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Club Friday The Series 5 ตอน ความลับของห้อง ม.6/3 [EP.1/4]

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Do you know what teacher means? When parents send their kids to school, They think that the school is like a home. So we represent them. We teach their kids on their behalf. To raise them properly I understand that we, teachers, are just ordinary people.. But you must keep in mind that on the first day you became a real teacher, you accepted the ethics of this career. It will stay with you. Understand? I do. If you get it, why do we get rumors about a relationship between a student and a teacher. here in our school? Is is just a rumor? Or is it true? Answer me Hello Hello, P'Aoy, P'Shord. My secret happened at school. Teacher. Teacher. Help me please. Students are fighting. Come with me. Over there. I'll go. Over there. Over there. Where? Right there. Ouch. Out numbered? 5 against 1. You love to show off right? Stop it. I said stop! Police. Help me arrest those kids. Tee, Are you okay? Are you alright? Can you stand up? Take him to the medical room. Okay Let's go. Who's that? A new teacher, I guess. Come on. Can you walk? Slowly. Slowly You can go watch her. I'll take care of this student. I can use this, right? Okay. Thanks for helping me. You… don't regret it at all? regret what? So fighting on the first day of school.. is normal for you. I got hit. I was not the one doing the fighting. Sure? It takes two to tango. Because I 've never seen any good student who follows the rules.. getting hit. You’ve had a fight before because action is a reaction to something, right? You are a real one. Even shouting you're still teaching me biology. It's physics. So I assume that you don't pay attention in classes too. Oops… you know me. Hey.. You know that it hurt right? Ouchhhh. Why are you smiling? Because you're quite cute. Hey. I'm your teacher. I'm a lot older than you. Don't say things like that. Okay. Why did you become a teacher? you'd better take this question to the student discipline office. You told them? Umm Hooo..you. I'll be fired for sure. Well you just tell him what was going on. Do you think he will listen to me? Ohh teacher… Seriously, Theepakorn. When will you stop getting into trouble? Do you still want to study here? If you want to be a gangster, just quit school. Don't waste your time. It's better for your parents’ pocket money. Understand? - But I did nothing today. - There’s nothing to discuss. Aw.. Just take this to your parents. Ho.. But sir. Take it. I don't want to hear it. Just take it. Oh… Being suspended from school can't do you any good. Come in. Do you need anything? Well I was the one who stayed in front of the school this morning. You're a new teacher? You can't help him. But I saw the whole thing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. You’ve helped me twice already. Then you have to go clean the bathroom. Sure. I'll do the cleaning every week. You're lucky that you got a lenient punishment. Don't fight next time. Okay. I know that you won’t listen to me but if you want to thank me, you must do what you say. I'll be keeping my eye on you. Yes. Get to class. It's late. Goodbye. everybody, stand up. Good morning teacher. Good morning everyone. Sit down please. I'm sorry that I'm late. First, let me introduce myself. My name is IngOrn or you can call me Orn. I just started here and I will be teaching you math. For this class, which is a science major, you will see me everyday. And I'll be the class teacher too. On the first day, I won't teach you much. let me check your name first to get to know everyone. Danai. Here. Weeraparb. Right here. - Artit. - Present. PreawPailin. Here. Nonthanach. I'm here. Theepakorn. Theepakorn Weeraphongsathorn? I'm here. Theepakorn. Theepakorn Weeraphongsathorn?Theepakorn Weeraphongsathorn 哪位 I'm here. Sorry for being late. Come in. Yes. How are you? Good. Good? You don't get punish? I do. Cleaning the toilet for a week. Just that? Really? Umm You got a luck. Napakorn Piphat. What's subject does she teach us? Math, and she's our class teacher too. Our class teacher? You're Orn, the new teacher? Yes, I am. I'm Bell, an English teacher. Nice to meet you. How's it going on your first day? Seniors are quite badass right? Yeah, you're right. I remember my first day, they were all absent from the classroom. I was going to kill myself. Oh, so what I face today is just normal. Especially the ‘back of the room’ students. Caution alert. I don't think that the senior year will make trouble. everyone seems to be concentrating on their studies. If there’s any trouble, it’ll be from the teacher themselves! If they are respectful, students will be good. Understand? It's cold-blooded Ratchanee. She's a teacher who even the teacher don't want to mess with. How's the wound? Still hurting? My cheek bone is hurting. Oh.. Hey.. The bandage is not stuck. Ough! Oops Sorry. It hurts… Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Here you are. A right pair… having a romantic moment on the field.. You’re talking bullshit. It's not romantic moment. Yeah. You keep playing with her. Now no one wants to flirt with her anymore. I just follow MookTee fanclub. They don't know us. Or you want to change partner? I can Y couple with you. What's wrong with you? Want a punch? So what’re you going to do about this morning? Tee. Yeah. They don't want to stop. I'll take care of them later. I'll ask Bon to help me. This is revenge. So when's it going to end? You're a senior high school student. It's none of your business. Mook. I'm just worried. Well, I think. Just let it go. So you got hurt for nothing? What's the matter with you? Nothing. I’m just tired of fighting. Theepakorn Weeraphongsathorn. GPA 1.99 Hey.. Did you just shit? Umm Hey Hey Hey. Zip your pants. Hooo Hooooo. Oh.. Sorry. Did you eat shit? I thought you ran away. Do you have to looking at me like that? Can't help it. They want me to keep an eye on your behavior. How lucky am I. What's the luck? Arrr. Are you finished cleaning? Yes. Hey… Is this clean enough for you? Master…. It was much dirtier before. They don't know how to use the toilets. They didn't clean their shit after using it. Because they think this is not their own place. They don’t care about other people? Before blaming them, ask yourself if you are in a position to judge. At least I clean up after I use the toilet. How about fighting others? Do you even care about other people? Have you ever thought that your parents