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YouTubers React To Charlie Bit Me All Grown Up

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what if I told you that tried it back how to retrieve boys star in one of the most popular videos on the internet at back one running an online and eleven years ago can you recognize preschool America manner for old dude how to: take me back turn good they are cute and Ashley short clip featuring one-year-old Charlie and how to brother Harry has had million reviews online more than 815 million people accident highlighted to that name ladies and years ago by the boy's dad obligatory I feel old I would only ever shared his beady eyed because the file was too big to send to friends over email and the ready for bed into my god times hey is not taking music videos into account charlie's to the moment is the biggest borrower peaked on you she would mean now playing music videos be no is extremely important the boys have even appeared in Accenture since that video landed online Charlie and Harry Potter have two younger brothers to share that attracts me where they still make a video alter dish 57 seconds video parents likely be viewed one billion times stress a billion oh my god that's crazy there old men now so how to seeing those boys today all these years later made you feel I feel like old is dust Wow old that trip me out a little bit so we aired here just like CNN is about one thing and then they're real people with real lives to the boys say they like the video but they find it odd that so many people have watched them do you think as they keep getting older their thoughts about this is gonna change no I mean I think I was going to but we're as they get older that's gonna buy more hilarious that people actually watch that so many times it's not like it's a super embarrassing video it's not like the kids it is pancer something the other brother Rd net you know it's just bite not finger I'm sure it'll surreal cuz they're they're thinking at soss why did the my niece has wanna see us so many times down the rather gonna realizes this precious moment do you remember the first time you watch charlie bit my finger I do it was like one of those first YouTube videos you got like on myspace I watch that video a million times just like everyone else 10 I was quoting a and show you to their I remember seeing it NP will be like this is the most this video is crazy it's gotten a 100 burge billion views and what you might bring to me that you haven't seen charlie bit my finger like that sounds so weird way in this thought when I was Rd old news and people are dropping and cultural references I B I yeah I know right but the hell is that close YouTube like eight years ago compared to now man it was a whole different world bro it means to be a little bit more but like a a house party announced turn into a big kind industrialized nightclub guided tour thing was like where you go to see like weird videos you're at night making businesses on YouTube I remember when I first started doing YouTube the most subscribed person was brokers and she had 20,000 subscribers and I thought it was the biggest deal ever I don't believe there is a there's a partner program back then it is the number one thing that's changed on YouTube is the fact that like now all the videos look so good it's very hard to compete with to YouTube is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year crazy what were you doing ten years ago ten years ago I think I was just joining myspace I Y and third-grade alittle 11 so I was nine you say but I so love making videos ten years ago outside my house and I was not getting kissed in high school that's for sure I was uploading songs on myspace China be a famous rapper I was graduated from college and scared Sh less about the next year of my life I was a freshman in college I wanted to be a singer and now I'm the worst kind of singing I was moved from Chicago to Los Angeles to I to be an actor and study calming us play music and playing shows I I had a couple of videos up on YouTube at the time I didn't understand the power of them and what was the moment that you decided on gonna start using YouTube com utility for me somebody was like 0 there's a girl in the UK her name was Lauren League pennant the eighty-one and she was selling makeup online but she would do tutorials to show you how to use the makeup another I'm gonna be the US version of her it start of its like I just needed a a a plan for I wanted to make little sketches and and parodies and skits with my family and friends I sent videos at me performing to my parents and then I saw videos are other people singing the same songs as me but in their bedroom I thought I was freakin weird and so then I uploaded random videos as a joke my friends and I had the time we were like amateur like filmmakers we ran out a band with on our website so I was like yo bro I'm you can put I'm our movies on this you too website and you know we'll have to worry about the ban which I first got in to YouTube because my best friend grace Helbig was doing it I didn't know there was a business aspect of it all is there a moment you remember when you to change for you from just being something you were doing as a hobby to realizing this was could be something bigger mahmud I think you I realize you too was bigger than I thought it was when I uploaded a video me and my cousins dancing the Hannah Montana I just thought I was crazy that many people found my Hannah Montana DNP video first time I saw lazy Sunday I think that's when I realized holy moly videos can spread like wildfire and had exist online for a year and a half before a video went viral and back pain and that meant like seventy thousand views I think it was probably a year more after that when I finally realizing ok people do this the people upload videos and it's a job the first video that ever I guess went viral for me was this Michael Jackson medley and if you get people to follow you then you could find some way turn it into a living for yourself I got an email from E him about you get I had made a youtube video call the pictures on you guys like this great I got into as to have an email I sent an email to did you ever have imagined that YouTube would grow into what it is today how much yeah I can imagine that the world was kinda waiting for something like that I figured it would be something huge I descending would be something huge for me and what i want. do you know i jus I had no idea YouTube was gonna be the tool that helps me game audience absolutely not I never in a million years thought it could be a sustainable career absolutely not this this is crazy and its still crazy to me that not everyone knows what it is when I upload my purse ran to be a love song said pay like six seven years from now you'll be making money doing this and you're gonna love it here full time job I would laugh in their face II made more and he was making fun of people who thought that do you still feel though that they're is some stigmas and stereotypes about kahn Design YouTube despite how big it's gotten absolutely absolutely and it's going to take a pack up a lot of time for those those stereotypes that to go away my fans that are you still uploading a little video to YouTube not calling all videos this is my life I think most people think I've YouTube as a place to watch viral videos of cats in kids biting their brother I don't think most people think like you too can be a career still I think the stereotype about Michael everything on you tube socks goes for TV to I think for every catfish which screen show you have $500 million terrible cautions YouTube veres a little younger and I think everyone's catching up there's like people making box and people making hold businesses like you guys and Michelle on definitely one thing in people's mind now which i think was in their mind by years ago is it this is a person actually has a real fans online because if your YouTube videos but also because vines on new arm the youtubers alike what is this fine thing like what we get only six second be asleep is that it unions and where would like almost like we've taken on the role of the traditional media and we like what is this to back to the video this channel has continued to upload over the years that hasn't really worked and why do you think people to get accidental viral theme have mostly struggled to maintain an audience on YouTube because nothing's gonna top the first time it's lightning in a bottle you can't recreate that had this video that bike and propels you right in front of everybody in from the world but the same time that's the only being they want to know you for when you have something that kinda explode like that have a song like a one hit wonder to get a lot of attention and and they can't forget whether if you will build a following their building like a a loyal group like friend one video can't really do that so finally you to set this mast in 10 years in this website can you talk about what you means to you when it's done for your life yeah I've been doing it since I was 12 so it's definitely saved my life like you do was a dream I never dreamed that came true for me you do for me has been I the key and unlocking the doors that I when be able to open for the life of me completely would be high would describe changed my life music was was always something that had a passion for but a a didn't think I would be ordered make a living of a bit might catch gonna get mail motion are growing up always wanted to make a change and kids lives and now I get to make a change in kids lives every single day just by like uploading videos in making me laugh YouTube has created life for me without you too I'd probably be like an elementary school teacher that is fine cell think your YouTube thanks so much for watching this episode a future boers react make sure you help support the shell and everybody will know by subscribing to everybody there's more fun waiting for you I'll below here I guess by bring on the next 10 years I'm