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Is This Prison Food Cruel And Unusual?

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wage I was really good and ranking as I bring that to kill myself what the is neutral 0 nobody knows sounds like something healthy that elevates to let me watching home %uh %uh kinda weird that they like an issue with who didn't pay them it is very juvenile once highly onerous and smells laying my dogs food Rafael I like this one I would not survive imposed sorry it means was like 10 old leather E meeting with who I don't think this is filled there's like a lack of human respected that that really bothers me yeah i beast sold beer yes there you yes you make me think even matter the overall looks real bad or just like hearing it smells like the trash at it simply put it here yet surprising well I like this on the bus at I now who's afraid of this food I'm lacked power very cranky if this is your every freaking day like multiple meals a day that scans this deadly banishment this is basically the equivalent of starving people because could you do this I feel weak and oppressed nattering home %uh like a novel someone llame going on out there lamar coming through on the ground on this in Mindanao home paste is OK textures all over the place are there really didn't yeah I know person are you Anna but mildly better I'm chilling a lot I'm not going any flavor because it's punishment hats was beginning the flavors now i think im act says there's a min warmth flailing different kind unappetizing I don't know a good food tastes like a more hard