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the room in for spam for coming to Canada managers past of Guam all have that yes that get in love with that successful mission across the house mostly their attorney worsens exists %um I'm students better understand us Mac an errand hand what happened my name wrong that last one get it to the table team inside the building will do and called payload 81 for b2b transfers and johnson Space in a bowl for live use curing I check the box it's all pitch in okay let's get out of here now on this up school work done students will be very happy with this very happy the the and I'm from me here good good do guy I I mmm and I it K I I I I yeah I yeah K I I I I good I I you I yeah yeah I and and good I good good good in on you can be careful not yet to do you too close to the edge folding just last thing we need them I'm good and and and I J game I them game and I I on good it's okay to me he's gonna be alright he's going to hospitals yes are also I'm you entertainment news it's the metropolis newspaper reports tonight for the best journalists from across the city you're a pro ports including Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent if chrome find welcome thing you really miss it don't you up I think it was unfair for to leave the paper like that n you a lot fact her decision know what she was just being selfish because Superman couldn't devote every minute of the day to our after she got richer than they got together soaps she left hoping you would change his mind now who's hurting she's the one living in England for the ever seeing even a glimpse and soups except on the news fate you going to be a man a snake the amenities metropolis newspaper awards come on cock get with it I think of course you going Europe for two awards so you wanna share on Capp what time should be yours actually alley got that big report to write this evening about the dramatic increase a partner Scott trouble sewer I was gonna get in this you're passing on an award ceremony in which you were nominated to write a report about some species that no one in the world even cares about know clark you can do that tomorrow tonight you can let your hair down maybe even take off those specs I contact lenses alright alley outcome but I can't wear contacts to make my ice I can't be out all night are having on my bedtime can't you got a CSR report from nasa yep I'm on it was the white the perks of being the daily planet's number one reporter of good good what's up doc I'll good awesome it was passed to come home have almost up ok but who's to blame the mineral with a polyethylene material to ensure maximum yield have I don't test using the samples we take have six months but from tropical storm for the last time is it there don't touch up paint and they have an adverse effect in the cell structure take a look mall good work doc when will it be ready in about 10 minutes its stunning I stately to settle always do is for the capsule in the device at this rate it must be used for tomorrow all the material will lose its jus capability perfect this is exactly what looks 12 it's not bed okay will help you yes stock I'll be home I'm and hurry that is waiting you 1765 paper you look like you could use a hand which is the SI reports from nasa why don't we go over them over dinner maybe G thanks grant up but mister why both sides desperately other for the field share grounds getting here catch you later Clark more your more I'm I'm yeah yeah I good I I your him game K K K K say here K C getting here good good K and ok mystery said Tachibana is it time yet yes she miss godly mister I was your heart many yes and I know that he would have wanted you to do is take back what is yours for doing whatever is necessary to continue this your would be very part talk show you I'm thing up I can't believe you bring it back I don't know what you're getting so worked up about Claire were no newspaper people we had to be prepared to print that storm I was just a good idea to write him off so quickly especially with that history this paper has the Supermall me so much styles that we don't own Superman and he sure as hell doesn't on us missile we had no contact with him since laws left the company now what solo is at home anyway you're going to monitor we don't have to print a story on Superman didn't up was far enough good go get me wrong one day when it happens I won't hesitate you send a metaphor for the top today was there he Rick ABC's mark he didn't show up for work this morning and he didn't go to the award ceremony last night either you werner's explosions and huge fireball into the night sky syndrome and was claimed by witnesses to be in critical condition managed to slip away seems you stop seems more it day does anybody here seen can't he hasn't shown up for work all day he doesn't get here soon I'm gonna kick your sorry ass so hard through back door you think Jesus Christ himself to death 8 chief I'm sorry just how covering the Superman story in fact he called a few minutes ago and said that he might not be around today or even tomorrow something about a Fig read he's onto something to you okay if he does call you be sure it only goes ass in here now I want my Press reporter on this story: hate Rick I'm chasing really if they need me I got myself mark I'm hi its me Ali up my you in here the well no club you're hurt needing home no don't talk to you and arrests you you need to get better we Eugene six months harry and Sally I'm with Clark econ mode following that lead so I'm with him in the ER now yet heavy will be there asking the couple days but until then went to stay with and okay here since is low and months K along up now few days pretty badly hurt but one's been recovering quickly course they would because you're Superman I couldn't tell it because interests me nope at all I can tell me because I've been here before let someone knows I'm really Superman gets complicate my Louis Clark I'm Louis you can tell me anything tax and on that now so what I miss you really wanna know you up to hearing it's sure during up since the world thought that Superman die were at least as may be dead or dying has been civil unrest everywhere ok guess the Superman around for all those years law enforcement either got lazy or they simply don't have people's perspective more Superman gone nobody's afraid of breaking the rules anymore twenty years a small-time