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we humans are capable of some pretty horrific things over the years we created weapons designed to kill maim and generally caused unpleasantness to people around the world so we thought we'd take a look at some of the ones that are still being used today just how easy it will be to battlefield up some of the most horrific things that humanity has put together so without further ado number five his grounds now there at number five because they aren't really particularly dangerous civilians they are has nonetheless see you think you pretty safe sex tank it's a big old boxer metal with several inches still surround total sites until the Second World War you work but then grounds came in 10 tax when I snuck steel shell into a fiery metal coffin waiting to happen despite the name that you got nothing to do with heat its cool high-energy I'm 10 crown they're actually all about pressure they work by having amazingly Toby empty warhead usually something like copper in a diamond-shaped behind maps is a small explosive when the shell hit a tank explosive charges set of four hits creating a massive pressure wave which is forced really calm as a stream of particles traveling at twenty five times the speed of sound went into the tank a huge pressure wave and scabs have molten metal Les Mis journey three leave little chance to escape the poor souls side at number four depleted uranium and now we start getting into the territory we can really hurt by standards uranium is a byproduct of nuclear enrichment no walls that's not all that radioactive in itself it is very very dense and is just lying around of the enrichment process which makes it ideal for armor-piercing bullets and tank shells so why is it so horrible well when the shell hits the tank it factors into several raise a shop chunks in a fine powder so hot it burns on contact with their so when he gets through the tank I'll it sprays razor sharp shards of metal around and a huge fireball is formed making life very unpleasant once again for the people inside I want system done that's all the powder flies at the atmosphere and settles on the ground word eventually gets ingested by the local population or other soldiers health risks are disputed by some studies especially claims it causes cancer but when ingested you can have harmful effects hospitals in parts of the Balkans and Iraq reported massive increases in childhood leukemia birth defects in fact in Philly Joe the infant mortality rate due to those two factors alone X 13 points6 sent with a depleted uranium shells are still in wide-scale use the UN has recommended that could potentially fall under the title chemical weapons which would make a use illegal out all on the surface point for us first is just fine and dandy is a chemical compound find out about Terry shells and grenades which is used to create smoke too high tanks and troops and used as a marker to illuminate targets nothing quite so dangerous that it may even directly save some lives out except for when it actually hits something because then it becomes a bubbling ruling substance that sticks to everything could melt flesh right down to the bone and once it's done that the chemical gets into the bloodstream good cause multiple massive organ failures if it hits a tank or thrown into a bunker the rapidly burning chemical uses all the oxygen in the vicinity spreads noxious fumes around suffocating anyone inside it's also really difficult to pass out its use as a weapon is partially bound you not allow to fart in hopes using its chemical properties to kill people although in a rather sick twisted you can use as he paced melty properties kill far more humane obviously america's admitted to using the stuff in Afghanistan and Iraq israel's use it against Lebanon in 2006 Gaza in 2008 and its legal status well as long as it's only used against soldiers in open ground its more or less unfortunately fine at number two cluster bombs because what's worse than upon several thousand tiny ones that's what no especially when half of them don't go off either by accident or because they're waiting for some unfortunate soldier or just as often civilian to step on them or pick them up cluster bombs are tiny explosive device is carried in one giant baumholder either a large single bomb or an artillery shell a set distance above the ground the shell disintegrate spreading anywhere from a few dozen 2002 bomblets over a wide area ground they are designed to destroy buildings but hit infantry roads or airfield runway school sometimes to lay minefields of the basically the design steakhouse of targets in a way that will keep the from being prepared the problem with that is that the bombs can simply stay around he the sometimes explode for whatever reason or they aren't meant to explode they left head approaching troops to detonate later and they can like for decades just waiting for someone to step on what they are pretty indiscriminate and collateral damage is almost seventy and the weapons are everywhere in Vietnam Cambodia and Laos chechnya croatia Yugoslavia Afghanistan and Iraq after the admitted use a fifty hundred-plus the weapons on baghdad including residential areas in 2003 General Richard Myers chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff declared thats only one civilian casualty it recorded this is what a custom looks like on surprisingly there are records suggesting far fall more kill endangered and tens of thousands Obama its remain unexploded a 2008 convention banning cluster munitions was signed by 83 countries the US and Russia 1.2 and finally our number one analyst to destruction burbs nuclear missiles on the most terrifying things we've ever built more scary even believers so what would happen if you cross the nuclear missile with a cluster bomb well you'd end up with above or a multiple independently target table reentry vehicle the premise is simple I'm totally pissed Arctic it takes off feisty into space and then splits open dropping several remotely guided bombs back to the ground these smaller bombs are combined with radar confusing flares harder to shoot down and because you're not putting all your nuclear eggs in one basket far more destructive when they hit think they've been scrapped by now nap the US Minuteman missile carries three nuclear bombs the Trident system used by the US and UK carries 12 purpose of that's one missile the potential to single-handedly wiped out London Berlin Madrid Rome Paris bucharest Vienna Budapest Hamburg Walsall Barcelona and Munich the a why