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【貧乳】マジでお願いしたら見せてくれた ブラジャーズ第四話 my bra #539

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Stop fighting. Follow me! Hurry! It's over here! Difficult to find, huh? O-oh... The bra's missing! What!? What's going on!? I surely hide it here! Did someone find it? Who!? W-w-who found it!? mysterious... Episode 4: You're My Everything You're too sweaty, aren't you? I'm always sweaty. You're a liar. Be honest. Why did you refuse her advice? No I... You're trying to hide something, don't you? Your sweat is telling me the truth. This room is too hot for me! Show it to me now. Don't you remember the promise? Don't mistake me! Calm down, Asu! He's the criminal! He hid it somewhere in his body! Wait... I get it. He fell into the dark side! He's lying! Dark side? You're the one who fell into the dark side! Are you still gonna betray her? I can't hold it! Stop fooling around us! What are you talking about? Didn't you hear? You're the one who fell into the dark side! You threatened Ritsu, remember? Threatened?? What do you mean? We were forced to give him the prize if any of us got it. We have no choice but to give it to him. What!? Don't listen to him, Rei! There's no use listening to him! He'll try to kill us! Stay away from him! Maybe he brought his knife today! What does 'DARK SIDE' mean by the way? Put that thing down! She's evreything to us! Get away! No, Rei, don't be afraid. I came here to save her. What do you mean!? Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you! ...Believe me. Believe me! Please!! You're dead meat! Stay away from me! Rei... Disappointed. Get out. Ms.Lilith! What did you say? Ms.Lilith, the legendary net idle... You mean the idle that Rei respect? Exactly. She had disappeared somewhere. Rei, you know the reason, right? She sold her bra at the auction few years ago. Lilith... That auction made her life a misery. She released her nude pictures, and at last, porno videos. But most of the fan didn't expect such a thing! We just wanted to see her smile. She faded away and no one still knows where she is. Asu... Look at this! That's Rei's bra! Damn you... No, it isn't. That may be... Right. The man who got Lilith's bra at the auction is... Me... Really? I ruined up her life. I regretted what I've done to her. Asu... I was surprised to see your bra, Rei. Your bra is just the same as Ms.Lilith's. Asu... I made up my mind to get the bra, and to give it back. Don't do that any more, promise me. You must not discourage your fans! I'm a fool. I was mad for the bra. Ritsu...!? I found this bra. I'm so sorry! I'll return you this back! Wait a second. Let me check your bra. Ah, okay. Stop, Ritsu!! Huh? Oh my god. You got the wrong one. She wrote her name on her bra. Then where's my bra!? Misa!? Are you hiding something?

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