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what everybody's Terry Crews new movie best action movie other some The Expendables the West Lawal deadly David obey them where the quad core Mickey Rourke myself it's going to be great and you might know me from the Old Spice commercial and i'm glad to be here bodybuilding Dakar go them it's a some you would never never never see it as like this ever the movie history of the haleys comet action movies I'm trying to say do have testosterone level will get up when you getting a beer the might be a guy I've ever Hale Caesar best movie name of all time okay who's a long barrel weapons specialists I'm passionate about my weapons I have a bygone that I'm literally all my girlfriend you know I'm here but that my character my specialty is always been my gun you know I'm a estar like bad that's my deal i misses worries Weiss live with me here is that you know he knew that I had a look you know to me it was like the guy holding a gun and lot a military guys we rely wait a minute he wouldn't have they wouldn't wear anything sleeveless like a man at the movies I for John story I'm here to show you exercise I do to get ready for most a lot built in TV show projects caused by six variables is called 24 and basically its border for exercises but six web page and I'm telling you this thing work your core it will shoulder works a little body you are totally the and because it is so many wraps is almost like a cardio workout let me show you do first exercise in a Sat 24th is an upright world gonna see how to do it p drift away pleasure griffiss close together being mean a lot better way said it make sure you have your balance and here we go again I left the bar always or changed 6 wrestled and then we immediately line are gripped we go up to six power clean without banging on the floor but metal waste if you have some are rover weighs go ahead but with the matter you are going to be consul so here we go gotta get down Explo on average and we're gonna jerk we get it up to the top explosion was all make it come from for your hips he said it in a six-run right after 06 Park Lane re called us there's a little bit and then hit a Romanian deadlift you'll have to go past in a just enough so you feel it in your back with your back to bill your hands today now directly a Romanian deadlift we're going to six jobs for if you're playing ended up behind your back rests on your shoulder and get down edits flow right atmosphere shipping them back art closed this for you now hey guys you can say 24th has your morning it pretty quickly so you have to be careful make sure you start with very very small way the whole day this is not about how much weight you have as about this post if you start off with just the bar as real calm and as long as you get the more with make a correct and do all the reps and assessed you will get more as wonderful thing this is the exercise I do ever towers a shoulder day for me dressing with George I started out with it so that now my engines run it our goal right into shoulder exercises as has got me warm got me ready because the shoulder can be a relief is that they're I work out very very hard boxing is always be Azhar a.m. in this discusses as possible you know him well within round you know we're going parameters you don't want to be just you know star have no strength you know what I mean with the law like this I knew about a couple of old you know just to get through the days and make your physical work my workout goes your old through the week is pretty much cardio everyday are I usually get on the treadmill and i'll do half an hour at seven point always use the end up with me running three and a half mile everyday Monday is AR shoulder day where I i luck power play is over my shoulder Tuesday is a back day route everything regarding back Wednesday strictly cardio and I use double up my prior to that date sometime about 35 miles to 2.5 and and then call it a day Thursday is our chess and arms and a prior to Friday is a big big like that I go indoors and heavyweight so it's alway the a good balance you doing to get to the gym consistency always it if you happen not do exercise ball while just leave it all to work on other things you know what I mean is always something to I trained very hard a train as if I'm still in the NFL a lot away the you a lot and i'm bill starr workout time the power clean lot the explosive movement get up Apple in the morning just to wake you up I think my vitamins then a workout I mean pretty much gone bad then I had a protein shake like right after work I'll are there about two hours later I'll have some you over granola back at bay are and them from lives I usually get a salad chicken salad with being the letters are no rise no nothing like that but with me holding van my grab another pro-change say need for better is a good like chicken breast on always adjusting you know whatever I see it it's always like some chicken breast you can grab it the whole thing then turned over I call it a day I'm not oppose the House in Brea or some tortilla chips and you know because I i really burned at all but I have a very very active lifestyle there be here and then be in this position and in the wants you know your cell phone screen and a movie that's great man is just is like me it makes all those years all that pain worth it anybody would train know is the 100 percent pay his character like the man is moving you know you know in the Expendables if I people try to retiring a little Mia onlookers the Lowman they try to put about the past well I do you're done you did your thing now we gotta give it to somebody else and you know you should be over but you always have to come back it's all about rebuilding you always have to say I'm not going to stop and the thing is why why stop I'm gonna never you I'm always stay in shape at forever if you see me I'll be that guy best-looking 90 year old guy you've ever seen got my place there is a few more content like this then gotta go bodybuilding dot com is the place to be very Expendables August 30 right