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THE LORD OF THE SKIEShÑhÑhÑ hÑhÑhÑhÑhÑhÑhÑhÑhÑhÑhÑhÑhÑhÑ Are we absolutely positive that Castillo is in there?hÑÑ There seems to be a huge shipment.hÑhÑ Sergeant Morales, are your men ready?hÑhÑ Yes, we are.hÑhÑ I want Casillas alive!hÑ -Is that clear? -Yes, sir.hÑ Let's go!hÑ Left flank... hÑhÑhÑhÑÑ Cell 2... right flank.hÑ Hit the door!hÑhÑhÑ Let's go!hÑhÑhÑ Freeze!hÑhÑ Drop your weapon.hÑhÑhÑhÑ Drop your weapon, I said!hÑ For the last time, drop it!hÑ On your knees. On the floor.hÑ On the floor.hÑ Cervantes, to the left!hÑhÑ Zorro, to the right!hÑ Attention everyone, search every single room.hÑhÑ Move!hÑhÑ Thank God we were warned in time.hÑhÑÑ Otherwise, they'd have caught us right then and there.hÑ With all the money we're paying those damn snitches...hÑ it's the least they could've done, right?hÑhÑ It's nothing compared to the money we lost in that house.hÑ Money and merchandise. Almost 2OO kilos, Aurelio.hÑhÑhÑ Take the shortcut to the ranch.Ñ What's up?hÑhÑhÑ Ñ The ranch is in lockdown... but we didn't find him.hÑhÑ Get out of my sight.hÑhÑhÑ Luciano... you were right.hÑÑ Casillas was here.hÑhÑhÑ He knows we're closer than everÑ With this photo, it's a whole new game.hÑhÑhÑ This doesn't sound right.hÑhÑ Someone must have alerted him.Ñ Who, damn it?hÑhÑ Chief...hÑhÑ This confirms our suspicions.hÑ The TV star.hÑhÑ I want two agents tailing Lucia Salas, the actress.hÑhÑ I'm certain she'll lead us to Casillas.hÑhÑhÑ And listen up... keep your mouth shut.hÑhÑhÑ We have a mole among us.hÑhÑ You're in charge here.hÑhÑÑ Nobody gets in or out.hÑhÑ Check every nook and crannyhÑÑ until you find evidence against Casillas, is that clear?hÑ Yes, sir. Consider it done.hÑhÑ With his face in the papers, Casillas will feel cornered.hÑ I'm sure we'll nab him.hÑhÑÑ The hunt is on.hÑ Or rather, the war is on.hÑhÑ Very well, sir.hÑhÑ Chacorta, organize our men.hÑÑ Tell them to act normal and keep their mouths shut.hÑhÑ You know how Ximena gets when she hears about these things.hÑ Alright.hÑhÑ Let's go, gentlemen.hÑ My sweethearts!hÑhÑhÑ Dad!hÑ My gorgeous girl. I missed you so much.hÑ Hi, honey.hÑhÑhÑ How are you?hÑhÑ We're great.hÑhÑ Rutila was waiting for you to go to town. She wants you to get her a few things for the trip.hÑÑ I'm sorry, sweetie.hÑhÑhÑ Daddy has some business to take care of.hÑ I won't be able to go with you.Ñ Go with Carmona.hÑ You can tell me how it went later on.hÑ Be careful out there.hÑhÑ I'm going inside.hÑ Is everything okay with you?hÑ Huh?hÑ Did anything happen? Is everything alright?hÑ Why do you ask?hÑhÑ I know you.hÑ Everything's fine, honey.hÑhÑ Actually, there is something going on.hÑhÑhÑÑ What is it?hÑ The thing is... you're the love of my life.hÑÑ Both of you.hÑhÑhÑ I love you two so much.hÑhÑÑ You're beautiful.hÑhÑhÑ I'm going inside.hÑhÑ I'm with the surgeon.hÑhÑhÑ I think it's stupid my brother has to have plastic surgery.hÑ There has to be another way.hÑ I don't think so.hÑ You know what my facehÑ being plastered all over the place means?hÑ I'm exposed, bro.hÑhÑ Me, my wife, and my kids.hÑhÑ This isn't up for discussion.hÑ Fine... yeah.hÑhÑ Turco's asking what face you want.hÑhÑ Well, I want mine. But since that's not possible..