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Inside North Korea (Part 1/3)

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me what I'm going good whatever going to where the p right after we launched yes people start saying North Korea why don't you go to north korea why because nobody knows anything about North Korea so we were fascinated by it and we tried to get in for a year and a half but could because north Korea doesn't let anyone in they do not want anyone to corrupt there are 100 percent homogeneous society that is 100 percent ruled by one person and the in the end we just got so frustrated that we end up flying to South Korea and saying well this week and go to the DMZ answer to put our foot into North Korea and and sorry about the see a little bit of it from the south let's go see the DMZ which is the demilitarized zone which is the border between North Korea and South Korea since the Korean War ended it's been the most militarized zone on earth with two million estimated troops from the north korean side of 500,000 on the South Korean side missiles pointed to other artillery tanks this three million mines on the border itself factor so many mines that the north koreans bill invasion tunnels with him 170 meters down like we can be in in Solan in an hour and a half now the CIA and and American army have found number please but they think that there's even more it's been called the in the world and it's the closest you can get to see getting to the DMZ is an easy it's only an hour and a half north of Seoul where you have to go through about 15 checkpoints then you have to go through the united nations sorta indoctrination session weather like don't point don't look at them control bikini pictures don't do anything growing to be there for two and a half minutes throughout the laptop in South Korea before going with the over the the here's freedom ridge but after the Korea War with the lab by the North exchange the o/w and on the other side to that now a little further back is north korea right here it's kinda like a theme park but that he feels like to be on the theme park on a hit by the be barbed wire land mines checkpoints everywhere though it by neva a very bizarre part a lot of families come they put up messages or or prayers for your family in the north they've been split never see so they'll compare make a pilgrim say okay as we're gonna put up much for the cerebral palsy going to sell pretty damn way gonna be so hurry soldiers brought up only versus the north koreans grass sleep with me K on a checkpoint charlie so most dangerous place and so you get off the bus and look at boss and there's north korea like that North Korea get back on the bus you know it you could start world war three they really get you terrified they let you into one barracks room in the barracks room is half in north korea happened south korea and they set that up so that they can have car but it's the only place where you can go and actually set forth practically into north korea and this is as close as ninety-nine point nine percent world will ever get to getting into north korea and people are like store that that consumer concrete back pockets gravel in South called markings mine of the San Nord or more like a open like to we have to get north korea have to get it if the Indian destin be the lender Korea evening huge the Revolutionary Armed Forces career where the whole country has been turned into an impregnable fortress and the whole people had been pp arms wish smite aggressors most north korea's regime arming with missiles and weapons of mass destruction states like these and their terrorist allies constitute and axis of evil farming to threaten the peace in the world the United States of America will not permit the world's most dangerous regimes threaten us with the world's most destructive weapons a I and I'll in that dumb we couldn't get in we tried to the embassy through Press through of Swedish embassy British Embassy Canadian embassy German Embassy and I was saying to myself what daunting story so we were interviewing North Korean refugees in South Korea and if you haven't said just go to Shenyang in bribed the the conflict there to everybody else those so we're in South Korean with them why not we're here so we flew up to the the China we had nothing to lose in and we met the console in Xinyang Qaeda see a visa fee and we left our passport fair and in fact most money and we went back to this north korean hotel we had to stay in one other hotels in northern China and we were supposed to hear back from have for the next afternoon at six in the morning has a banging on our door we wake up all discombobulated and like we have to go now here's your passport let's go or like where we govern where we go and they don't give him time yeah on one second they take right up from at six in the morning getting on a plane shipping you know you got a commission staying here the north korean photo called the the you're not allowed to bring any North capping a cell phone camping computer you can't bring any printed material in music they don't want to have him even lean in fact they don't want you to bring any type of camera was too sophisticated no telephoto lenses nothing you can bring basically a point shield in fact when you go in you have to find a thing saying I'm not bringing in anything and let me tell you if they find out did urine ship do and then you're flying from Shenyang to for paying north korean girl of holy shit 10 north