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Rape Club: Japan's most controversial college society

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0 all long all hold the 120 years my City University as being a place have higher learning finishing school for japan's elite I love it's produced six prime ministers hundreds have company presidents but now lasater has also produced a scandal shocked Japan terrified the university's female students like columbia II after doesn't apply to students some seen here formed a social club called Super for me an organization that revolved around meticulously planning regularly executing gang-rape I wasn't surprised I I think these things occur they're often the is just the people are not many people are not aware of it because the victim down report super free would organize massive parties glossy brochures encourage young women to come along the Flyers targeted students from smaller out of town universities urging them to meet me in from an elite one you Ichi Daigo has been investigating the rape love story since it broke what he's discovered shocking for bubble butts and put them you have a talk i no secret that the analytical but just look at this from a couple nights 10 mental their to Google a little to almost a Continental Cup and icons they're more mindset that in this on the model that at the time were mother doesn't know how do I do the money's on leading on to you know more the ABC's obtain extraordinary video: change shows what happened after the parties began the announced on the 22 seating secure orchestrated some takes a similar to those issues homes charismatic should bring them certainly behave like gods whipping the crowd into a frenzy to fans and 94 my name on the team dynamic than the world is you when you only the military analysts Kingdom penalty very muscular also not going to you a sorry wait several more months ago but we're going to pick is the pool I the right club make huge profits which was distributed to the members had a parent structure this was the man at the top Shinichiro wider the alleged mastermind there were that yeah but for a the party been going for a few hours selected women invited to a separate VIP function by restaurant pay here was to get the potential victims drunk as possible gamely a either Hamels Gaza City on again we're all my me know mardian on the owner money but that's about good and not the update for the lead to the sling when you know money's on or something on this is the from Kamal some more as the women got run one would be chosen and taken to a toilet members have super free would stand in line to rape her often one club member would take a photo to embarrass a student into staying silent while another would be given the task of stopping her from going to the police now woman of the womb I decided the eternal the on though numbered xanax mobile till the one on this kid more Hannah Goa I could answer in a PC United they would people so we'll just have to know when was the world mother you think about it the most now on wall properties in muncie ongoing set it up with a look is ok with it 14 mean have been put on trial the Tokyo District Court found one at the club members guilty helping arrange the gang-rape a 20-year-old Toshiyuki nomas Aki was sentenced to two years in 10 months in jail he'll call all GRA is a boy who was represented schools have rape victims our law says protection a personal property is more important than protection a women's sexual freedom I think it's absurd bony alotta mucho one growing number of people want the changed these men and women are all students a Placida members have a very different organizations super-three the gender studies club Paris a concerned the right scandal is not just about a few me it was very badly tripp Lite's away women the treated pected money homie no gotta know con su things causing on this ongoing can be dynamite a bit this McCown then Obama I'm personal any yet another rather than he did in the last known as a Hyundai Europe bombing of on you my message I could do you know about a quarter when i didnt do you know about then bit for the higher dole custody got something together or it isn't enough for Kyle I think they're the around one and a half billion minga comics is sold each year many a sexually explicit quite a few feature heroes who had forced sex with women this movie rape man is based on a comic created in the nineties it still popular today Keisuke US hockey school teacher by day Japanese superhero by night rapes women who have drawn broken up with boyfriends or swindled someone who loves money 18 often the woman ends up falling in love with the right man she certainly not presented p.m. though do not pursue nine this occurs he considered them him you got them more than a national magazine UK new model to saddam even a multi-talented item done only looking at them want to block you will not even with which this month in almost a little too much the surf marginal complete elimination remembers a super three yet to receive a verdict including the alleged ringleader their cases will only for that the debate about Japan's treatment of women rape and sexuality 0 %uh do of