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My Last Days: Meet Zach Sobiech

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your your the that can stop writing years there are so many songs he wants to leave behind with only two months to live his song called Wow your courage around this time as I about name I'm on the nikkei every teenager out there you know the sand and so on and they'll never imagined it's not kinda finance worlds its kind and civil way K I'll see you in five months that I wasn't so I was ready for college pretty much I was pointing out way ahead that yeah terms I sometimes you can't do that my name's axel here seventeen-years-old never see sarcoma until every few months or less but I so I'd or today I want everyone to know you don't find a dime start letter M mmm the new you know most people may have kinda in the middle mccain I go do come true and you're done and its to very comfortable place today I'm moving on to Siemens so you have a really really good days you mad a sac has always been incredibly empathetic stands just basketball game I was kind of laughing about how one of the players pack never funny run and yes yeah he's really good at any listed only as things is just I was looking for the good in people and i think is ty I love this that's how it's done I would say that sac is a testament to the fact that things are OK or you believe in something greater yourself in or outs you can be what's that into space sitting with him feel better his gun had a nice guy but he's got this for a a bottom makes you happy is seeing someone else my because birthday thats awesome my living in this world say you can help people 0 on I like the structure family with to you as heroes kids mind dis can even there is no Grace has always been his baby zack is like that I have to be all we need is to be there again the same he and that's enough rest 0 thinking about her life sec it's really had to think about that the age I really get like sick to my stomach hmm sack have been going to the eighth grade and he and his sister decided to go for a run when he came back from the run anytime you may have been left hip hurts mom so we went in for an MRI and and at this press time thinking cancer cell not only returned home they went and found out that it was cancio disasters or chrome and it was so unbelievable on this I was them have stays in kissing and I just nurseries Inc you'd I'll and shed I get it live wife Mike mom saxton veteran am my mom what can only once I was laying on the ground because I didn't wanna associate my bed with being sick five days after he finished chemotherapy he had his routine CT scan on his chest and the phone tumors in pipelines she told six months we I just didn't understand like it 10 make any sense to me we did have an optional surgery but that mean that have to take his left leg unhappiness pelvis and he wouldn't be able to set up that's when we got to the point where game we have to make decisions about quality of life with the hospital it's the most stereo place tomorrow but just do not feel calm at home and 0 it's tough being there because you just he felt totally disconnected he'd decided I don't wanna be in hospital all the time I wanna be out with friends anyone feel sick and i wanna be home in a house like this where we have six people for kids are the time financial sectors just one wearable certain would be watched a movie we could be parking tower's or whatever sacking likes to dream big sell coming out in two carriers and even car magazine staff members that was one thing that he went to the hospital on howitzer to the car okay which one is the least expensive as I S performance Nissan GTR is like perfect I've dreamt of that car years you know we have and his I don't like surprises fine whom yeah the series you need to I yeah Gulf okay for your breath of the look on his face and so forth exact lights out makes everyone happy it's like being done to Coldwater not be able to breathe but in a really good way %uh you was in the car it was the experience the car created and with joy that sack receives from driving it and the joy I received from being with got to try being able to experience slings it helps a lot because you can either sit in your basement wake or you can get out there and do some crazy stuff when we found the concern is how this as in you know maybe she's serving to minors music is away I can express myself without having teen burdensome and its cleaning up downstairs and their sign a paper land around with different scribblings on it and I picked one up and I read it and it was clouds ok Syrians active been dear friends feared many many years there Sun readers together that's how they communicate with each other our musical thing has like at like really become something and it's become party bus is gonna be nobody like him to do it went again and Mike that's gonna be really hard I find that my situation seems hard the other hand I have closure issue list there very very very few people I'll as much as ever on make clear is being able to get my feelings disease songs so they could have something remember me by you know leaving when I was gone for me it's it's Eric's way of saying I'm OK yes in think that bad shame tournament so grateful that there because millimeters later his music is kinda like a record of is a.m. might however much he cares for us station that song that he wrote me flying ace so if you bet always with me kasich mmm via stuff okay view I love you too grace CSX first hazard very much Its s is pretty cool I think I'm movement Agnes hmmm a better and stronger family we are at this rate it yourself because when you go through stuff like that ego 30th you have text stick together as a family I mean thats imperative because you know we've always been there ever since actress for staying us you know we've been there as a family