korea and with the express purpose of shooting kitchen allowed to do with the express purpose of making a a documentary but you're not allowed to do this is terrified so from first minute of their our shit in in in the monumental structures built in Kenya and seem to praise is that kim jong Hyun who made unremitting efforts body a construction the new appearance opinion will hand down to posterity the Fed that Kim Jong Il is a junior secretion passionate in the heyday of construction in this land for cited yeah his mom G 10 motility 47 stories tall nobody's in it home his own for them people on a the whole time and this this hello will but we could be come in Tokyo another up were here but you right after we get there we were taken for first meal and the first time you eat in north korea its kind of a sign of the very weird things to come table me okay when the Big Bang opens its huge his work twenty women we're getting ready for dinner first of all they give you got three or four courses over absolutely inedible food it's just matter it's like fried matter and you're kinda going yeah gap are you waiting for everyone to fill in Wednesday's banquet happening when the bag there is no banquet wears a blue one it's not very busy realize they've gotten so much bad press for not having fu that they want to show other party who food everywhere and their carefully laying out the through the whole time you reading and then you as you leave you notice they're pulling all the things that just carefully laid into little tiny traces are carefully gonna bring back and keep for the next day and you're just sitting there by yourself using a matter going okay I've come to pray Zealand for the defense of the country and people's happiness whenever the US imperialists resorted to high handedness amid regard to korea it put him to shame displaying the Western metal oven I am will be commander for the Korean People's Army displayed its invincible power through the gray and heavy duty outside gonna go downstairs to meet her current in 15 minutes it's maybe the weirdest personal the first thing you realize in North Korea is you're not a tourist you're on a tour you comin you're shown when you're shown you're escorted out your score the whole time never allowed on your own you can't leave the hotel which is on an island and tell your guards coming get guard guy in secret police you'll it the first place it takes us. Pablo which is an American spy ship that they captured in the sixties during the Cold War and docked in downtown Pyongyang and and the indoctrination starts they described it is your business see we'll have more in research ship and a intruded into it a tortoise in 1968 captured by used him the force you to sit there and what's this sorta indoctrination video about how the American imperialists are terrible shooting on the peace-loving people north korea look how terrible america's lookout Japan is and how we got their shipping it shows that they were spying on us now evil they are really incredibly anti-american PU see PU to me work shoes p gives for use in the people's who is recent system and good industry undersea the mold this is painful especially if the US imperialists a question forces captured a player say a Boeing get adequately his 68 cool air paved they were 83 including six basis but want killed at the time but capture AC ten Kate widget you'll it he'd go to a matrix printers Alicia on ownership so wanna be your still so new bridge take better yeah kipnis into submission old 0 to indicate to keep I was 7 surgeon came jumped on this shit to edit moment the captain was sitting on this it said he was spending his pay they just passed about its head he was wearing black missus very tricky but in when we hear there's a big bro services way to pieces point overpayment and you know all the North Koreans are brought here so you're sitting there is the only cock Asian doing all good as everyone's terry has with daggers and you're just doing okay great idea his but there's really a lot more there's just heard about how badly here like years that purchases appear below used but paler which you use a pastry and coffee will test it for a saint the centuries it could use a tuition to me the US imperialists against Italy NP Jim Jones field deluded strenuous efforts to stepping up socialist economic construction it teaches them leading officials that motivating to people's ideas is the key to making innovation and at a creative in a huge is Amanda messes to constitute a contact resources for increased production on on Sorry Day route 63 in the morning our guides in our guards come pick us up put us in a truck driver so some monumental any dry for like two hours and the first thing you notice our was no car villages have no electricity is no nothing nothing's happening anywhere going down so from yeah as you can see there's nobody on the roads no are the road he show right now and for see here was royally ruled wield and the me the t-girls who speaks English and been waiting for you and you realize she's been waiting about six months for anyone to show up to 7 30 how are you the look of home and and she's just so excited you there and you realize she hasn't seen anyone in 10 months and that's gonna be another 10 months before anyone comes of the in J share she whose yeah human shield he 0 home all in in in thank you start to your week going over early we had a good time it's so surreal there's nothing normal that happens ever in this whole country in