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i love sister part 1

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Downloaded From www.AllSubs.org Translated by kiramethyst English timing by narishun_kun korean subtitle/timing by blog.naver.com/iammichael DO NOT REMOVE CREDITS!! Iku is my bride I love my younger sister That was what Yori said And I nodded and said "Um" I was happy However Even when I think about that time now It was probably strange after all About that day from long ago Yori must have forgotten already You're twins, as expected It hurts It'll be good if your head were something like that, right? Sorry, sorry It's ok When Mom was pregnant She slept on her side and all the good brains went to Yori That's a new theory right? Yes Yup, it's done Then next, Yori who has gotten all the good brains Go back to the classroom I'll wait It's ok Understood The twin who can do everything is Yori The one who can't do anything is me I'm used to such talk I'm also used to Yori becoming cold towards me Little sister Yano Somehow you have a "not ok" aura Yeah A little What is it? What is "a little" about? About Yori? He's been cold recently isn't it? How did you know? Because I think I've heard that talk many times Is that so? That's right Quickly becoming unconscious of what you said Is a fairly serious illness. I'm sorry Don't apologize I was just joking Nevertheless Do you think about me occasionally? I'll like to hear your answer soon Yeah Do you dislike me? That's not it Then, do you like me? It's decided then Just a little while more Just wait a little while more I'm really sorry Yori Are you awake? I'm sleeping Really? Then it's ok What is it? About Yano? Yeah Although I haven't really given an answer... What should I do? He likes you, Iku Yeah That's right Yori? Yori? Are you really asleep? Good night Sometimes I would think that I'm not his younger sister But if I'm not his younger sister Then someone like me would have nothing to do with Yori What are you irritated about? I'm not Liar About Iku? Both of you are easy to understand Why "both of you"? When I say "both of you" I'm referring to both of you You've decided right? I haven't given up on your younger sister Do as you please See you Bye bye! I'm sorry! Finally You're slow Because it was super difficult Understood Let's go Ah, asked about it the last time There's a physics test tomorrow Eh?! Ah! Sorry... Be careful! Kusunoki Whenever you see Iku You'll have that expression on your face It's nothing You're interested in your sister right? What are you trying to say? That's just what I think I'm going home Yori What's wrong? Yori? I've always Liked you Eh? I'm not going to lie anymore Choose Me? Or other guys? What are you saying? I've already reached my limit Wait! Yori, let go! If you choose me I'll get a kiss from you I've always lied to myself Since I was a child Always The most important thing to me is Iku I... ...don't want to let go anymore You're sneaky Even now You're sneaky And doing as you please That's right Wait! You're terrible Yori Iku I'm sorry For liking you I'm sorry You two are really quiet eh? Did you quarrel? There's nothing Yeah There's nothing Really? If so then that's fine The both of you have always been in the same room isn't it? If you are one's wife you can stay a little while more You don't have to worry But I think it'll be better if I work soon Father won't agree to that? That's right I've finished eating - I'm going - Come back safely Me too Come back safely I'm going I'm sorry It's ok There's someone else you like right? Yeah You've always liked that person right? Probably Probably? I've spoken to Yano How was it? He said it was ok I see He asked if there was someone I liked I answered "yeah" Let's go Where to? A place where the two of us can be alone Iku! Music class is next. Let's hurry. Yeah. I'm coming! I'll wait for you in class after school ok? Then lastly I think we shall decide on the choir festival committee Firstly, are there any candidates? Are there no candidates? There aren't any candidates right? Then, let's nominate people Hey, you want to see sea otters? Don't want to see Ah, I see Then I'll ask your sister You're not giving up? Your news is fast How about the three of us go this Sunday? I think the sea otters are waiting for you Yano Yeah? I guess I'll go after all Yuki What? Listen properly There's no one you want to nominate? Well... Kusunoki What do you think, Kusunoki? It's impossible for me Then the choir committee will be Nakajima and Kusunoki It's the end for today Hey Yeah? Why me? Sorry, you don't like it? That's not it I'm just wondering why me I thought you sang well Eh? You sang on the rooftop right? Ah... That's why It's painful! We're doing something we shouldn't after all Afraid? I'm not afraid but... Feeling guilty? Why can't I hold Yori's hand in front