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Frequency S2 Ep 08

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Golden Autumn Heart by Fields of Mars Are you trying to be mysterious? Can't just let you hear my thoughts anytime you want. How bout if I ask nice? Maybe you just thought you killed him. Maybe Thought you didn't like chess? I didn't say I wasn't good at it. (Clink of picking up the phone) Let's test a theory of mine. (Computer harddrive churning noise) I thought it was brand new. It is. So why are you fixing it? I'm not fixing it. I'm improving it. If I get this right, it'll download my memories. Get outta town. I grab the phone, it downloads everything so I can access it later. Sounds like a serious security issue. It only let's me access my stuff. In theory. um hum. What? I should get it to do more? I'll tell it to make the world a better place or some shit like that. I could give it the directive of finding me a wife. (Sarcastic) Yeah, that's what you need, another woman in your life. Here, this is what you need. Nehalennia. Protector of Travelers. I thought you might like to take a little trip to the future with me. Said you wouldn't take me to the future. I'm a liar. And that stuff about protecting travelers, that's bullshit too. That thing about finding a wife? (Closing of laptop) Bullshit. Ummmm. (Whooshing sounds indicating Claire is seeing a future scenario) Memories? You're accessing them? Recognizes my voice. Lucky me. For reasons unknown I now get to tune into your channel. Yeah. Haven't figured out you and me. How that works. Sorta new to the whole mind reading thing in general. You weren't born with it? I was working on learning time travel. Got this instead. Weird. Self-taught. I thought we were just born this way. Mmmmm. Guess I got that right. When you have your visions, do you usually have feelings coincide with them? Usually. My feelings. I mean, if I'm in them. The kiss. You saw that. Was pretty intense. Brings a whole new meaning to speed dating, huh? Re-evaluating? I was thinking, maybe... …you and I could figure it out together. It? How to save the world. (Laughter) Ornate by Fields of Mars http://www.reverbnation.com/fieldsofmars facebook.com/frequencyseries lesbian scifi webseries Frequency, If you like what you see, share the link. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter. Frequency @kv_works