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The Last

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here home how many for me cleanin how many girls %um love fire I love five women before you the names who what ways where why can turn who I loved was a girl from college wasn't exactly closer with some superficial fax in a few interactions over semester you know like most guys fantasizing over a girl they barely know I filled in the blank slate fairy tale of their and who should came in my head was probably more than the reality she was a third year swered yeah and I was infatuated freshman sure but several times you get to spend together outside of class really allowed me to see she also had a good-hearted rights period the only problem with this sorted just about every day and luster me down nicely isolated there were times when it seemed like the cliche sorority girl me it felt something for the typical awkward freshman in what I loved was no friend but she was much more than just a friend we met early in college in kept in touch through the years after we saw each other grow and change and through multiple relationships of ice are different boyfriends come and go she was also there for every girlfriend and brick mind personality humor taste comes off there her and I were almost perfect holding there wasn't perfect timing we were never single its time what we love about each other was never enough to leave who we were with this is something we eventually had to face nixon and we had to leave behind I'm what we have in when I love was my first girlfriend in highschool it's a bit unfair because she embodies a combination of both love and you feeling of young love is unique an impossible to replace replicate because we can only be that age once high schools a time I've innocence discovery adventure we share these three elements together in things like first kiss on late-night sneaking out did many movies all of which now have become my and histologic of preserved in the time that neither of us can touch I was there even though we were just its there's not a doubt in my mind there when we were in life in in in where I love kiss the girl I'm in Los Angeles I never intended to stay there that would whose sister six-month internship at graduations but it all changed when I meant soon a year has passed and somehow another year after that I'll I can leave the city the couldn't leave her maybe it was my desire to be on my own or prove something to everyone back in homes but she'll be accomplished over there with the relationship reflective the city we were in the new energy new experiences that really push me to mature more than anywho or anywhere else when people ask what city I love the mouse I said Miller city where I love the most in why I love as a close friend and I who passed away at said she told me after she was diagnosed that death was not what senator the box the fact that she never really felt like she had fallen in love she wouldn't get to have those emotions good and bad of being hurt being held after she passed word stop meetings teaching me to see that when the greatest gifts we have been alive his the ability to give receive in loose-leaf it there's so many like whose lives and before having any of those experiences the motorway stiff will strive to live their lives she may be understand why my way since life online teams with six six said then as you your who her on the pedestal the fans the make-believe things inner actually true sure what time the depth the inside jokes the best friend you a new histories be starting with you we are the young lovers are all their cells will someday reminisce about you are aware I love because I go anywhere just to be with you you why because before you I didn't really understand my house looking for now that we found each other you've given my past future me with a six so come you were there before me I'm so within who what when where the No are my my my my I'm