of others? I really don't like that What about you? It's ok like this Eh? For me it's ok to remain like this With Iku... Like this If we can be together What's wrong? Nope, nothing I think that the both of you have grown up Why now? Say Do the both of you have boyfriend or girlfriend? It isn't strange to have one right? I understand about that so It's ok to bring them home On my off day we should treat them so I'll try my best to make something What's wrong, Iku? I have one Iku doesn't have one yet Right? Yeah I see Yori, so... Introduce her next time ok? Yeah Eventually I'm looking forward to it Still awake? Still awake Yori? What? You're worried? I'm worried Who's your girlfriend? Is that what it's about? But... That's not true You lied? It can't be helped I only have Iku Let's get out of the house and go for a drive Eh? Ah! I did it! Ready? It's great! I'm tired. Here. Ready? Eh? Where? - Here. - Faster, faster, faster! Enough? What? My stomach hurts. No! I'm afraid! Too fast! I'm afraid! It's too fast! Are you ok? As expected, it was a little effective What's wrong? Recently I haven't been able to shout out loud I was shocked You haven't shouted out loud either right? Since you said it, I haven't Go ahead Ah~~ Eh? What was that? Wait a while Besides Yori and me It seems like there isn't anyone else in this world Yeah Why did we leave each other? I'm sorry What am I talking about? It was good that I left you Eh? Thanks to that The person I thought I'd like was born Yori Don't... ...leave me again Is Yori dating someone? No I see Then a person you like? Doesn't matter to you Tell me Nobody in particular Wait What? I... ...saw it In the science lab And so? Date me I like you, Yori Always from before It's strange with your sister Iku will become worried About such a relationship You don't understand anything Not just Iku You are also worried Do as you please Yori... I said I like you! I'm glad that I'm with you Supplementary classes under Tsurumaki are hard You helped me too Let's put spit on the fingertip every time you turn the page I guess we will Definitely will I don't want to grow old Will become dry. Definitely. Tomoka, here You've decided on the song for the choir festival? Who is that? We were in the same class in 2nd year. Oh. She's rude, isn't she? Kissing in school is your bad And kissing your sister is your bad I guess in the end it's impossible, right? My liking Iku. That is impossible, isn't it? Normally You're suddenly so timid Your parents? They are fine I think You think? Yano What? You still like Iku? I like her You're thinking of taking her from me? I'm thinking about it You want me to? What do you do when need to decide? Run away? If you waver, you're done for Yori! What? Don't lie about your own feelings See you The sea otters! We'll definitely go and see them right? Supplementary classes are over. I'll wait for you in the classroom. From Yori Because I have something on today Go home first What am I doing? Kusunoki What? Because from the corridor I could see In the end It can't be me? It's fine even if I were taking Iku's place Let's go home Huh? You're worried about Yori right? That's not true He seemed to be feeling unwell I'm sorry for being distracted When we get out of here, try making a phone call And you'll probably be revived Yeah I guess so I saw to TV the other day It said that half of the dolphins' brain is asleep and the other half is awake They seem busy, don't they? They are not busy I'll want to sleep properly For me half is enough Half is enough because I can see my dreams all the time Half is enough? Yeah It's enough If it's the whole thing I'll be sad when I'm awake Therefore, half... Yes What did he say? He was in the middle of a conversation I see Pass this to Yori What is it? Open up and see Ok Because he'll regret not seeing the sea otters Yeah, I understand I'll pass it to him I'll go buy the same thing I thought you'd say that What is it? I want to know your feelings After that you left in silence You're still silent Let's date I don't like you but... ...if it's fine with you let's date I'm the worst, aren't I? It's fine It's fine, even if you don't like me In exchange, while you don't like me, let's keep dating Kiss me I like Yori's troubled face For you Where shall we go? Hey What's wrong? Downloaded From www.AllSubs.org Downloaded From www.AllSubs.org Yori! Yori!! Hey, Yori! Let's go in What? You want to do it with me, right? I want to Show me your troubled face If it's not ok We can stop If it's not ok I wouldn't have come Or else, you want me to say it's not ok? It is you who want to stop, right? I... ...am not Iku Don't talk Is Yori ok? There's nothing to be worried about But... Yori is just asleep, right? That's true but... Yori, I've placed the souvenir on your desk Yori... Good morning Good morning Where's Yori? He said he had something