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How to Get Big Arms - MUCH FASTER!! (Triceps and Biceps)

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athlete can become instantly activating without having to say a word based on the side of the arm sticking out uniforms sleeve for that goes straight to my best tips to help you get bigger arms have it or not and it what's up guys check out earlier as a tax that Kyle I mentioned it in the open one that wasn't ever a size the guy bring to the table where you're at or not is a bigger said are hanging out a short sleeves right so now today I figure what I would do is put together to my best it for you to help you quickly add some size your arms in order to do that though you have to others the cover both Bowl parts here for the vice of choice that's all I want to do is give you survive best wanted about how you want it that help you to start doing that from a bicep standpoint in order to ever talk about overall size order to get more size are your parents eyes you want to have that pic on top of the bicep that out was that P peak is really coming from the long head of the biceps which is again if I set you apart sure had a long at along head which and I never do this guy don't ever flex I'm here to tell us they were talking about we have to write so up to here the law has the lowest in the morning outside the bicep here and give that higher P for say when viewed from but I'll more long and narrow size your head down here so you want a train the long head of biceps you get more P you're gonna have to hit that their exercise how we target that we gotta get those arms into extension the star exercise because the long head attached is further up the shoulder the store had us a by putting out more stretch you're going to be able to do that so the longer you can keep your are behind your body the more you'll be able to target the longer the biceps up what we do have we do that well we want to make sure that we can do this with an exercise we can actually live some way with so yes you can do incline dumbbell curls but there's a way you can add your way and therefore justifies it a little bit more more mass builder you wanna put something I'll I love our and the old a little bit more so what we do is we do basically a I like a bent over row curl so he said this are elbows behind the bar the star of a regular girl position just like this and jericho drag I'll fis figures were off thank you sir bars right through the figures here I don't wanna start curling too much for a feeling of growing too much so if I took my fingers I'll are and i'd Friday up I as you see them the first thing is to it as you know about that by about squeezing my back I'm actually just trying to keep that point the quiet solves upcoming here well you know about the level I'll waste then I curl I'll and a okay better use a little bit about them so again we'll have to wait a little momentum so demonstrated I'll yeah I'm crawling up through here ok I have other I'll try to curl up to the top to really work out a peace so like this drag it up her right up curl okay here curl up dead really works Tusshar p other boxes ours we gotta love the other party arms really the media party arms and triceps over two-thirds the size they are gilbert et that's a lot to make sure that we're not neglecting so way to buy says for the triceps again you've got some preferential areas that you can go after if you're looking for purely increasing the size as fast as you can for us as you go along head of the triceps it at you look at five steps from behind and your flex you look at that the inside me here forces here others I said okay so you've got in this area here that you are focus I'll having to do that actually pretty easy we want to make sure that already get the long head okay his one that ass is higher up on the shoulder this time from behind so we want to make sure you put that stress so any exercise we have an opportunity to load up the tricep with heavier weights and do so on a stretch to be a great opportunity for you that I'll yeah that a repost so what we do we've got I know the Breakers go question time variation that we want to tweet even more as you guys know alive talk about the sexiest guy I've what they want to do is make sure that you never gone completely vertical with the press because if you're completely vertical here we are laying down you're taking all the stress of the tricep at that point that you're straight over to Jeff there's no tension on the triceps you wanna finished with Dr back at least a little bit of a stretch over this exercise to really adolf you want to make sure that you get a little extra stress by adding a beautiful pull over to a so has outlook get down here okay and again this is the best position regardless if love you do it stowe pressure %uh everyone caller no stranger because this there is no try there's no tension has five I can see here for days if I had to back here not so much so that up less effective extra stress went down here then let are actually stripped back a little bit so it here you what we get up to this position and then I'll X then that up respect little bit poll stop it and that you trust the rest of the way down slow here reach back full force stop it and come up like that of real good exercise for targeting that area Chisa so there you have it that's through exercises too big yes as I have you got to test I had to use two things to really try to bring up the speed now series also my arms special tower server other corner that's why we do guys if you want to learn had it for like an athlete if you want I don't care if you like I said the open if you have to stop by the feeling competition or just looking to get better version yourself has not happily is the other had very rapidly if you wanna look like on like a tire most athletes from Vernon Davis too well up I'll Blake Griffin the side where arms over prime runs and those guys isley can't today just because I was have those uniforms these I hope you do the same I don't happen I stuck on right now route United training program in the meantime makes you think a comment down below also they've done something like this video and will be back here again in seven days a/c guys and go