Ñ I want this one.hÑhÑhÑ Number 7.hÑhÑ He says number 7.hÑ In this business, hÑhÑhÑ the worst thing you can do is attract attention.hÑ Look at Pablo Escobar. hÑhÑ Everyone knows him and he can't find a place to hide. Yeah.hÑhÑhÑ Doctor... this is just an advance.hÑ We hope you know how important this job is to us.hÑ I have to get this.hÑhÑhÑÑ What's up, Vargas?hÑhÑhÑÑ You were right, Marco.hÑ That actress is up to somethingÑ She's involved with the Robleses.hÑhÑ The guy they call "Triste" is there.hÑhÑ He's one of Isidro Robles's lieutenants.hÑhÑ Fine.hÑhÑ I'll be right there.hÑ Get here quickly.hÑhÑ If the hit men are looking for her,hÑhÑ it's because they're setting her up.hÑhÑ Alright, I'm on my way.hÑhÑ Dear, I'm sorry, but I have to do this to you again.hÑhÑ Can we postpone it till the weekend?hÑhÑhÑ Please.hÑhÑ Thanks.hÑ Take care of yourself.hÑhÑÑ Of course.hÑ You're the best.hÑhÑ Bye.hÑhÑhÑÑhÑhÑ Be careful.hÑ If you're going under the knife,hÑhÑhÑhÑ don't you think you should stop drinking?hÑhÑ It's my face being operated on, not my insides, Chacorta.hÑhÑ You're stubborn as a mule.hÑÑ -Want some? -No.hÑhÑ What's up?hÑhÑ It's Pablo Escobar.hÑhÑ What's up, bro?hÑhÑhÑhÑ Listen up because I don't have much time.hÑ The merchandise is arriving today in Mexico City.hÑhÑhÑ So I heard, but why the airport in Mexico CityhÑhÑÑ if Lazaro Cardenas is much safer?hÑhÑ Right now we're doing what we have to, not what we want to.hÑ Listen clearly.hÑhÑhÑ Aside from what we agreed on, I sent an extra two tonshÑ because I've got a special favor to ask.hÑhÑhÑ For that much more, it must be some favor, huh?hÑÑ Do what you have to do to get my family out of herehÑhÑ and place them somewhere safe in Mexico.hÑhÑ Think you can help me with thatÑ Of course, but what's going on?Ñ Are you in trouble?hÑhÑhÑ It's a messed up situation.hÑ The government's got me cornered and all screwed up.hÑ I need this resolved already.hÑ Start working on that job.hÑÑ I'll call you back as soon as I can.hÑ That guy's not stupid.hÑhÑÑ He knows they're on to himhÑÑ and he always hangs up in less than three minutes.hÑ While we wait here for them to finish him off.hÑhÑÑ He's sending six more tons hÑÑ in exchange for getting his family out of Colombia.hÑ What do you think of that?hÑÑ -Six tons? -That's what he said.hÑ They must really be zeroed in on himhÑhÑ if he's asking that kind of favor, don't you think?hÑ So are you going to help him?hÑ What do you think?hÑ They're about to nail that guy.Ñ When that happens, nobody's going to stop me.hÑÑ And then the army and the gringos will knowhÑhÑhÑ who Aurelio Casillas really is.