on so he went ahead first He seemed better I see Iku, hurry up and get ready too Yeah What's wrong? Where's Yori? He doesn't seem to be around I think he's up on the rooftop as usual I understand I'll go and see Iku Tomoka What is it? I'm also looking for Yori Is that so? It's just nice. Let's go together? Ok What food does Yori like? Why do you ask all of a sudden? Nothing I was just wondering At home he likes fried eggs That's unexpected Is it? Yeah To me There's nothing you don't know about Yori right? I guess Why? Because from before you were born you were together That is a default, isn't it? Yori! Yori, are you alright? Yeah I was surprised that you were gone when I woke up I'm sorry I had something to talk with Yano Is that so? But it's great that you're better Ah, that's right Tomoka said she was looking for you What? Yori Have you told Iku about us dating? KUSUNOKI! I wanted Iku to know so I thought this was a good chance What's going on? Is this true? Yeah We're dating Since when? Yesterday I don't understand Weren't you just sleeping at home the whole day? I'm sorry I went to meet Kusunoki You lied If we carry on like this It'll just hurt you You're terrible You're terrible, Yori You decided as you please about my feelings I hate you, Yori! IKU! Yori! Don't go! Let go! If you go now You wouldn't change anything It's ok to hit me Before you dislike me Yori is mine Iku? IKU! Wait! Let go! Iku! Don't care about me! One by one, don't care about me! Yano, you're not my boyfriend or anything! Idiot What will you do? Not chasing after your sister? You chase after her Still saying that now You're really an idiot Shut up Your thinking to use another girl to forget one is useless Whether it's your sister, or anybody... Telling the person you like "I like you" is not a bad thing, right? If I continue to say I like her I know that I will hurt her It can't be helped Because you like her To deceive your feelings and hurt the other person is not any better Yano... What? You seem great, aren't you? I said "I like you" to the person I like I'm still inexperienced You've said it very often to Iku That's true Yori What is it? No Nothing Stand up Stand up and hurry up and go If you can't handle it alone contact me I'll be skipping class here See you Yano! What? Thanks The customer you have just called is unavailable... Iku! Yori Iku IKU! Iku! Let go! Let go Let go! I'm sorry Iku I'm sorry You are sneaky! Wasn't it you who said to choose? Because I like you Just because like you! Then is it not? Then at this rate, I don't think we will become one! It'll be great if you weren't my younger sister I've thought of that many times I shouldn't have liked you I can't help it that I like you Because I'll be irritated And I'll become uneasy But No matter how I try to lie to you In the end it doesn't work I... I have come to like only you Iku What? I have something to give you Here Sorry It's crushed No It's really ok Please? Thanks Brings back fond memories You remembered About that field Of course Do you remember what you said? Yeah I remember somewhat Somewhat? No I remember clearly Then, try saying it Now? Now Iku is... ...my bride Correct answer Iku Shall we go? Where to? That field Really? Yeah We'll go there and make rings again We'll say the stuff we said just now again Ok Let's go We'll be there soon Yeah I think it's just a little bit more It's really here? There's no mistake Everyone... ...is gone That's right We can't make the rings, right? I'm sorry It's not your fault As expected We can't go back What? To that time and... ...to that place We can't return What's wrong? I thought if it were to just wait here I'd feel more at ease Yeah You're too fast, Yori Sorry What's wrong? Nothing Iku What? Let's play the rock, paper, scissors game What? Rock, paper, scissors Ride on my back Come on, hurry Ok Heavy? Very You're horrible! Let me down! No! Let's go! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Rock, paper, scissors Yes! I'm coming Here! Heavy! Let's go - Ok 1... 2...3...4... Ah... - Watch it! 6...7...8... 9...10 You're bullying me That's right Shall we stop? Don't stop Ok Rock, paper, scissors I did it I won - Darn I'm coming Ok Don't run ok? Yes, yes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Ok Rock, paper, scissors I guess it's not possible isn't it? It's ok I'm coming 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 I want to go Rock, paper, scissors Ah! I did it! I won! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Thank you It's ok to let go Yori? I... ...lied to you Eh? Iku Iku For you to be my bride I can't do it Yori Another 10 steps Another 10 steps and we'll leave Yeah Let's go Iku It's over Let's go Yori Iku Smile Ok Iku Since that time I had always liked you a lot Yeah Me too Since that time I had always liked you a lot Let's go Downloaded From www.AllSubs.org