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Dave Chappelle - Man Rape

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I wanna he was so smart and I'm uncomfortable in this world scared Leo a musket live scary a campaign I know how flimsy this year as I can see do this and see the truth mammals at H&M Roy Sagar shit is real let's not look in the paper the other day I'm not making this up there's a serial rapist in Houston it's not funny about steer rape but who it is noteworthy about this particle a rapist is that all of his victims Evelyn enjoy your evening the in family clamp about their the command raping me news that's in those gains a ship something by lights million have already come fall in using aerial point his mother which which means the moderate thousands in telephone call for us tonight as now I will you be regulated as Noah sign a new phone my memory hotlanta us make a res get ghetto of that shit up Patrick %uh haha that bitch the grain clinton allies and shit like that call out the shambles shit Palin Minister the morning out talking another woman's go back to sleep in