pent-up crooks and now I think Superman's dead time to let all that out jackpot for them turns out the world really does need Superman I can do it get the world back them spoke to your mom to send anyone down for you year old ones I need a and yeah by the way your not Superman was also Clark Kent can't was also super mint I feel so happy it's probably because you're still injured some food for you though right yeah size before it gives me my power serious minority filmmaking stronger the world does need ok here every single one thousands of people in need help in need me I have to help the you will love you need to make sure you better everything work everything yeah I like it hours details yeah I guess so a few weeks and very very heavy but other than that I feel about Saint for okay test Google cs6 sometimes nudity to hero how to be strong again so before you're going anywhere we're making sure you're good to go point by point let's go fish yeah okay what color are my think men's my socks what color are my face off there about peace axed yeah yeah with a slight Rick next spray baby steps you must be heavier than it looks bus I'm still unwell as she said be okay super Press and the raise your eyes think people should yeah my hearing is fine you know story okay week yeah fish me chin up I last one flights East props watch hey it's not the end of the world still have some you use people all those people I can hear it I can't do anything about it must have been talk I know it kryptonite awstats make the week at maybe never get it engineered its to room for which week like ours by making sure I absorbed its am miles you can see is was how much cost fight crime like anything to supplant you run art the rest that's still speeders field School Street not him shoes call you hours not host see new photographer the planet's thing for me so I'm sorry doctors photos to make it look like you're flying cycles once you then all you have to do is show your face and everyone will think you're back tenfold spec you here world whether you want to or not needs super you can hear different if for all those years we've got used to it you have a responsibility strong yet even if it's not just see you that's it's gone acts here I think not on X me good but he elects I told you never comin at so relax I'll have it so good no word from Steve menu choppers checking like Napa nothing at good so what's next and when if he is dead me hidden Touch or iPad evening to find a way to get what I want have wasted and muscling Simona consume and immediate support was missin talk and you're sure that's a great night love can build cooks icon helmet Internet was is from after killing my stuff you would destroy its powers you would have absorbed into the blood good we need to be physically welding if we are to get the information we need for men he needed to be back on its feet values powers missed the new folk yes grant but that is passing so far so good everything's gonna plant ok we need right now centers are expected that's getting personal still super coming to America to work on it yeah I going climbing for the rubble just a few more to your fall camp you got yourself kill well-off up well that mister white I saw Superman fall out of the sky when I was on my way home after a the attack and I wanted to interview whatever can't get back to work funny on your desk to be carrying on with I can't yes have the back some belief I'm a showman only a handful only one told you everyone Superman mister what needs you each super yeah it's what I say so this for printing on tomorrow's front you running an old story news or we're going to change the image in say that's it man was seen flying around topless there is not a crime scene you need to do is show your face it people will believe couple you here also Perry to climb gets more events you just go change in show people that superman is still around studies enough movie me and go got hey here and their problem sleepy have something that belongs to you use his ID just with go you okay miss chimney cheap ass wants passed you take care home photos are okay she was hard to find the part it photographed she cheated like some kinda so that would be over there perfect just a conformational needs these were taken me said she would be yes sir she is hard to get close to what she was there every day like clockwork 925 good so thing it is we have meat nice a go very good job of I wish you give me some guy notice you going to do that to the famous with pasture gonna catch miss lame we need to catch play its %um money how mister white CZ sterling in this late ago 8 in real life because the white you house he's a little preoccupied with a certain someone is filling up the front half his newspaper so it's working men yes it really is I mean I thought it was a terrible idea that simply wouldn't work when you first mentioned to me I would but it really is people are behaving again simply because I'm making a presence I'm I don't have to do anything and they're going back to normal can't go on forever you know remake can just keep pretending you're fine when you're not yeah it was my idea but it can only work short term sooner or later people start noticing you're getting the bus to rescue them I don't get the boss plus it's working well enough its working now sure when your biggest problem is small-time crooks what about a something big happens something that can't be solved simply by being there looking good you need to find a way to get your powers back because the world doesn't need a symbol it needs to per man needs you thing i fix your computer miss knowles just needed a new cable don't worry I want to anyone about your if computer problem good it you know we're tough I'm and even if he did he'd ever say anything if up K for Clark Kent's sure p.m. he gets I know Steve you hatefucked how whose time pretty swell this path Clark told me to ask you this phone okay which is the first drink from what is this you know I got from the nail girl anyway I was just asking if you'd like to know how to get here if it had delivered you know delivered now adults look like let me spell it out for you I'm asking you like for trade with me clock even listening to me now's not a good time hat like yours a bit busy hmm likes you you know she what she does you seriously telling you haven't noticed very pretty suffer say stressed Superman give Superman receive been