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YIKES! Quilled by a Porcupine!

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I'm I'm County piercing and that is the North American porcupine as conceived he's coming rounds get ready for about to enter the spikes on way the new this morning the crew and I fueled up and said i'm dumb rugged mountain roads into the high country in montana where we would get the chance to work with one of the most common and probably the second largest bro North American the porcupine best report my territory right here all these tall pine hillsides permit placing them rummaging around now this loose soil for our fruits and berries and also to delicious porcupine treats these black and white for strollers may look adorable and cuddly but as we are now and I was about to experience there quipped with nature's reactive armor just beneath a layer sensitive gardeners you will find thousands a bar quills that will make any would be prouder think twice about considering the porcupine for an entree now I've never seen a porcupine before in the wild and for work with the porch answer for me this can be really unique experience out the reason I'm able to get so close to this porcupine his cousins actually raised in captivity so this will guys used to being around humans and sometimes cameras this is the second largest rodent that lives in North America trumped only by its quite a cousin the beaver now pretty much have incredible clause they got four claws on the front and actually a vestige of our which allows them to quickly climb up trees to evade predators you can't get to a tree in time but they do is exactly this show the upside and all those quills you getting as close to that and it's gonna be a faceful spikes today my goals to intentionally get grilled by Porcupine yes you heard me right I'm going to get killed by a porcupine I'm going to show you the right way to Rudy's painful BarBQ will strive yourself or in most cases from snout a few curious pack I'm being told that when I perform this example how many get close to forty or fifty quills in the back of my hand I hope you guys enjoy this at home this one no way cause any harm to the porcupine dick wilson nothing more the modified hairs and they continually grow over the life the end the only one who's going to experience any discomfort is me Tyree don't wanna get quelled in the face that would be pretty bad hi what I want to do is at state does guard hairs and then he should trust his tail off into my hand are you ready I love I get myself into these hearings wind to yep there we go that's a handful quayle's not want them atop my hand really aren't that bad it's those ones right there you see how deep those are my finger it hurts my finger right now I mean I think the touchdown I it hurts a lot nom I think most women can be pretty easy to get out this year can be extremely painful now I got a handful the quills here from a little from the porcupine right there I'm gonna show you guys how to get these heavy duty hand for your dog have a feeling this is gonna be pretty painful acknowledge yup the one in my finger hurts sooo bad right now now it's most likely that your dog is gonna get called by Porcupine hang you know you might think I'm just gonna pull that cool straight-out sakin work these have microscopic barbs on and and where the cool techniques %uh the porcupine quill that once it's in there it works deeper and deeper and deeper she wanted to tease out as quick as you possibly can never recommend the Chico hot and get yourself quote by Porcupine and the reason that I did this today to show you how to remove across from him and the reason that I stepped off the tops them all the bills the actual release pressure inside the well relaxes the barbs and now they should police out my hand a bit easier what I want to do is gently grab the wells twist them and more straight up i'm in a mood the ones are SD first gonna get all those barbs muscle points out in their because they can cause infection man's last gonna happen your mom I am there %uh coyote %uh you got a baseball these girls are mean its debilitating I barely move my hand these animals will be able to then go on continue hunting I can see why eventually this could cause a large predator like that to die more my hand hurts okay these are the last three italic abandon him you judges pull it off police outgoing repulse came out with it because those tiny little microscopic barbs okay I'm gonna twist straight up helps to go hey all she's of her I easy blood pouring out now get a shout blood on my gosh the me and I really her you get oh my gosh of my gosh that real I like sounds like I could feel it pulling all the way out through the skin have mom good news wow i mean that was buried in my hand up to the white that is a serious quill in my carry potty our moral this story do not kick well by Porcupine have you guys learn something here today you are ever quelled step up top will release the pressure grab twist pull it out i can't. 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