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DOUBLE PUPILS and more! IMG #45

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A Big Mac hat, and a cat-bunny salad, it's episode 45 of IMG! This tent was pitched high up above the clouds. The snow and clouds make it look like a sky-tent. But, can you find what's hiding in these leaves? Make your Snuggy super by looking like Spiderman, Batman, or Wonderwoman. These double pupils are photoshopped, but have you ever noticed that Sonic has it too? His eyes are conjoined! They're like one big, giant, white ball in his head, with two pupils. Perfectlytimedphotos.com has some neat-o shots. Lightning on water, head touching water, cat not-yet-touching water, and a ping pong ball. You're never too old to play. And now, some unfortunately placed price tags. Enjoy. Tyree Callahan invented this color typewriter. The keys use pastels to generate art, and this poor seal was abandoned by all the other seals because he was born a ginger. Wet suits are funa and so are baby dolphins. But let's get cuter. This dog is getting a bear hug. Not enough? How about a Chimpanzee feeding a tiger cub or tiger's licking. Better yet? This guy who, no kidding, actually stole a photographer's camera and snapped these photos of himself. Now, all of these animal images were on Buzzfeed's list, a site where typing to Konami code rewards you...kind of. By the way, you can still play Pacman on Google by going to Google.com/pacman. And this product is not available yet, but it's genius. Hamburger wrapping paper. Stack gifts to make custom burgers. If you have expensive tastes, try these name-brand cereals concepts. Artist Tim Schneider makes the world a better place by putting big old eyeballs on things. And this road in Norway looks like it goes nowhere. But actually, it's just an oddly curved bridge. Now let's learn. Dailyinfographic.com is sweet. Here's a history of the word "Geek." From the word's origins in the 1500's as "Gecken," meaning a "fool," to the middle period when it meant someone obsessed with technology, or a certain subculture, to the modern "Geek Chic" meaning where a "geek" or "gleek" is a revered title. And how about this one covering the chemicals your skin takes in? Your skin absorbs 60% of every topical product you put on it. Furthermore, in her lifetime, the average girl will involuntarily eat 4 pounds of lipstick. On the subject of infographics, and charts, and graphs, take a look at this: it's an illustration of the Turkish empire's reach, made in 1801 by William Playfair, and it was the very first piechart ever drawn by humans. Neat, huh? On Monday I tweeted my excitement for owning this book, because shadows are magic. Like these two strangers who passed by each other, though their shadows told a different story. I also tweeted this illusion demonstrating Troxler's Fading. Blurry, or faint colors will disappear from your periphery if you stare long enough. Finally, I shot a gun for the first time in my life. Destin was there with me and he has this excellent scientific method for recording muzzle flash and the shooter. You go from this, to this. He's gonna have a video soon where he explains the entire process and how he made the photos happen. But, in the meantime, check out this video of the very moment I fired a gun for the first time. "You are the man. You're the man!" Phew, that felt pretty good. And as always, thanks for watching.