high command. You can't control yourself even if an electric pole is draped in sari. You mean someone is at large to kill my son, right? Are you a police officer or postman? Aren't you ashamed of coming with such news? If I see him this time, I'll hack him myself. I'm not a coward like you to increase the girth. I'm the one who scares people! You keep quiet, son. Protecting me and my son is your duty! Though I said about threat... - Yes, my life is under threat. But I've good hold on the party. Why are you rushing like that? Can't you follow procedures? Greetings to press people! Reason for your sudden visit to Hyderabad? For the past 3 days Charminar is coming in my dream. I came to see it. Are you a journalist? State level Kabadi championship is about to begin. Would your brother-in-law come instead of Sports Minister? You're trying to cover up the issue of getting a ticket for your son. Last time i saw you in a sweater in Delhi, why not now? I changed the channel for getting separated from family, sir. You can change the channel but I can't even change my word, right? Are you supporting family politics? This press meet ends, say loudly hail Mother India! No sir... - Hail Mother India! I love you so much! I can't bear to hear a no from you. What do you want? How can we middle class politicians live on 1000 or 2000 crores, sir? That's why I'm introducing my son. He can garner at least 50000 or 1 lakh! Sir, youth hero dumped us in the last moment. We may lose our respect in college. How can I replace a film hero? He's just a youth hero. But you're a hero of youth! Whatever it is, one must be good in tongue and plans in politics. Just 5 minutes can make our day, sir. Your day will be done, what about me then? There's a private party exclusively for only you after the function. Then, I'll come only for you. He has agreed to be the chief guest. This is a battlefield... it's a war of chess moves... Destruction has to happen... This is revenge... thirsting for blood... Getting ready for a long drawn battle... Battle plan of Arjuna... War cries of thunder... Swords are unsheathed... enemy is ready... This is a dance of death... It's cremation of demon... It's the burial of devil... He's the hero who showers thunders on enemies... He's the warrior who wins waging against cyclones.... Unless you give up patience, war will not turn bloody... Without hunting tiger won't have any strength... To prove your prowess, go for the kill... Enemity is tempting... blow the war bugle... Without backing off, march ahead with single minded devotion... Come like a hungry tiger... Bite the lips... Rake up desires... make me squeal in pleasure... Open up the screen of pleasure... Take on me and give me a glimpse of bliss... I'm Rama, who is here to destroy evil Ravana and consign him to flames... Hey Bhikshapathi! I know you'll fall for the bait of woman, bloody womaniser! That's why I hit at your weakest spot. Thanks for coming without giving me much trouble. The moment a girl in search of me, I got suspicious. I'm not here with weakness! I'm here with power and men! He'll be on the stage, get him. What happened, sir? He has kidnapped my father! What were you doing? Shepherding donkeys? We kept our focus on you but he kept his focus on your father. Shut your gob, leave everything behind, come alone to Adityapuram. If not...? I'm coming...coming alone! For a year now I've been waiting for you, these people have been waiting for me, I thought you're a hero for killing Nagabhushanam. I thought you're a man for cheating me and kidnapping my father. You called me alone but have come with entire village. Think I'm alone. I swear on my mother, other than me no one else will touch you. Any son would wish to see his father for the last time. But your father would see you die. Brother! Attack now! Will you create so much havoc for touching one girl in Adityapuram? I'll rape a girl from every house as police watch it. Do whatever you can do! People are not scared of law in this country doing crime. They're committing crime with the support of law. In Adityapuram clashes, Minister Umapathy and his son were killed. I'll complete the formalities and meet you personally. Though prices have sky rocketed or scams are dozen a dime, though crime rates have shot up, just because common people are living unmindful of this, if you dare to barge into our homes and desire our women, we won't keep quiet! I'll cut you up! Carnal desire has no place or life! Mrs.Annapoornamma Adult Education Centre