Ñ Let's go.hÑhÑhÑ The president wants Aurelio Casillas alive.hÑhÑÑ He's been impossible to find up till know.hÑhÑhÑ I want him caught now.hÑhÑ He's a threat to national security.hÑhÑ These are direct orders from the president.hÑhÑhÑÑ The U.S. government wants Casillas alive.hÑhÑ Nothing, kiddo?hÑhÑhÑ Ñ Take a drink.hÑhÑ Don't be scared.hÑhÑ Think of the gun as a natural extension of your hand and eyes. Get a good grip.hÑhÑhÑ Let's go. Try again.hÑhÑ See? That's how you shoot!hÑhÑhÑ With your eyes and with your $!#@!hÑhÑ Good job.hÑ -Chacorta! -What's up?hÑ Toss me that ball.hÑhÑ Muñeco, Muñeco... come here.hÑ Now shoot him.hÑhÑhÑhÑÑ But that's Rutila's dog.hÑhÑ I know it is. I gave it to her.hÑhÑ I'll get her another.hÑhÑ Do it! Don't be a $!#@.hÑhÑhÑ Good.hÑhÑhÑ He's deader than dead!hÑ And not a word about the dog to your sister.hÑ Tell your mom we'll be back in two dayshÑhÑhÑ and to get ready for the trip.Ñ Let's go.hÑhÑ Bye.hÑhÑ Give me that.hÑhÑ I'm keeping it.hÑ -I said give me that! -Okay, godfather.hÑ Don't be a smart-ass.hÑ Run, Chacorta, run!hÑhÑhÑ Run, Aurelio, run!hÑ A little bumpy up here, isn't it?hÑhÑhÑ Ñ That's right, boss.hÑhÑhÑ We're at 17,OOO FT.hÑ You were having a nightmare.hÑ No, I was having a nice dream.Ñ Waking up is the nightmare.hÑÑ -Hey, Chacorta? -Yeah?hÑhÑhÑ Ñ As soon as we land, hÑ head to the airport where the merchandise is arrivinghÑ and start handing out money left and right.hÑhÑ I'll wait for you in Lucia's apartment.hÑhÑ You're seeing Lucia?hÑhÑ You're having surgery tomorrow.Ñ The way things are, hÑ you shouldn't be going off to hook up.hÑ You just worry about the merchandise Pablo Escobar sentÑ arriving without a hitch and then we get moving.hÑhÑ I heard the Robleses want to do business with the Colombians.hÑ Mr. Milton Jimenez? El Cabo?hÑhÑhÑ Ñ That's me.hÑhÑ Mr. Isidro and Ms. Monica, his sister, are expecting you.Ñ Right this way.hÑhÑhÑ Well, the truth is Pablo Escobar's very greedy.hÑhÑÑ He's kept the last few months' production.hÑhÑhÑÑ But a little bird told me they've got him cornered.hÑhÑ He'll soon be pushing up daisies...hÑhÑhÑ In other words, on permanent vacation in the cemetery.hÑhÑ And we, my organization, are taking his place.hÑhÑhÑ That's why I'm here to strike a deal with you.hÑhÑÑ We should work together.hÑhÑ But on one condition.hÑhÑ What is it?hÑhÑhÑ Tell them.hÑhÑhÑ Aurelio Casillas has to be taken out of the picture.hÑ We'll get you all the cocaine Mr. Escobar had promised you.hÑ 25O thousand tons, I believe.hÑ 25O? Are you crazy?hÑhÑhÑ Ñ That's too much.hÑhÑhÑ Escobar always was a little excessive.hÑhÑhÑ Very accommodating.hÑhÑ Excuse me, I have to speak to my brother.hÑhÑhÑ Of course, dear. Go right ahead.hÑhÑhÑ -Cheers. -Cheers.hÑhÑhÑ Ñ The intelligence director called.hÑhÑhÑÑÑ The Interior Secretary wants Aurelio Casillas alive.hÑ President's direct orders.hÑÑ I don't give a damn about what the president wants.hÑhÑ We already have Triste on it.hÑ We can't start fighting with the people protecting us.hÑhÑ The only thing protecting us and what's always protected usÑ are the millions in bribes that we pay them.hÑhÑ Aurelio must die.hÑhÑhÑ Especially after talking to the Colombians.hÑ I like you so much, Aurelio.