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Snake Eats Pet Dog

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somewhere inside at the snake is the family dog nothing more than an evening meal for the 16 foot long Python in Queensland Australia he swallowed the beloved pet 8 heavier to while we're close in wanna go right in front of his own as a boy and a girl aged 5&7 and their mother who attempted in vain to stop the snake by hitting it with the chair this after they discovered the Pythian with a tail and two for the lakes dangling out of his mouth stewart douglas if the Australian venoms who came to the rescue but it was too late recorded basically a lady was quite concerned about that well Adobe in it by about the bought 6 may describe popping obviously a we went straight away and that it often seemed to the dog we took a number by ties and then removes the snake a basically back it's easy and the reason why wasn't this release straight back into the wall it is because said well it can be released its this issue gmail two day and it could take what amount of damage to the snake moving apparently increasing housing development in Queensland has displaced the Pythons natural food source the local Wallabies so the hungry snakes have moved on to domestic cats and dogs pet owners don't have to worry for another couple of days the dog will take at least 48 hours to digest