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hey everyone I'm even cute girls hairstyles and today I'm going to show you how to do with the bow great you guys are gonna love this one so I'm usually several variations of it but this one that ain't gonna do. this is what it looks like when it's finished up look around you can see turned it's so so fun K but to be anywhere I have started by hurting her hair down the middle as though you were gonna do two french braids and then ones I had her hair parted down the middle I Partida about a half in each section a pair paysinger on either side of her part now this one ever done now you're gonna put use this hair to create the boats which is why I have departed of different and then when I had a french braided her hair so now I'm can teach you how to do both the one thing you are going to need is this a hairpin this is not a bobby pin there's different this is a bobby pin this is a hairpin came so a bobby pin comes you know like all collapsed and looks like that you can open it up and stretch it out but the curve at the top isn't as large as a hairpin and the hairpin one works a lot better so go get some hair pins they're really cheap and you the hayride the way video society can take your pain and the tight decide where you want the first bow to be so I'm just gonna thread it through right here and then I'm and pick up a little section of hair and just for her here I'm gonna lay it down if you don't want to use water use hairspray or palm either one works fine and where you just make a little lip just like you're trying a shoelace K the nearest lip to lip through the hairpin you see the loop through there now stick your finger through the loop so that you have a hold of it and then gently heard the hairpin back through the hair and wire doing that is can work it back aboard and that's going to create a bowl look now depending on the link that your daughter's hair and yes this does work on all links it may be lawmakers is years away long so we're gonna have a Lenny's were gonna work into the next go down or it may end up perfect or you might have a little sure is that you need a kind attack in so pick up your next section here again let it down take your hair pin so you can again this is personal choice you can go right to the next section a braid and stick your pin through and bowl right there I'm actually in a go down just a little bit and the like one-and-a-half so it's just a little bit further spread apart I'm gonna take these ends and is kinda gently tug the men make my loop the smaller the loop the easier it's gonna go through the hairpin and then just kinda gently go back home for again and take it that cold where you want it take care now and you formed your second little pup and you go on down so on and so forth we're just gonna keep going. saw some tricks I learned by taxing it is easier to do this hurt you if you upgraded this take me if you do it loose these and not staying in tight a stanley S and then they are more likely to fall out so make sure when you do this that you do tight french braid thing the other thing is make sure you get all here due to hear a pin sorry you know show you what I mean right here it gonna lose here so we're going to continue town okay so when I make my lip just make sure you get all that hair like you don't eat at like halfway through that makes a nightmare so make sure you get all the way through to name given to turn for next loop so on and so forth so you can do it is tighter looses you why could you not sure you can get on layered hair hair with bangs hair on your cell anything will work turning back to sleep justice managed hand to get through K now it just depending on sorry there there you know depending on how many bows you want you can determine tougher and keep going I've got here for one more it looks like a so I'm gonna great to hear again a wedding it down work on a disk and how hairspray any of those sign that their room put back before just a sec to get that happen through and then you even to stick a finger in her hand and then when I meet you since I have a lil andy is at the very bottom right here I was gonna put those right into her braid think so k so again you have many many choices here on how you want to finish the great this line I have just pancaked braided the end you could do that on this one as well and has had to pack a break at the bottom but another an idea would be to pull all the hair to the side and do a side ponytail or site Brady but look really adore all k on my hair show you really fast finished slime on my hair you can see that I did a hacer the headband braid ended both on the front and I did that on myself so yes this hair you is possible that you on your own hair I'm next let me see compare K this is a ball headband hair headband and then we just did like 45 on the very far side so it almost we got almost like to get their head that it was so cute and looks adorable the possibilities are really endless for the stereo so you love this land this one I did like it Katniss 388 diagonal french braid on her hair and then aidid a bow through every loop and that every other so that they look a little tighter you can see it it has a really fun look to it not ones are really fun I'm K and last but not least this one is rap awake I rapidly sprayed all the way around her head and I left hand over her down which is why did the least for a virgin so that we can still have her down on a girl and then we did both on the top half and just prayed at the bottom half so it looks really fun you can see all the different variations this super super fun cream both great work so much so they can see you and how cute they are and I'm sure that you'll get a million compliment even is wearing this one day I'm going up there people stopped me and asked me what did you do to your hair so I'm sure they'll love it we'll see you next time you get my hands on Facebook from the league on our channel bad me