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<font color="#ffff00"> CC: TELEMUNDO NETWORK</font> THE LORD OF THE SKIES III MEXICO CITY The door, soldier. How's it going, ladies? Where's Rivero? Today's your unlucky day, Casillas. Your godfather Rivero's busy, but... We're here. I want to talk to him. You talk a lot for a dead man. Keep it up and you'll be in solitary confinement forever. We came to give you an intimate visit. And to see how your memory's doing. Go f--- your mother! Where's Monica Robles? Where's your brother Chacorta? That's for you! To give credit to your nickname, "El Marcado." You'll keep that name forever. You'll pay for this, you son of a bitch! I'm not telling you anything! About Chacorta or anyone in my family! -Because I'm not a damn... -Talk! Watch it, Marcado. We don't want Rivero to know we're roughing him up. I don't care. I'm sick of that America-loving f----- telling us what to do. Are you sure it's her? The person who called us said it was. Her description matches that of Monica Robles. Don't let her out of your sight. I'll be there in five minutes. Step on it. Take it easy. You're going to fall down. Oh, grandma, getting pregnant was my downfall. Where is it? Over there. That way. Over there. My God... Luzma, hold her up. What's the good word? We're here, boss. It's time. Answer, Rutila. Answer, dammit! I can't take your call right now. Leave your number. Let's get moving. I don't have much time. You must be the Arab, right? We finally meet in person. Yamir Halam, at your service. I finally meet the famous Iranian. I know you don't have much time so I'll get to the point. Come. Thanks to the revolutionary government... who are very generous here in Haiti with humanitarian aid. What the hell does this have to do with me? We want you to transfer material to Mexico. And when I ask for it, send it to the U.S. You will be storing my material for some time. Do I look like a driver to you? No, I don't want any beef with Chacorta. I know he does business with you. And with the Colombians, Venezuelans, and Cubans. Why don't you tell him instead? Because we need people like you. With arms trafficking experience. And you have it. We need to do this at once. Why the rush? The US knows about this. They know that Venezuela's supplying us with uranium. Their satellites are trained everywhere, especially on the Antilles. And soon there'll be UN peacekeepers here in Haiti. We must do it before that happens. What do you say? Come to think of it... we want to get in on the action. Sir... What happened? Where is she? She got away. She got in a car. I didn't get a chance to jot down the tag. I'm not going to say anything. I don't snitch, you bastard. You mother f-----! Kill me, you bastard! EL AIRE, C---. HIJO DE LA C----. ¡MÁTAME, C---! Go ahead! Let's do as he says. Let me kill him. I have the perfect excuse. He attacked me and I acted in self-defense. That's enough. You can go. I have a better idea. Many people want this bastard dead. Let's see who pays best. I already made some calls. I have some contacts. Let me handle this. Casillas... eat. Contrary to what a lot of people want, we need you alive. MUCHA GENTE, NOS INTERESA QUE SIGAS VIVO, C---. COLOMBIA-VENEZUELA BORDER Did you hear? Yamir made the delivery in Haiti. And I hear something big is brewing. Something crazy. The Iranian boss is a bad ass. Let's have a drink. Casillas better not find out we're doing business with his enemy and trying to bring in all that uranium to Mexican territory. What's the big deal? The big guy wasn't interested in the gun business. That's why we went to find Venegas. Yes, but... Aurelio and I planned the whole operation. My people in Venezuela and your guerilla, Commander. This was all his idea. Oh, man. Relax. Let's talk about the goods. You have a lot of coke production going on, right? But you don't know how to ship it out, isn't that so? Yes, pal. We keep producing more and more >>SÍ, MI PANA. ESTAMOS CADA VEZ CON MÁS MERCANCÍA Y LOS CASILLAS and the Casillases aren't buying. Perfect. Why don't you do something productive then? You can't just sit there. Call Monica Robles and find out what's going on. Nancy... His fever hasn't come back, right? No, ma'am. Honey... I still called the doctor. He's coming to check on him. No one followed us, ma'am. We still have to move. Again? Yes, again! I'm sorry, Ramon. I don't feel safe anywhere. They've been on my back ever since f------ Danilo Ferro! What if they catch me? They're going to make me pay for that death and God knows how many others. What'll happen to my little boy if I'm not around? No. All Aurelio left me were enemies. Even Chema is looking for a way to kill me. This is the only good thing he gave me. This little boy that I love more than anything. Right? Montoya won't stop calling, ma'am. He wants us to move the goods. And you haven't heard from Chacorta? Nothing. Damn