enjoying a new lease of life and not so super me certainly be interest in watching the fun is over now though you have something I watched I know you know reviews how to get unless you help me get what it is I want I'm killer everyone close to you starting with your lover love mostly you cortines language finishes work tomorrow be there with us you might just save her life don't even think about trying that for in my house now that we're coming for us have killed immediately see soon Alexander with him sec K work this out okay how can we how can we work this out me I can work this out I need to go who wear what you gonna do I have to go to London safer I can to stay around here what he's gonna try kill us understand no I don't think you do a loss did that was a long time ago it for cap I am why I am I kept that Lexus on kill anyone course not to attack the same thing for you yep I need to go I can fly for I still have my speed I can't risk using commercial aviation so I just have to get them myself clerk take care a bomb K look and I need to book a ticket to London young soon as possible thing I'm good going good you know I don't think they allow smoking in here ok love I would say might just be back change who a on win okay no up with no hungry could you guys even play hopes mind why thankfully here I hate we gotta pick up that lady talk tonight we'll see some sights I'm sure he said you just a hearing to me to go as we all need to keep a low profile the pit bulls that's what you said what she did chopper it out friends even as we expected it to created news item associate left almost right away of view chat we r in my friend its just okay he should be here by the time miss lane finishes work and by this evening we should have a became for you for stay in here you're not to be seen chopper put out that cigarette it's disgusting him if first I'm and has not paid her know of yeah hair no of can't can't gold what the hell mister white Park I have to follow all the tip-off about a very big story will be back in a few days in fill you in the AM day PS don't be mad don't be mad him so look out that mister new for time you gotta watch so you don't have to ship such a very rough overly what do you want to talk it up so long we have been pushed shop have got a point like this is pretty boring warm side you have some important to be could begin my nails done I so good but showdown German to minors just keep your eyes peeled for Superman okay that's all we really want misled and now you want to get back to significantly far his copy family kidnapping sign get back for killing my father know you've got it so long I don't care okay in fact I'm glad that he killed my father save me doing it you think was yours clay abandoning me as a child that I've caravans death now no superman is no interest me neither strong whistling month sick in the head of my phone I want her to kill anyone but superman is the one thing that I don't get it right now prepared to do when you first think it's okay it was a super tablets to do for information German information my father died York everything you've ever had including for the secret land beads to me everything didn't do members tell me where losses thought it was too precious to tell anybody where they were he just never got the chance okay thanks to Superman 10 the second in a secret location until I I get them back on til I die and the land reverts back to the state but a Superman over owners the worst are you area worm enters locations or that nobody would find why would he do that as the deeds worn by law and I'm entitled to them have title to land at the specified but I don't know where that line is OK my dynasty to move it back to the pumping stated Superman who stole my way and on a personal and what millions if not billions knows real ass valley that holds me and I wouldn't anything anything to get it back and cannot be slain any minute now so much for mister suspected you disgust me to pass there she is itzkoff chips many months to shop yea mean the said man time and Alex Superman so-called can Bruno myself casual siege forty-ones you want me Iran you know exactly its TT no I R I wouldn't give you them in a million years you only want música biljana nuclear power plants on the plant not gonna happen the tiring mafioso me you so much slain the fro she's done nothing to you what about jimmy olson here's coverage of mine I was much few experts speedo small some closer to home pay wells see your heart is not working on it explain but miss knowles iPhone him mom sevens from know what just step coming to power speaks to tough screenies patient study of what my father axes but this is a memo to article a user experience free looser its shop top its F should build any more here power plants more people's lives risk sweep Super Bowl superman's I'll one step situation happy sweet thanks Tom getting see special which with just one phone call everyone panel of killed sitcom site sick sick a lot soldi things won't get I for football clean image I'm sick will also pretending to be something not spence lying around tights with K see you're my heart you're go quiet when are the fly but 2012 by of match well I think Mike Thiel's bounced checks the public get away with this fine me this times time I T coach okay job we have you just the agreement so yeah I will be in touch and 0 she's the greatest so slick get you okay 65 really says touch really is but not for now I just wanna know my Landis if you don't tell me talk to everyone you know starting a car to do we don't tell a Superman to get around you better tell me mother's desire you got time minutes before suffering a back injuries on on that's the way they actually carriers you fast G stuff Haas greatest its of time and ang him him home like Superman but you and and head young she s and home more 14 go good okay K day superman's old Superman where are you yeah you been a bad deal are escaping like that stop it I'm not fooling around him are superman the games are over thing you know if you just tell me well as teacher now this would have been necessary mood soups maybe we can sort this out you know K my anyone in mind this time yes match I'm to me right now route and used for gonna try to put them all I we are heading to pure for you when you're meant to be just fine it starts with iraq perhaps house its I'll chips possible every haps think you at now Shino a heart attack okay