Ñ I love you.hÑhÑhÑÑ I love you like I've never loved anyone beforehÑ and like I never will again.Ñ I don't give a damn what any government has to say.hÑÑ Aurelio Casillas' head is mine.Ñ What's up?hÑhÑhÑ Ñ Yes. We're here.hÑhÑ Then you guys go ahead.hÑ If you need anything, let me know.hÑhÑ Alright.hÑhÑ I'll be meeting with the Adonaleses.hÑ Be careful with that girl, Aurelio.hÑhÑ I always have a bad feeling when you go see her.hÑ Don't worry, Chacorta.hÑhÑ Lucia would never betray me.hÑ Everybody's got a price.hÑhÑ You know that better than anyone.hÑhÑhÑ Yes, but nobody pays better than me.hÑhÑ One last favor, bro.hÑhÑhÑ I know you don't like being bothered when you're hooking upÑ but please keep your damn cell phone on.hÑhÑhÑ But I'll be busy.hÑhÑhÑ What do I tell the Secretary?hÑ That you couldn't stop the mission.hÑhÑ Don't worry, brother.hÑhÑhÑ It won't go beyond a tantrum.hÑ When they find Aurelio Casillas' body,hÑhÑ they'll be happier than anyone Ñ because they'll get to blame usÑ Hello.hÑhÑhÑ Yes.hÑhÑ Okay.hÑhÑ Fine.hÑ The actress wasn't lying to us.Ñ Aurelio came to see her.hÑhÑ How many months have we been waiting for this, Vargas?Ñ We can't let him escape this time.hÑhÑhÑ How many times did I hear Cartagena say the same thing?hÑ He never caught him.hÑhÑhÑ Shall we call for backup?hÑhÑ No.hÑ They'd just warn him as always and then he'd escape.hÑhÑ We can't let anyone find out about this.hÑhÑhÑ The Robleses want him dead.hÑÑ He took some of their routes and overstepped his bounds.hÑ We also know some people in the government want him dead.hÑ But I don't. I want him behind bars.hÑhÑ I want the pleasure of seeing him reduced to nothinghÑhÑ and rotting away in prison as he should be.hÑhÑÑ We'll wait for him to come out.Ñ Okay.hÑhÑ -You can't come through here. -Why not?hÑhÑhÑ Ñ We're here.hÑhÑhÑÑhÑhÑ Believe me, Mr. Secretary.hÑÑ I don't want to see Casillas dead.hÑhÑ Then call for backup.hÑhÑ No, sir.hÑhÑ We already made the mistake of not doing it. Besides, there's no time.hÑhÑ Don't put yourself at risk, Mejia.hÑ I'm sending you some people right now.hÑhÑ Pablo Escobar is finalizing a deal with Aurelio Casillas.hÑÑ The DEA is pressuring us though they don't tell us what to do.Ñ With all due respect, the Robleses are here,hÑhÑhÑÑ trying to kill Aurelio CasillasÑ You also know full well hÑhÑ people in the government are supporting them.hÑ Apparently both sides want him dead.hÑ But if it's in my power to apprehend him, I will.hÑhÑ Now if you'll excuse me...hÑÑ We may not make it out of this, but I'm giving it a shothÑhÑ because I want Aurelio Casillas behind bars for killing my dad.