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Como hacer corazoncitos de papel

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Hello, in this tutorial I show you how to make inflated paper hearts material letter size paper of the color you want, ruler, scissors and pencil take the sheet of paper and rule accommodate the rule up and measure spaces of 1.5 cm and mark with pencil do the same in the bottom of the sheet you should have 2 marks each at 1.5 cm away, up and down take the rule and align at the first top mark accommodate to match with the bottom so that the line is straight draw the line at each mark after that, you´ll have strips of 1.5 cm wide cut the strips, if you want you can cut in pairs fold in half and mark well the fold again fold in half marking well the fold unfold and you´ll have folds well marked cut each fold if you cut in pairs, cut them in half when you finish, take one strip take the right corner and fold up making a triangular shape match and mark the fold you should have a triangle fold back inward marking the fold fold the triangle again continue folding marking well the folds repeat this procedure until you have a small rectangle you should have something like this a triangle and a tab cut the edges so they are diagonal you´ll have this, insert the tab on that opening take it and fold without insert verifies that there is no leftover on the diagonal side of the triangle cut with scissors insert the tab into the opening and mark well the fold you should have a triangle like this it shouldn´t be too loose or too tight take it between your fingers and with your thumb push it inward again just push inward with the thumb you will have something like this take the heart and with your fingers press the two peaks edges with scissors cut the edges so that they are rounded you finished leave aside and make more remember that you can make them on different papers or even you can make them bigger you can use them for bottled cards or gifts I hope you enjoyed this tutorial remember to subscribe and share this video with your friends craftingeek more at www.craftingeek.me