Chacorta. My hands are tied. -Vitamina... -Yes? Tell Chacorta to come see me in the office. I have to show him something. The boss isn't in. He went out. What do you mean? Where'd he go? And he didn't take you? He went with some other guys. I see... Are you going to tell me what Chacorta is up to or not? Of course you're not. It's one of two things. Either Chacorta has a lover or he's acting all mysterious because of Aurelio. And I won't forgive either. No way, ma'am! The boss is true to you. He only has eyes for you. And he really is retiring from the biz. He hasn't heard from Mr. Aurelio in a while. Tell him to be careful. You need to tell him. If not... those eyes he only has for me... I'll gouge them out myself. Careful. What's wrong, Casillas? Refusing to eat again? Your girls came to pay me a visit. They want me to open my mouth, but it's not happening. I'm no snitch. You should go tell them. But let me warn you. Those guys may be stubborn, but I'm worse. One of these days, they're going to take it too far and kill me. And I'm no use to you dead. Please, Casillas. Stop with that nonsense. Nothing will happen to you in here. Rest assured, this is a safe place. Death is the only sure thing in life. What's wrong? You can't control your girls? Or are you good cop and they're the bad cops? You got a fox in your henhouse, huh? The animals are running wild and you can't rein them in. How will you stop them from killing me if you can't control your girls? Those fools... will be the end of you. But leave the worrying to me. Revenge is a dish best served cold. And the grim reaper is on his way. And when he arrives, I'll kill you, your girls, and that slut Ballesteros that put me in here. Get ready to go in. You're a bad ass. You have the best life. Well... Hello. Tijeras... can you hear me? What's up, man? What a miracle! You finally emerge from those woods you live in or what? Why don't you get our coordinates and head over here? We could have a few and talk business. I have some merchandise that we produced with the Venezuelans. It's a pretty big amount. VENECOS. ES UN LOTECITO BASTANTE GRANDE. I'm definitely interested. You know what? Let me find someone to cover for me. I'll pass by tomorrow or the day after. What do you say? MEXICO CITY Look at you! Isn't it a blessing to hold your baby? Yes, but we'll have to love him a lot because he's ugly. The kid is ugly and annoying. You're so rude! Leave my great-grandson alone. We should call my uncle. Grandma's been calling, but Chacorta's not answering. It's as if he were in an endless honeymoon with Irma. Please tell Monica. Don't look at me like that, Grandma. Whether you like it or not, she's my brother's mother. Your grandson. Sure... a grandson she hasn't let me see no matter how hard I've tried. Does she think I'm going to keep him? I should... So the baby doesn't have to move around so much. The poor thing. Unbelievable. So much money and I can't use it. Ramon, we need to pack. The phone is finally ringing. He picked up. Finally. Chacorta. It's Irma, his wife. Who is this? It's Monica Robles. I need to talk to your husband. So do I, Monica. I'm in the same boat. I thought he was with you. I haven't heard from him in days. He won't answer my calls or Rutila's calls. I know he's trying to get out of the biz, but we still have unfinished business. So he really wants to retire? He's told everyone that it's because of you. And that's fine, but he can't leave us hanging, damn it! Do you have any security guards with you? Vitamina and Zopilote are here. Put one of them on. It's important. Hello, ma'am. It's Zopilote. Zopi... I know I can trust you. I'm in trouble. I need a safe place to go to in the capital. I've exhausted all my safe houses, and Rivero is hot on my heels. I'm even thinking of leaving the baby with Mrs. Alba. If she's not mad at me for not taking him to meet her. Seriously, Zopilote. They could get me at any moment. I won't let my son go to an orphanage. He's a Casillas, damn it! Go to the safe house in Las Lomas. Ramon knows where it's located. I'll let the boss know. Thank you. And Chacorta? Do you know where he is? He's running some errands for his retirement. So that's that. The bastard is leaving the biz. Oh well. We'll have to carry the business on our own. If you and the boys need a job, there will always be a place for you here. I'll remember that, ma'am. Go ahead. Freeze, Tijeras...! Don't do anything stupid! I'll shoot! I haven't been following you this long just to kill you before I talk to you, right? MEXICO CITY The trip to Haiti was a success. I told the Iranian to put me in contact with his Colombians. Once we get rid of Chacorta, nothing will stand in our way. What is it? I don't like your silence. Don't tell me the plan fell through. No... it didn't. Everything went as planned... until something happened. What do you mean, man? Stop