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Carta Squash #TutoCG // Manualidades San Valentin-14 febrero

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Hello, in this tutorial I show you how to make a squash scrapbook card material cardboard of 2 colors optional the craftingeek downloadable graphics, it can be downloaded at the bottom to decorate, stickers, markers, pictures, etc ruler, scissors or cutter, pencil and glue stick or double sided tape take the cardboard, measure and mark two squares of 9 x 9 cm and cut it you will have this leave aside and take different colored cardboard trace 3 squares of 15 x 15 cm and cut you should have this take one and fold it in half marking well the fold you'll have a vertical fold, flip the figure and fold in half you´ll have two folds that form a cross take the bottom corner and bring it up to form a diagonal fold you should have this leave aside and do the same with the other squares if you have trouble bending, you can help with a ruler the squares should look like this arrange the squares so that the diagonal fold be vertically overlap them like this way, put the second over the first, aligning the overlaped square do the same with the last you´ll have something like this take the glue stick or double sided tape and glue those squares caring remaining properly aligned press so that it fits closely Do the same with the other squares you can use the adhesive you want when you finish it will look like this flip vertically and take the 2 squares below, fold inward it's really easy, take the corners and carry them to the center of the square below press to mark the fold take the other squares bellow and fold outward remember to mark the fold take the last two and fold inward you´ll have a little square, remember that first you have to fold inward, then outward and finally inward press marking folds take the squares of the begining, let's glue them to make the covers take your glue and put it on top of the main figure glue 1 square making sure it is centered when you finish do the same with the other square paste aligning with the other so that it is equal open and decorate the inside to decorate the triangular areas you can download craftingeek charts remember that you can also use photographs use stickers and decorate with markers when you finish fold it back now decorate both covers you can use any type of paper, decorated or not to avoid opening use ribbon or thread ready you finished ..! your card is ready to be given I hope you enjoyed this tutorial remember to subscribe and share this video with your friends craftingeek more at www.craftingeek.me