we were all together and we have to make it through as a family together however remember my brother have here our smiling always month in a row notice for me a little of pets as simple as it is happy as: my friends I don't know if they've accepted you meeting tonight they know that if they just remain the same everything will be fine this is someone that you can trust is gonna be smiling next day despite his condition he's kinda just like a alright goal had a bad day it's actually a raid what something is first okay she evil ways live on if to the values he has taught me memories we've had they're so angry and who I am as a person the Amy she's a smart girl we knew he was terminal when they started dating she thats she said her mother mom talked through it and what they decided was would you do damned if you don't have cancer and she said yeah she's really helped him through some hard times the number for states was the plane a picnic you know state parks and I knew yet he's going for scans at a we get the results back and my doctor oxen's she's pretty quiet shields he serious inside problem can't be that bad well and she goes so yeah collapse long I'll okay I vote down crying cuz it was like the first time Israel that cancer as far as everything seemed normal can discuss the picnic and then come back and surgery you know do this now he minus home devastated because I cared about was getting to that date yeah I was as creating handedness pic this hit picnic awesome student loan everyone's money her stockings I school want going things is name for you gore no no good cams home things we say I'm we some showroom Salaam is showing 1- meaning no the Imaam p.m. p.m. yeah p.m. I almost burst into tears just because it was so picnic basket for cold pizza it was pretty much defines our relationship with their of we know what we both would want in our future we know that we love each other just the same well we talked about getting married system and having kids and for jobs and we do have a lot to me have bad ish so like I start to cry batsman also done just planned on weeds have for three or four kids we have decided yet but I hamlet for his you can have two boys and two girls and excess we have in our family worked out pretty well Salam it's one of those things that E you know it's it's like your ultimate train can often cell most people just ignore it must be got on them and you know I love mine obviously probably or on home think the movie I'm most scared about is your leaving hospital 0 takes E knowing that his mainland and having to walk out a bit I will actually like and to mind a yeah its estates think it's like wanna kidney is you know til death do us part and and and so we very good on this came yeah I do every day but I'll fairings you on on you old to unanswerable team 1 won't his own tax family everyone come downstairs yeah song Justin and I'm like director and we're making a documentary about a your amazing family member and I came here and I was expecting to me a great kid who you know had cool YouTube video and was inspiring but I was not expecting to me a 17-year-old that would change my life so when I first contacted your mom I told her I wanna make it easier for you which we just force I couldn't do but what I was able to do was reach out to a few people and I just for them your story and I told them I just wanted to do something for you because you've done so much for us what resulted was something very special I just want and I'll this that's not happening because you're done it's really because the way and slide Zack such a beautiful song this is for you rule on means yeah one this I dodge this time you can just tell but now I love sex sorry and yeah admired so much as amazing to see United of can't believe it new I said home most bizarre thing I think I've ever seen this issue ok thing everybody 570 handler it made me cry really makes me wanna keep on going here are the the the law great Gracie the best friend here fourteen years and you weekend so much he it's going to be tough on that you to keep keep its on your kicks in but on the basketball court the taking the championship the send him even the best Big Brother York score the you give me someones Melissa you have to be here is a much units miss it's important that you know the the his being guys I don't think he said too much that you love you system how he in 0 squeeze from the packages a spine burns miss you so much this seems I he's 0 cuz he's shown me if they the who mom and dad and best players in the world could ever ask for Mickey Loomis said I guess kids rooms thank you missed me is did one helluva job his best fits in with the defense buildings things being mom my his you just beautiful moments right after the other all these experiences was person home although they're giving me just a little bit more calm and can accepting everything more way well well well when he's show me that exiles out grades you care how cool you are in high school it's about doing what makes you happy and canelo when you're gonna go to live life to the fullest every day %uh it's really simple actually it's just try and make people happy near Tunis time maybe it's the entire way but as long as you learn it you're gonna make for a better miss I think that's actually one of the blessings of cancers they can come on it and I'll and so in doing now things are year you know that at life is Richard everything means more beauty is more beautiful wait a few different sleep Sony happy 10 have been sex VX death is just another thing on the agenda can yeah it's scary dorrance K has you don't know what's next her if there is a next says can mix it in the dark and seeking is used to be freaking out in the dark thinking okay what's out there I can just relax fell asleep just be happy and content me want to be remembered as kidding when times cited: didn't lose in the