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I Want The Worlds Biggest Boobs! - Lacey Wildd

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there's a million blonde girl with big boobs as well but there's not a million plank of humongous it and this just so happens that I am one at that and one of the only one messy world spokesman C cup sippy cup by the night but first in fun at the age of 24 now she's a trip loans made a career out of a base she wants to go even larger I've had over twenty-two surgeries to look more like a like a block party I guess you could say well I when seen as doctor today to find out exactly what's going on with my situation where I'm at right now my prof I was thinking about spanning I just find a dress time and what your take is on my whole past expanding due to the size of my sis implants knowledge which is not without risks after world history and physical examination I was able to ascertain that you with the address hi hi-res I've the implants Nick Foles in being left with no press at all definitely be in concert unfortunately I weigh the pros going larger despite the risks and the fact that believes already so heavy just need to have an internal bra made a pit skin and her own muscle constant at us out lacy still wants to go ahead with surgery I know that the surgery is going to be dangerous I am went into this knowing that they're gonna feel very big risks involved and I'm I'm ready to take that chance for the icy loves her breasts and all the attention she gets because if best science hasn't made life easy at all since forming SSK when I go up this is my mom people director yet they will they look at her like shit million from outer space they just they can't believe it usually girl cycle after her like make fun of her and then guys you know cupped her like I can have your number things like that and phone same Tory worries about what will become of her and her brothers and sisters if anything was to go wrong with her mum surgery if my mother decided to get bigger boobs and I know about all the health risks no think that she just wasn't caring about our opinions and you know what if she died is she really taking into consideration does she like really care that her kids could be left alone that said I would be thinking about what time and I just feel like kinda disrespected still lacy won't be deterred for her figure is definitely better if it goes wrong I lose my past possibly lose my life it's a possibility I don't wanna think about what on earth i'll settle in my life for granted of it should hold