beating around the bush! It all went according to plan, Chema. We found out Chacorta wanted a ranch near the border. We offered him one. And when he showed up to close the deal... boom. We caught him. Great job, man! Where is he? Where'd you put him? I'll make him pay for everything he did to me! For putting me in jail! That won't be possible. You know how Chacorta is. He put up a fight, and the guys went a little overboard. Damn it, man. You didn't let me do it myself! I wanted to get information out of him. Oh well. Too bad. The Iranians are with me. I will be producing for them. Now that Chacorta is gone and Aurelio is out of the game, who's number one? You, Chema. You, man. Any news from Chacorta Jr.? They found him in San Antonio, Texas. I don't want any Casillases trying to get revenge. Kill him. I already have someone on it. I'd like one like this. I'm home! Hi honey. How are you? I'm good and you? How's my little nugget behaving today? He's been kicking up a storm. I think he's going to be a soccer player. I made some taquitos. Should I fry them? Yeah. Hey... Did someone new move in? There were some weird guys outside. Don't be scared, honey. See you tomorrow. See you! Take care. Bye! -Graciela... -Yes? Can you check who's there? Okay. >> MUY BIEN. Go that way! What was this, Victor? Who are these guys? What's going on? I'm a Casillas, babe. I knew this would happen one day. Let's go... Go? Go where? We need to call the police! No, Chabe! I won't risk being arrested and killed in prison. I've always known what happens in there. Let's go. Where? The only place where we can be safe... at least for some time. To my dad's place in Mexico. Let's go. Chacorta Casillas. Who would've thought? What was he armed with? This right here, Chema. He had a cell phone too. Damn. Chacorta, I need to talk to you. The Colombians won't stop calling. They've called off production. Chacorta, honey, it's your mother. I miss you. Don't you love me anymore? You never answer my calls. Rutila's baby was just born. We're in Mexico City. In Central Hospital. Gringo... Bull... I'm a father. Thanks, man. No one can know I had anything to do with this. Especially not Rutila. Let's go, Bull. I want to meet my son. Let's go. Take care of the corpse. You know where to take him. I already spoke to them. But for your safety, I'll have them talk to you. Is that for that bastard? Put this in it. It won't kill him. It'll only put a hole in his stomach. He'll pay for what he did to me. Tell us. What brings you here again? Nothing, Officer. I'm not here on business. Is that so? You CIA agents always say you're just visiting. It's true, Officer Marcado. I'm only here to be with my wife Julia. She's taking care of some immigration issues with the president. Someone in my family has to work. His wife Julia works in the US Supreme Court. Alright. I should go. Marcado, will you come with me? Nice to see you. Sir. What happened to your neck? This? I cut myself shaving. Be careful. I hope to work soon with you all. I hope not. We do a pretty good job here in Mexico. There's no need for you gringos to come check on us, sir. Good day. Excuse me. What's going on? He won't stop looking at me like a f------ gringo. I won't deny it. Marcado is annoying the crap out of me. He keeps questioning my orders. We had an issue recently. Having to do with Casillas? I know. Marcado wants Casillas dead, right? MARCADO ES DE LOS QUE QUIERE QUE CASILLAS ESTÉ MUERTO, ¿CIERTO? Don't look at me like that. You can trust me. You know that. Leonor told me. Remember that I was with her in Albuquerque when she was on Casillas' tail. Leonor is like family to me. Julia and her are best friends. They're always gabbing on the phone. They say you shouldn't rejoice in other's misfortune. But I'm so happy about yours. And the time you'll serve in the US makes me even happier. Why don't we figure this out between the two of us? We're both Colombian. Right. We're both Colombian now. This Colombian right here is a DEA agent. And I can add as many things as I want to that file of yours. Let's negotiate. I can give you one of those gifts you love. Oh, please. Don't waste your time. You're out of my hands. I was coming to say goodbye. And enjoy seeing you like that one last time. Bye-bye now. What if I told you... I know the location of Aurelio Casillas' cocaine distributor? That's a different story. Spit it out. What can you offer me? On top of my freedom of course. You can't stand up to Rivero like that. I'm fed up with that mother f------. I can't stand him. Did you see how he sucks up to the gringo? Don't let that f------ get to you, man! We got a call from some people that can help us with the Casillas deal. To finance it. Who? Chema Venegas. He's wanted Casillas dead his whole life. You poisoned me you, sons of bitches! You poisoned me! Hey! Help me! I've been poisoned! THE LORD OF THE SKIES III [¶¶¶]