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Markiplier Reacts to Teens React to Markiplier

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hello my name is Mark applied welcome to market Blair reacts to teens react to market flier now video was put up on the final rose and today or yesterday when you guys in this and it featured of all things in the entire world for teams to react so I have no idea what videos they picked up intentionally been not watching it until this moment where I was able to record it and everyone else has been laughing their butts off and whatever the hell they said I have no idea what it was all about but I'm about to find out right now so let's get to it hello oh boy ok here yes I've never seen anyone know who I am I'm shocked my face I'm glad I love my face so much he's he's actually gonna be a thank you for dancing I appreciate the little bit if I don't get up there saying he's not he's still so you can expect things like my best friend or even hundreds of course is not meant to be done in like eight hours straight and I couldn't stop internet it's not the good part of the internet how many views it this way too many have no idea 10 man thank you they take forever go man I mean yes I am absolutely loved that one the other one that would bring so much happiness to my life ok so who was that that was finally did it ever come across as multiplier ok now that you say the name of heard of the name marketplace you know the market players don't you know him just like he barely came out with like the pink mustache and I always hear his voice and chunks of two guys will since he's become one of the most popular gaming channels on all of you to see why I gotta go subscribe to the sky scrapers billion views and watches content why is that funny such a free spirit is perfect he makes you smile and you don't know why whenever I do certain tests like that I will destroy trimboli relate to this man I see myself in him I think a lot of people that never met a person who doesn't like marketplace watch gaming on YouTube not really in my mind I stereotype gaming and they're all the same if he repented front view I feel like I could get into mark players like it either funny or it's not funny YouTube has become so cluttered know is the only one that appeals to me gamers in the seed how people relate in some games like differently it's really awesome consolidators gaming like how you see it from how everyone else sees what do you think people are such a difficult time understanding why it entertains want other people to talk to me about this people are saying like oh are you watching them play when you just clears though I don't want to spend $40 on a game from not gonna enjoy it so when I just want other people enjoy it for me kind of like playing with your best friend I think it's not the actual game they're paying attention to its people playing it's not the gameplay footage that's got 23 million subscribers on YouTube it's the person who will be covered in Jenna's we always bring up that many people are critical of the content because they think it's just for kids why we gotta question everything not just these little kids like I know college kids who like it and the dogs who liked videos actually watching if they're having these thoughts and also some of said that the reactions are over exaggerating their pretending to be scared on purpose I can see why they would say if I think they're doing it on purpose of it all down I don't care it's not fake it's hyperbole of yourself you're over reacting but it's still utilize fans also feel close to market players when he was growing every 5,000 subscribers he'd make a flawed thinking people until it became too too huge to keep up with even now he makes very sincere emotional videos of milestones thanking them that he never thought he'd get this far what do you think about that that's really like a lot of his own home believe they're just doing it just really want to be famous he doesn't have to do anything for his fans and just putting out a video and that's great that's the most important staple of YouTube that people don't really understand YouTube isn't a gateway to TV or movies YouTube is away to form a community marketplace crisis that everyone this year i got really depressing days my grandfather died I went through a bad breakup and it really took a toll on me in his stuff you know above water and that I really grateful for some finally market player me very well watch this video so what you want to say to mark successful channel my brother how can you tell them use headphones on his iPad please use a genuine guy I like speeches here it's so awesome like that he might see me you've brought so much happiness is what channel is going to be so much happiness every time thank you good to be here I was like do you later okay some people are gonna like it you know whatever I need to get in touch with a guy in the blue area was namely we go try to find what the 16 year old Daniel Daniel you're out there and everyone else here in the video Darius Daniel Thomas Kail in pori Jasser jeneba Geneva sorry Michaela will Carlos and Eric believe it's everybody I think that everybody so thank you all of you who are in this I'm glad that everyone really enjoyed this video I couldn't believe I was like I hardly ever see people watching my videos so it's so weird that they watch him I remember like the work I put into those complications affecting people were laughing at that let's look really cool and then of course like I I did a lot of the only ones and then cynical help me with the five-match a pretty one which is the one that they're walking there watching they're so cool I actually like that because when I was watching even myself and the fact that other people actually enjoy my videos and the stupid one where I was walking down a street I like a reason I just overthrows many memes into this one as possible leaving care of this point that is who I am tickled to death this was really really cool so thank you everyone who wants this watch my videos and everyone else that was a part of it thank you so much thank you everyone out there who's watching now for all the support you've given me i i did want to say I am dying my hair pink because I promise in the charity livestream I was gonna be reached double and I found out there were definitely are because when we were at $70,000 out of a hundred thousand Scott Joplin the maker of my best friends ex contact me saying she was going to donate enough to get me two hundred thousand the last minute and the payment process wasn't working so I am gonna dye my hair pink I'm thinking maybe later during the stop thinkin than cutting the sides real short maybe that would pretty cool I mean if I have to live with this for months which for many months but I'm a man of my word I'll do it may not do the full hand and a consult I've got a professional studio but I mean if I if you guys want me to do the full has let me know in the comments down below if you want me to the full head or a styled straight down like here all this time long part all pink either way to be rocking pink hair for a long time just thank you guys SO much for everything you've done for me thank you for supporting me for so long thank you for supporting charity efforts thanks for letting me know actually make you laugh sometimes I hardly ever get feedback like that it's so touching to see it so sincerely thank you guys won an all you can check out the full video down the description below also subscribe to the fine brothers they're great guys I've met them anytime smoking them person they're great guys and say thank you to everyone who was in this video really appreciate it thanks again everybody and as always we'll see you in the next video