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Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! Ro: Today I have a special guest Jirard, The Completionist! Or that guy Ro: who plays the video games! Jirard: Thanks for having me Ro! I really Jirard: appreciate it! Ro: Yeah, thanks for being here, I invited him here Ro: today because he is a big DK fan. Jirard: I’m huge with Donkey Kong, Jirard: in fact, I competed in a Donkey Kong competition when I was a kid. Ro: Mmmhmmm. Jirard: And I actually won… Ro: Oh yeah this thing! Jirard: That, that little tournament controller. Ro: Check this out! Jirard: It’s, it’s got the Donkey Kong logo, and it’s also got the, the Jirard: little, little ends of a banana, so it’s… Ro: It’s a banana controller. Jirard: Yeah. Ro: You have a banana DK Controller… Ro: OK, so today, we are going to make a DK Banana Cake, from scratch! Ro: That’s right! My first cake from scratch! Here today, for you. Jirard: I feel so honored. Ro: That's what we're doing. Ro: The ingredients that we will be using will be, da-nee! Jirard: Alright, so we got here, King Arthur’s flour which I have never heard Jirard: of until today, so. Ro: It is my favorite flour brand, it’s so good! Jirard: You just get it at any kind of convenience store? Or? Ro: It is, yeah, it is at every grocery store, it’s just a really good brand! Jirard: You also have some salt. Ro: Mmmhmm. Jirard: Got some eggs, Ro: Yeah! Jirard: And of course the most important ingredient, bananas! Ro: Bananers!!!! Jirard: In this case we only have 197 more to go. Ro: Oh, I see what you did… Math. Jirard: See? Math! Ro: Math! Donkey Kong math! Jirard: I went to college! Ro: I can’t do math and I went to college. Ro: OK, back on track, back on track! Brown sugar, butter, baking soda, Ro: sugar, I’m using organic, but you can just use white, plain sugar, Ro: doesn’t matter! Ro: And Pam baking spray! Ro: Let’s get baking! Ro: First thing we’re gonna do is mash the bananas. There’s 4 of ‘em. So you gotta peel 'em. Ro: Take your banana, peel ‘em, plop ‘em in there. Ro: Uh your bananas, need to be ripe, so just kinda make sure that they’re Ro: starting to brown a little bit. Ro: Alright, and then you just take, like a potato masher, and just start to mash ‘em. Jirard: Just smash it. Ro: Yeah, just start to mash ‘em. Jirard: Excellent, got it! Ro: Just keep mashing the bananas until they get really, really gushy. Ro: You’ll know it when you see it! Ro: That looks really good, I’d say that looks done. Jirard: Excellent. Ro: Now we are gonna mix the dry ingredients, starting with flour! Ro: OK, so we need 2-1/2 cups. OK, so what I like to do is I take a big scoop, Ro: like so. And then you take a butter knife and take the flat edge Ro: and just push off the excess back into the bag. Ro: 1 cup, boom! 2 cup, boom! Boom! Ro: Now, 1 cup of sugar. boom! Ro: Now we’re gonna need 3/4 cup of brown sugar. Ro: You can’t have enough, that’s pretty good. Jirard: Is that cool? Jirard: I’m, I’m kind of more of, the more sugar the better. Ro: Go for it, go for it! Jirard: But maybe that’s just me. Ro: It will make our banana cake taste better. Ro: 1 Tablespoon of baking soda. Ro: Oh gosh. Jirard: Yeah, now its… Ro: Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Jirard: Come on. Ro: This is like a game. Ro: Oh gosh, this looks like drugs. Jirard: It’s become a drug banana cake! Ro: Boom! Ro: And now, it says a pinch of salt. Jirard: I’m gonna let you do this 1. Ro: I don’t know how much a pinch would be. My pinch is small. Jirard: I was hoping you would know, that’s why I, I was…. There you go! Ro: Now that we’ve put all of our dry ingredients together, we’re just going Ro: to mix them before we add the other things. Ro: While he’s mixing, I’m gonna warm up a stick of butter for about 10 Ro: seconds in the microwave. You’re gonna use 1/2 a cup of butter. Ro: And you just unwrap, like so, to add the butter. Ro: It’s a little gooey from the microwave, that’s just how we like it. Ro: Now we’re gonna add 2/3 cup of buttermilk. I forgot to say this in Ro: the ingredients, because I left it in the refrigerator! Whoops! Ro: So pour that in, and make sure you use buttermilk, not regular milk! Ro: Now we’re gonna add 2 eggs. Ro: Last step, now we’re gonna add the banana, the mashed banana. Ro: OK, you ready? Jirard: Go for it. Ro: Might need to kinda spoon it in there! And now we just need to keep Ro: mixing this until it gets really, really smooth, just like cake batter. Ro: This is what it should look like when it’s all done. Ro: Take a gander at that consistency! Ro: It should be nice and smooth, mashed up. There’s still little chunks Ro: of banana, but that’s OK! Ro: We have 2 round cake pans. Give it a good spray so that our… Pfffft! Ro: Ahhh! Jirard: Not the eyes! Ro: Not the eyes! Ro: OK, you ready? Jirard: Gonna try not to mess this up, here we go! Ro: Yay! And try to just eyeball it, put about 1/2 the batter in there. Ro: This recipe rises a lot, it’s almost like bread. Ro: Here is what they look like, we got them to be about 1/2 way. Ro: Make sure you preheat your oven to 350 because you’re gonna put both of Ro: these cakes in for about 30 minutes. Ro: While our cakes are baking, we went ahead and made this, it’s a fancy Ro: cake plate, I have never done this before! It’s just a piece of round Ro: cardboard, and then we took green frosting and went der-der-der-der-der! Ro: And just kind of splashed it on there and put a little bit of Ro: green sprinkles. The cake will look like it’s sitting in grass basically. Ro: What kind of games are you playing on your channel now? Jirard: I just finished playing Luigi’s Mansion, with Peanut Butter Gamer. Ro: Right on, right on. Jirard: And, in a couple of weeks, I’m right now Jirard: working on Battle Toads for the NES. Ro: Battle Toads! Ro: Hello GamesStop, can I pre-order my Battle Toads, like, right now!?!? Ro: Click! Ro: I’m gonna put a link below to your channel so people can go check it out. Jirard: Oh thank you so much! Ro: I, I love that! Ro: Ta-da! Cakes are done, they’ve cooled, we cut them a little bit smaller Ro: so they would look more like a barrel. Ro: So we’re gonna take this 1 first, and put it in the middle of the Ro: cake plate, and then we are going to frost it with choco! Ro: Time to level up, we’re adding the second cake, right on top of there. Ro: You’re gonna take your time, placement, perfect! Ro: Time to frost… Again. Jirard: So, now that we’ve frosted everything, what’s next Ro? Ro: We are going to add Kit-Kats, all the way around so that it will look Ro: like a barrel. This cake is double layered, but you’ll want the cake to Ro: come a little bit below, because we’re gonna stick candy bananas on Ro: the top, so it looks like a barrel of bananas. Jirard: Now that we’ve got all the Kit-Kat’s there, we’re gonna go ahead and take the fondant Jirard: and wrap it around so that it’s like the metal rings that go Jirard: around barrels. Ro: Now that our little black fondant is on, we’re gonna put the Ro: candies, the banana candies! They’re little, uh, Runts! Ro: I bought a few boxes of Runts and I just separated all the bananas, Ro: and we’re just gonna take a few of them, and sprinkle on the top. Ro: And just be careful, because as soon as they touch, the um, the Ro: frosting, they’re going to stick. Ro: Here’s my special cake topper surprise! Da-da! Jirard: Oh Donkey Kong! Ro: Yeah I did Donkey Kong! I stayed up really Ro: late last night making this out of fondant. Ro: Um, I started with brown fondant. And, it literally, when I started, I Ro: shaped it in a triangle, and, it looked like a piece of poop when Ro: I started. But then I just kept molding him, and then I added the tan Ro: color fondant for his little hands, and tummy, and I made his little Ro: eyes, and out of red fondant I made a tie. And the letters Ro: DK just took forever! And I took a toothpick and I put pressure to make his Ro: little paws and nose. Ro: Now I’m gonna put this little guy on the cake I’m so nervous because Ro: I spent so much time on him! OK! Ro: And you direct me, I don’t know exactly where to put him. Ro: Oh, right there? Jirard: There, a little bit! We’re good! Ro: Oh there’s a banana, we lost a banana. Ro: I think we need to crank up the bananas! Jirard: Let’s make it rain! Ro: Yeah? Jirard: Let’s make it rain! Ro: make it rain bananas! Jirard: Bananas right now! Ro: Now, to make our cake look even more fancy, I cut, out of fondant, Ro: green fondant, little grass! Because this kind of looks like the Ro: grass from DK doesn’t it? Jirard: Yeah. Ro: And I cut out some really big leaves too! Ro: Ta-da! Here is our Donkey Kong Banana Chocolate Cake! It looks way Ro: better than I thought it would! Jirard: It looks really cool! Jirard: It, it looks like we shouldn’t eat it, just looks too pretty! Ro: It’s so detailed, I was like, you were the perfect guest to have on! Ro: Because, for those of you who don’t know, I’m gonna put his link Ro: below, so you can check it out. I know I said that before, but, Ro: he plays games, to the T, like detailed. Ro: They call it, The Completionist! Jirard: Yep. Ro: All the way through! Ro: It is mad skills, so this was the perfect cake for us to do. Jirard: Well thank you for having me! Ro: Yeah! Jirard: This was so cool, I’m a huge Donkey Kong fan, so, it was Jirard: a pleasure to be here, thank you very much for having me! Ro: Yes, thank you for coming, we did good! Ro: If you have any other suggestions for any other Nerdy Nummies, please Ro: leave me a comment and let me know and I will do my best to make them Ro: happen. OK, bye-bye!