I'm and everything house box house done okay and your fam miss after to just because I can YouTube she's tax captain that this is one time we can defeat stuff shut up are you can have the car 65 I lost yeah yeah I fact that is this settles ambience please UPI take a makes for better news not yet something me you spoke each anything see if some love the best if love p any some like said his hates his finance them support Chico station it's late at night yes so help secure you will be keyed sure should be fine but he said K X leading nation by accident to save someone's life parquet yet started yet good news she's going to be just fine we've been able to use of coal mine areas we managed to stop the bleeding she's gonna have to take it easy for all of us gonna be back in a few notes on which i've seen yet shortcomings which is sleeping right now you can go shirt over money so K so much I wanna say but so much I just can't so clash of I don't know what I would've done without you realize how much you mean to me but found a busy today psychotropic no house thought the house was the one for me and that she moved away I didn't think I feel like shit like that again tonight I realized I could help to see PPH anything or anyone else in the whole universe except you he might never see you again crucial see me again moves around member you should come have to much see my said lot people's lives good that's when you're Superman you save me the time cuz hours safely not has a superhero Justinian to pick you there or miss me it's easy for super hero to save someone's life not many making them and can take that they say something ET's seat my condo this I already knew that and when I decided to let me forget superhero it would have been easy decision but semantic so hard decision to make and show me you humans have to make such difficult to sit sometimes all the time action it's been really hard it that since it's easy being a superhero but being a regular man happened to make those kind of decisions is really really hard you know I see thousands millions of people's life since I keep your all those years ago attack was the first time I have a pretty safe somewhat before it was my powers some EC time it's hard it was me my powers you for the offer first persons life I saved it's meant well Smith what's me supernatural to you okay on shoe stores are trapped what reports on my desk right away mister white yes when is Clark you got today about 20 minutes ago actually so without fact in the all right now %ah dolls I want to report on my desk by four at good we can your phone to cover our drugs bust should be the story of the century remember good report it doesn't just get great stories good before makes makes great just good good don't call me chief for realz got back to work 0 what a beautiful day act that's a fact I sure am things I'm fight back normal buddy me of case you hadn't noticed you've got a lotta spent I may be in the truck which is missing a certain manner steeled can leave a ten-percent along here so as powerful as everyone thinks you're right but what can I do I don't know how or even if I can ever get my powers back I don't know we should do of I don't know if you can stack there you need to try world needs Superman keep pretending Trafford fuck out looters still out there I don't know what you can do you think need to find a way if somehow must be a way I know happy you come pick or and I think you look way better the black morning I huh here I I I work it's okay of betrayal of I'll tell you all about it overdid tonight first something a craft good her you I com day day I mother handy I cannot set childrens I know you I am saddam mother here I was attacked by masked she had it installed bomb 12 Frank texting vaporize the Kryptonite so in short it's my body as a result powerslam some gonna tiling pleased help me the world Cal contained within the crystals before you all the known facts from all the galaxies in the UK not one hella tell you how the situation be resolved status he ever wants to to do truth is com anyway to get to a palace back it's with a sacrifice you know for sacrificed his cell when you needed your powers back to defeat general signs time would to can give you your house back my son but in order to do so the last me peace quite me most the sack Ste your shins much wished your star hardest decision I've ever had to make your yourself father Mason mentors to me have guided me my path to be to save you have so many people around the world but world needs me your I hoped i've been diverse a loss they've come to rely on me and my powers I know they should but they're great people if I can help them to be even better I want to hang paint ask you to do this for me grant the truth is can we have been dead for many thousands of you and he is be some Henny means information grandkids hitching not your father in time chip day spirits its go the decision you are about to make simply won't have for the moment is the big day money I'm not alone mother good I'm surrounded by a whole world people who embrace me love it is my job to protect very well my song missed seeing for q1 good yeah I'm I'll I K I K mmm-hmm good I day thing hang yeah good good and yeah yeah I yeah K you tell me about it behind I V with a manner so even be able to get a guys face and say no no don't shoot first for I sixty-four years before a 64 oz 50/50 him agree 64 angry 50 51 for 40 bucks you owe me 40 bucks man became just throw so much money which is main body but is fully functional before the cops quite what go go good afternoon news moving your mind I just spent four days in a contentious London comes how do you think I feel capsizing so what I suggest some fresh sure my pension I'll might I suggest you have time in the study said yes there is some ways see food ace yeah clue Tascosa go to arrest info halfback I'm sorry lots of iraq's really an honor but it is not to be the right to inherit thinks he stole or do the other things you've done also watch know that I did killer I was there there was nothing I could do it he knew that I know you're a good guy into their attacks if I do that too justice will prevail what about you said all 21 hours to this I'll be right here gravel on up Citizens of Humanity in any way I can backs and from here and good here I I I go I yeah I yeah I I mmm-hmm day I K I I I yeah I I I yeah yeah day K I I I I I I I good I good I'm I in