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Money Magic Trick For Homeless

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now if you think in your brain hard enough getting these bills to switch you think it will there I you know I think 12 at what's up guys do that here basically for this magic trick have taken one thousand dollars into my personal funds and we're gonna hit the streets looking for people who can use a pick me up here's the trick: committee headed to magic and kids about a regular one dollar bill like this I'm gonna follow that up K and I'm gonna stick in your hand just let it sit there don't little levers let the wind blow okay um next I'm gonna take this out real 100 RBIs okay perfect the real one hand out of all that up that stuff like this and I'm gonna foot inside you and I just came out I didn't want to close your hand up my desk a I'm turn it over I'm gonna reaches I'm gonna reach and and let me grab one of the bill's but I I guess I grabbed the 100 that means you have someone in their case here's where that matter check comes in handy said self if you believe that you can make the carts which you believe in you want it bad enough then also Asian here's video as you keep what everything and so I have the one hundred and you have a couple the dollar K did you just thinkin believe and if you believe it should switched ready over nafta all but wats open up yourself 30 it Wow can't throughout pop although they'll blow how did magic it wouldn't pick your lawn or visit know I will become a one dollar figurehead of the real what is there about I have a hundred you so have the one you can keep was ever in your handicapped the video that you can keep that up take care there's a power and fist-pumping K if we fist pump hard enough and you want it bad enough should be able to switch out can only carry plenty of area Devon and yeah good fifty how it works it is magic fifty do this those magic message very much a good really magic does a power just something you know with fist pump hard enough that goes with which going to all out together now the big day ready to go yet I you magic open up yesterday's magic predicament magic man's and the Magic Man I guess you'd have to poor people like that I'll thank you artificially really matter to you 0 really happening for you are vague you know just saying yeah I'm not the only person thats ever had motorcycles faster they're shot whether film I'm not the only person that never reached out to help somebody so if you've had an experience or even how leave it in the comments below and let me know click here to subscribe and click here to watch more my videos if you wanna to learn more about that people I talked with and that experience I had getting to know the people and what's behind the scenes video also share this video with your friends your family and let's make this happy place it happy with him but god bless all I ask you if you really you have an opportunity to give back or whatever then act just do it yeah yeah