will be sad if their kid is like this? Before judging somebody else, look at yourself first. Ohhh. Hey, That hurts more than anything my parents could say. Great, so you will think about it. I promise that I won’t fight again. Then you should take one more, Study hard too. You have one of the lowest GPA’s in the classroom. Oh. Someone is spying on me. Can't help. I'm your class teacher . Do you like smart people? Everyone does, right? But the GPA doesn't tell you if you will succeed or fail. That's correct, but the GPA can show how seriously you take your responsibilities. I didn't say that you must have a good grade. I said you have to pay attention in class. Just that. What if I do study hard, What would you offer me? Here's a deal, If you pass my test, you can ask me to do anything 1 time. Hooo. Are you serious? So if I passed your test.. If I pass your test.. you must untie your hair What? Untie my hair? Why is it important to you if I have a pony tail or untie it? Well, I think that a woman who lets her hair down.. is pretty. Ask me to do something else please. Aww, you said that you would do anything I ask for. It's just untying your hair. Helping me concentrate on my studies is more difficult than that. Okay. You shall pass my exam first. If I pass your test.. you must untie your hair. What? Untie my hair? Okay. You shall pass my exam first. Hello, Mook. Hey.. Could you help me with Teacher Orn’s test? The content is separated into 3 main parts. First is sequence, Second is alphabetical order. Third is limit. I would like to start with the sequence first. In English, we call this sequence. Sequence is when you put the first number and order the others. A1 is the first number, the next one will be A2 and then A3 You get it? Okay. It's enough for today. See you tomorrow. Stand up, please. Thank you teacher. Oh shit. Ouch. Hmm.. Why is the boys’ toilet so disgusting? I can smell a cigarette too. I think I'll accept any another punishment than this one. Who brought you here? I don't have anything to do. Go for some extra studying. The tutor canceled the class so I'm here waiting to go back with you. You’ve been acting strange lately. About? You study hard and don't have fight anymore either. Oh.. Because I'm a senior year student. That's good. I thought you didn't listen what I said. So, where will we go to prepare for the math test? Uhh.. How about my house? Umm.. That's good. Your mom will see your good intentions. What are you looking for? Do you see Teacher Orn around here? First question. It asks that in that year, what is ‘x’? all you need is to represent it as... When it's closer to the annual fair, it gets busy like this every year. Having a meeting everyday. I'm so tired. Thai subject's stall, is doing the same thing. Poetry every year, They have no idea that the world goes further. Super conservative. Give the answer sheet to your friend behind. Okay if you all have the sheet.. Umm.. if you all have the sheet.. Today, we'll have a test to see which part of the work you didn't understand. The score, I'll put into the attention mark. Okay, Let's start. Today, I'll tell you the scorea from the test. There are students who failed the test too.. The 3 people who failed the test are.. Pichet. Akkasit. and the last one is.. Sirikorn. All the others passed. 3 of you need to study harder. Ok. I'll send the test back to you to see the score. And we're going to celebrate the 50th year anniversary of our school. Our 6/3 classroom will take care of setting up the stall. Would the class president, please go to my room to take care of all the details. If you don't have a president yet, you need one fast. Just put them right here. So what about the annual fair? Aww.. You asked me to come here to take care of the details of the school anniversary event, didn't you? You're the class president? Oh.. Why? I'm not smart enough to be the class president? So what about the annual fair? You're the class president? Oh.. Why? I'm not smart enough to be the class president? No, I just wonder how you selected the class president. Democracy Are you sure that you're the class president? No, I am lying to you. We're going to vote for the class president. Whoever gets the highest vote will be the class president. Write the name and put it in this box. Okay? Hey. No need. I nominate myself. Hooooo You're sure? I am. Why? I'm the president. You will be my vice. So we don't waste the time on the vote. But our friends will be okay about it? Does anyone have a problem? You got one? If we don't agree, he's going to kick our ass. For sure. For sure. Then we have to. We don't want the hassle. No one has a problem with it. Okay. So, Tee is our class president. Here's the details. You can think about how to organise things. Okay. That's it. Do you have any questions? Yes. May I add your chat id? Just for more information. Well, when my friends have a question, we can chat in the group. It's easier. Thank you. Arrived home? Who's that? It's only been a short time, now my class teacher can't remember me? Do you want anything? Yes, I do. Which is?? I can't do the homework. Because you didn't pay attention in class. I tried my best. You saw that. But it's still too hard to understand. Which part didn’t you get? From the beginning.. Ha ha !! I would like to be the first one to send you the homework. I want you to check mine before the others. Stand up Stand up She’s coming. Say stand up! Oh.. Stand up. Good morning teacher. Sit down please. Theepakorn. Yes? Take your homework back. Yes. Thank you. Let's continue our lesson Open to page 11 I'll give you 4 numbers and I'll ask you a question. Concentrate more next time. 5, 9, 13, and 17 What is the A5 of this sequence? 21 Correct. Since then, I had been chatting with him. He always had a lot of things to ask me, A home work, a class work, and other things.. but I answered as a teacher could do. Because I saw his intention and his willingness to study. Did he act like he was flirting on you? Well, he didn't say so directly. And because I'm a teacher, so I didn't think about it in that way. I had to behave as a teacher. But he's just a teenager. Something that he did made me awkward sometimes. Theepakorn. Why are you here? Ahh.. Good morning. Well, I'm here to hand in the homework. I just know that Ms.IngOrn also teaches a baking class too. So why are you still standing here. Go to the row. Okay. Goodbye. I didn't meet you on Saturday and Sunday. I miss you. English Subtitles by Mark Nirach, Warakorn injom Sync by Hatsachai Ma-iad