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we've got a meeting now I need LCD screen 33 megapixel resolution with 24.7 million colors is likely they're cheaper we are there yeah I Countians but on this baby I can we meet she was raised on the west coast but there's a lot on finding just the right words view dreams every rider has won something like that well I believe we raise the finest jumping horses in all of Switzerland I'm certain you'll find one here that's your liking that's easy I'll be back later when can we get started now i dnt wanna see the words to you guys go ahead I need to update my blog is to love horses when you were younger we couldn't get you off them well I guess people change keep SciTech on trial here while I'm still here listening to counsel the beginning and he seems to really like you a little like a healthy destitute chance there'll be plenty of time for big horses when you're a little bigger between and the prize money is substantial this year we're hosting but not take care of this maximum reach you get Stacy until he started you've caused me to use your own horse local authorities in the stable everyone's surprise jump was it came out riding Marta like that we can just get into a lenin cannot I think it might be constructed to review the history of the event teens here you'll see be done it he can't walk like weather is trying to say is here and play like over the holes jump on and keep going to drive first time on a horse definitely video where the market if that's your best Rida winning streak seems pretty safe right here just down the road it is trying to get under our skin with the tournament coming up cause it doesn't really matter we always leave anyway usually to ban you never know he could be different idk speaking we're bound to win with in 63 years he's eleven years I'm sure you've got lots of good writers we did one but frankly enrollment has been incredibly low these last few years have you found your host yet everyone in this group is one champion stock seems nice excellent choice his son was the winner of the Virginia Gold Cup so he'll be right at home in america duty would make an excellent team W I guess doesn't agree I was enjoying it is nothing down when they ask you a question about the Academy logo you know the sign in front the horse that of course very unusual horse when you say i mean those markings why the enterprise it's just I feel like I've somewhere that is highly doubtful does not exist the sign of a favor of an ancient Majesty King they were sent to wrong one somewhere in these mountains this story is that they are descended from a breed created ancestors many doubt that they were even but what about the painting was also paintings are fairies and mermaids know so you don't think the nation-state courses are real once when I was a child I finished 2010 with billion and Karen and at the end Barbie I gather you to know each other really writing master extraordinarily I speak up only begun to speak with there is nothing to breathe as the majesty in another 10 horses that remarkable there are nearly done businessmen to serve their masters and fear the riding crop you ask about my just weeks have you seen something see something that doesn't exist yes I think bullishness at the air still at the way as well the soup was yummy I did not receive a baguette and she chose you for a reason yeah he created by public humiliation she will and she wants to did you come to have your official portrait taken real live explains it dashiell of marginality she does yes you to have looks of things in common she loves pretty ribbons and things that glitter and perhaps you should give her another chance really likes you Chelsea and choose I she's wonderful park now I have tried two weeks ago for coming here and if we don't win the tournament prize money have to accept for generations of course would be wonderful but truthfully we haven't won a tournament in 11 years this year you got a secret weapon the Robert sisters you hold on just until after the tourney can try to get a really long time to talk about you see a girl about a race that is one it was amazing this is all my life but not until I say so maybe something tapping promise he won't be tools for that never ok my beautiful Majesty you two are ok go on I like that but look there's something I really need to tell you exactly which is why I paint has to win this tournament and even violating my strict anti involvement policy by entering dressage fantastic dressage and that's why you have to run in the steeplechase you right now Justine would totally demolished the competition keeper i cant its he is running for alpine tradition and the sides just needs to see secret at least till I get it back to Malibu a secret why is fully recognize which he is an older must be more like her have to relieve I don't want to hurt hunted down and broken so just txt deceive fairy tale but what about the steeplechase what about us winning the tournament for an early champion rider remember there's more than one of them with you doing research and sure elkind got everything they need country trial everything I'm trying keyboards mountain bikes wakeboarding bored she's a living breathing being her feelings very clear to me well maybe you should try to work with her instead of just trying to control her I know what she wants to be even when I need try and we're doing this strictly old skool prizes I think inside and get a doctor to look at your own ok don't know which way I can track them to do that I know these hills like skipping over tablet my friend said we could use the horses joins the rest here exactly but it appears to lead the hurt away in that direction free that's it the princely down to these rocks and then vanish sorry no reason a few hours and now going to going overseas the peak me what breed is it a very special one and there are secret ok the steeplechase is still on surprise retail and now I found this is outlined land this land will belong to leave you in the dust all my brothers and I will keep him from riding his mind and they let you adjust the to win that race I will be teaching riders I'm gonna think you my next Santos mores and I'm sorry but all the things I said you really are great okay even though you gave my sister years worth of embarrassing pictures of me still a very cool California you killed in an amazing water be named