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Eddsworld - Hammer & Fail 2

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I did not want to do this on click the most me smile well I guess the only logical option is to have a horrible Koro Koro Sea doing now a alive UK 00 the law in a on the who sleep well last night no my coming up all night what you mean %uh he just kept screaming crying begging for help those things breaking evil laughter solving it you turning on an office window opening inside me and my the gulf between the coming through you know that song what's wrong with him we look like his friend maybe we should go and see what's happening up there and okay chums however on this fine morning while Matt is places actually clean indeed I thought a model tidy up a tent I'm surprised you found the time in your busy self worship schedule yes well other was trying to blow to my life become less pain and narcissistic I'm impressed being tidy not caring about your looks using worked with more than two syllables I yeah who are you would only a real man haft her a her the going to happen at the federal reserve weighed 300 parlay take over the world our level mountain destroyed when you movin slow different lied monuments wants I don't wanna story monument on current car and its islands modal the world need from a lot more treatment if I have anything to say about it no you don't why not go for controlling your body I hate you through Mr milk a milk with expired your expired Carl dare you you know what barter this that C guys I think our house might my eats be a little possessed or nothing oh maybe maybe something and the last horse crosses the finishing line can we still getting I don't see why no we just opened are not now I'm going backwards fact well I hate to say it but we we could ask Eduardo for help all but those guys suck they'll never help us i think is a good chance just as long as we're really release subtle %uh and pardon me neighbor what a lovely day could we put chimes borrow a cup of joe finest should go to for you but rather draw mark come check these douchebags out hier it appears we might have a very slight teeny tiny spirit infestations with looks is stupid is always to me ghosts spirits sounds like you Boozer who have been watching too many hand good polo Rd goes to transform your extension it up your cab or you will help you guys locked you're crazy how could you not like ice cream ice cream is delicious ass too cold it hurts my teeth wat when we start talking about this anyway after the ghost thing act sounds about right did you get spirit insurance damnit past dead but 2009 through yeah and hi people need to start read in the add that caution ruse may contain ghosts spirits poltergeist sort rapid ferrets yeah our factories between a cemetery and a brat fin it's not ideal so there's nothing you can do not less got that insurance sorry fellas 1 with you know what stole the loadable fucked so new any luck with the psychic should hobbit house was still put up that you guys are stupid alright bocce said we was stupid up it kind of puts you in the page so what do we do now the only thing we can do move a tree maybe my way what what I don't know michael has a point I mean I clean everything is room maybe just hate mess 0 right yet that's that's what I meant because the ghost I don't forget guys are so late but we want to spend all afternoon what you destroy your earthly charge possession here so will pass the soda with okay guys be ready ready got I can be ready already a Yahoo right already yeah it was already yeah I'm yeah you already night so much idiots goal I didn't even show your job Joe way old take got exactly the same the attic the attic the attic the the the the good the the 50p to be if you go to bed maybe a BBQ ppppp the the a her gonna check did you say ed 'em yep wait one second I have to check something Brunei me this is a bit of a cop I have the wrong house well I'm so sorry about this I'm actually after a mister Eduardo didn't good luck do you think we should help yeah Oct 8 you for this you dirty judge the the