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X-Men Wolverine Claws (The Wolverine) - MAN AT ARMS

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I've been a blacksmith armor for over 30 years. I've created weapons for over two hundred feature films This is Man at Arms. This is a real popular, iconic weapon but very difficult to make it work because in the movies, they're actually CGI. It's done by computer after the fact. I've made Wolverine claws as props before out of aluminum. But making them out of tempered steel, these things real are gonna be real. First I started making a cardboard template of the size of the claws I wanted that fit well on my hand and then i transfer that cardboard to a a piece 18-gauge steel which we cut out on the beverly sheer. And use that as a template to trace out the other pieces on the quarter inch thick 5160 steel. Those pieces were cut on the bandsaw. After that, I take the pieces to the belt grinder to refine the edges. After that I take it to the induction forge to forge the bevels on the blade. I think when I mount these into the handle that I may need to tweak it a little bit adjust where they angle out of the hand. And also adjust the length of each blade. I made an ergonomic aluminum grip. We cut it out of a three quarter by one inch by five inch piece of aluminum. And then milled the three slots using the vertical milling machine. quarter-inch for Then I took that blanket aluminum to the belt grinder with a 36 grit belt and ground away all the curvature of so it fit in the hand comfortably. There was a quarter-inch fall drilled all the way through the whole piece lengthways that will be riveted when everything is put together. The claws are all ground shape and fit tothe handle and now we put it into the oven for hardening. I take the pieces out of my heat treating oven at 1550 degrees and quench it in oil to harden the steel. Tempered them in the oven at six hundred degrees and then took them over to the belt grinder and refined all the cutting edges. The final portion of this assembly will be running an aluminum rivet through the ergonomic handle that holds all the pieces together. The steel claws were attached to the aluminum grip. It's all riveted together and now Wolverine's claws are complete. There are some serious deadly weapons. I mean they're razor-sharp twelve inch long on the one side and four inches on the back edge. It wouldn't be something that people take around to conventions. Thanks for watching Man at Arms. Be sure to subscribe and tell me in the comments what weapon you'd like to see next.