Ñ I want him incarcerated in an American jailhÑhÑhÑÑ where he won't have any privileges.hÑhÑ -Are you with me? -Of course.hÑhÑ Sure you covered them well?hÑÑ Yes, ma'am.hÑ My grandma used to say they'd get bitter if they weren't.hÑÑ I called for him, but he didn't come.hÑhÑ It smells so good.hÑhÑhÑ Are Aurelio and Chacorta back?Ñ Your sons had some business to attend to in the capital.hÑ They sent word for us to get ready and we almost are, right?Ñ Yes.hÑhÑhÑ I just can't find the medallion you gave Rutila for her baptismÑ And I can't find my dog.hÑhÑ What? Muñeco?hÑhÑ Yes.hÑ Maybe he's off playing in the hills.hÑ Or perhaps he didn't want to travel with you and he hid.hÑÑ That's why I don't like this house.hÑhÑhÑ It's so big that everything gets lost.hÑhÑ How can you like living here?hÑ I think the medallion is in the blue roomhÑhÑ in the middle drawer of the dresser.hÑhÑ I didn't see it.hÑhÑ This is for you to take with you.hÑ They're tejocotes.hÑhÑhÑ You can think of me when you eat them.hÑhÑ Thanks, Grandma.hÑhÑhÑ Go put them away.hÑ Come with us.hÑhÑhÑ Aurelio and Victor need you.hÑ Besides, you can't live without your kids.hÑhÑ Come on, Grandma. Come with us.hÑhÑ Come on, Heriberto.hÑhÑ Your grandma's going to be just fine.hÑhÑÑ No.hÑhÑhÑ Leaving my homeland at my age would kill me.hÑ I'm fine here.hÑhÑhÑ This is my homeland too, but you know how Aurelio is.hÑ When he gets an idea...hÑhÑ He says we're not safe here.hÑ I can't see anything.hÑhÑhÑ Let's go.hÑ When will you be back?hÑhÑÑ Very soon.hÑhÑ He just left.hÑhÑhÑ Ñ Damn you, Aurelio. Why'd you turn off your cell?hÑ It's not what you think.hÑhÑ How much was I worth, Lucia?hÑ How much?hÑhÑhÑ Ñ Nothing.hÑhÑhÑ I swear.hÑ They threatened me.hÑhÑhÑ They said if I didn't help them, they'd kill me.hÑhÑ And not just me, but my mom and siblings too.hÑhÑhÑ Please believe me. I swear.hÑhÑhÑ You know the worst part? hÑhÑ Making you believe you were a great actress.hÑhÑ You're terrible. hÑhÑhÑ I don't believe a word you're saying.hÑhÑ No, Aurelio...hÑhÑ Please forgive me! I swear they threatened me!hÑÑ Please forgive me!hÑhÑhÑ Please forgive me, Aurelio!hÑÑ You know my family depends on me!hÑhÑ I'm begging you to forgive me!Ñ I know, princess.hÑhÑhÑhÑ I also know you've been betraying me for a while.hÑhÑ That's why I came to say goodbye to you.hÑhÑÑ Are you going to kill me?hÑhÑ No, sweetie. I couldn't do that.hÑhÑ As much as I've cared about you...hÑhÑhÑÑ No signal.hÑhÑhÑ hÑÑ Let's go to that broad's house.Ñ Step on it.hÑhÑ Cover me.hÑhÑhÑ Ñ -Cover the elevator! -Yes, sir!hÑhÑhÑhÑhÑÑ Let's go!hÑ Chacorta, they've found me.hÑÑ What do you mean they've found you?hÑhÑ Lucia sold me out.hÑhÑ Damn it! I'm on my way.hÑhÑ Run the light!hÑhÑ Boss!hÑhÑhÑ We're surrounded.hÑhÑhÑ There's got to be another way out.hÑhÑhÑhÑ We were born to die, right?hÑÑ -Give me that. -Yes, boss.hÑhÑ At the same time.hÑ Let's go!hÑ Take care of my family.hÑhÑÑ Go on, boss. I'll cover you.hÑhÑhÑ Don't worry. Go in peace.hÑhÑ I'll take care of them.hÑhÑÑ Go on, boss.hÑ Take it easy, bro.hÑhÑhÑÑ Freeze!hÑhÑhÑÑhÑhÑhÑ

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