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BANE OUTTAKES (Auralnauts extended edition)

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What did you have for breakfast? Answer him! I was asking you A bagel with cream cheese Have you heard the phrase... you are what you eat? Because when i look at you guess what I see? I'll tell you. Bagel and cream cheese. And what did you eat? A frowny...biscuit? They cut the fiber. Strawberries are PACKED with fiber. How long will it take to get market fresh strawberries? 8 minutes. Time to go mobile. What the hell is going on? Our plan is proceeding as expected. Your hit on the stock exchange it didn't work my friend and now you have my construction crews, going around the city looking for strawberries! You, bring us strawberries. No! No more berries.. It seems... that you do not appreciate my dietary expertise Do you know what happens to your body without fiber? What is this? Your intestines seize. It would be... extremely painful. What are you? Soon, regular bowel movements are a bitter memory. You're...pure evil. Permit me a demonstration. This is your body WITHOUT FIBER (beat down) My mother warned me about getting into cars with strange men. This isn't a caaaaaaaaaaaar Seriously? Wait. I have something to tell you. Stop hitting yourself C-c-combo breaker! Fatality! Bane wins. TOASTY I just want to make sure I have this right Alright, lunch orders Steve! Turkey burger, iceberg lettuce. Excellent choice, Steve Very lean protein. Not sure about the lettuce I would have gone with a mixed green Let's see next is Jared. Jared ordered the Caesar salad. Yes it's a classic choice Dressing's a little high in fat Wait! Gary! Are you serious? Pizza?! Gotham City's not even known for it How does this conform with your New Year's resolution? Carbohydrates. Sugary tomato paste Processed dairy I expected more from you I expect more from my men! I thought we were on the same page with this? We were all going to better ourselves, starting with food! Who is the one man to have defeated me in freestyle? Only me Yes Only you Would anyone else care to challenge me? That's what I thought DJ! Drop a beat I'm Bane, yes that's my name when you hear the name Bane I guarantee the pain I'm coming after you, Bruce Wayne I'm stronger smarter, and clinically insane I'm Bane, that's my name Bruce Wayne and the Batman are totally the same I broke his back Mortal Kom-Bat smack then I crack my '28 Krug champagne Who likes hip hop I heard Gotham Citty was alright I'm Bane, yes, it's a shame I declare martial law and you all complain I laugh when you ask why I wear the mask I'll explain IT'S BECAUSE I'M BANE Yes, that's my name You say it too much the name becomes inane Of course some think my plan lacks gain you say it to my face I'll crash your plane When I say "no" you say "survivors" No! No! When I say "no" you say "survivors" YOU SUCK, BANE Kill them all