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World's Loudest Alarm Clock!

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I've got to admit am a pretty heavy sleeper and I've yet to find an alarm clock that does the job even my cat can we see up so it's time to do something about it I decided to see what was really going on inside this pathetic alarm clock so I removed all the screws in the case I located the wires that went to the trainee speaker that was supposed to wake me up and decided to take some measurements to see well what I was dealing with that one in speaker is going to be replaced with a 140 decibels Electric warned well is one enough I don't think so so mean a double it up this should wake me up I dug through my power supplies and found this 12 all AC adapter with enough amps to push these horns and I'll be using the relay that came with the horns to wire everything up so I got some jumpers out and started doing some testing I solder two wires to the switch that go to the existing speaker and closed it all up cuz it's time to wire everything now to the relay so I began suffering in the wires for power the two wires coming from the clock radio and wires going to the hordes heat shrink tubing was added in our Relay is done now for the final connections to our horns with power going to both born same ground it now it's time to test it out what a shot to the ticker I don't think I'll ever have trouble waking up again and bears the world's loudest alarm clock