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Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom - The Shooting Star (HD)

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Somewhere hidden among thorny brambles is a little Kingdom of Elves and Fairies Everyone who lives here is very very small I'm Ben Elf And I'm Princess Holly Come on let's play! Wait for us Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Today's adventure starts at the great elf tree The Shooting Star With this telescope I can see deep into space Wise Old Elf, can I look? Yes, right now the telescope is pointed at the moon Ooh, it looks really close Can I have a go? Of course! If I turn the telescope this way, you can see distant stars Amazing! Oh, one of the stars is moving! Maybe it's a shooting star? Oo, I can see it too! It's going to crash into the ground! Wow that sounded close! Let's take a look This is where the shooting star landed It's made a huge hole Incredible Look at all the smoke It must be very hot Let's climb down and get a closer look No! We'll have to come back tomorrow when it's cooled down Morning time! Holly! Breakfast! No time Daddy, a shooting star crashed into the meadow last night! Morning time! Ben! Don't you want your breakfast? Later mum, I'm off to see the shooting star Hi Ben! Hi Holly! Wow! What made that hole? A shooting star, it fell out of the sky! Excellent So what does this shooting star thingy look like? We're just about to find out your majesty Lower the claw! Ooh It's got windows Is it a spaceship? It's a flying saucer The top is opening! Don't panic yet but this might be an alien invasion Pleep-ploop Ahhh! Alien invasion, alien invasion! Everyone please panic! Pleep-ploop-ploop-pleep It's the friendly aliens we met on the moon Hello aliens! bleep-bleep Oh look they've got a baby alien I am not baby. Whoops - sorry! But you're so sweet and ickly I am oldest one here. We get smaller as we get older. Oh we get bigger as we get older That's crazy My name is Zyros - take me to your leader King Thistle is our leader Ah, Thistle King - so you are leader Well, the Wise Old Elf is also a leader in a way Oh no your majesty you are our king and leader Yes We come in peace Phew We are here on holidays Have you come far? We come from planet bong Oooo But our spaceship is crashed Oh dear You, Thistle King must fix it Me? Yes As leader you are clever and wise Yes, of course I'm clever and wise Doesn't sound good It is broken Maybe I should take a look your majesty? Good idea! Elves are good at fixing flying saucers and I'm an Elf Let's see does the engine use clockwork or batteries Oh.. Oh, it's all colourful and pretty It's a massive pipes, cubes and incredibly complicated I don't need to know the little details, just fix it What a great and clever leader Yes, we're very lucky. This is going to take some time Mr. Zyros whilst you're waiting, would you like a tour of the Little Kingdom? We would very much like that Oh goody, this way! First stop, Gaston's cave. Gaston, are you in? This is our friend, Gaston the Ladybird Ah, a ladybird. So that is the sound a ladybird makes What did he say? He asked is Gaston is for eating? No, we don't eat our friends! Do you? Ah no, hardly ever. Next on the tour, the little castle, where I live. Mummy. Hello darling. Ahhh It's ok mummy, they're just aliens from planet bong Oh that's alright then. No you can't eat her Thistle King is this where you make your important decisions? Er, yes, yes I'm always making important decisions Your majesty do you want soup or sausages for lunch? Hmm, I think, sausages. You are very wise Thistle King Oh well, you know, I do my best And Elf Ben, where do you live? I live in a tree. Tree? What is tree? Here it is, the great Elf Tree. Ah, I see, so a tree is a kind of apartment block. I am learning much about your planet Hello Ben! Agh aliens! Yes dad, do you remember the aliens we met on the moon? They're here on holiday Oh yes, those aliens. Happy holiday! No! He is not to be eaten either! Ah, this is such a wonderful planet. Have you been to other planets on holiday? Oh yes, but this is best. You see, we are quite small and on most planets everyone is big. I see Yes We go to other planets for lovely relaxing holiday and get stepped on by big people. It is not nice Er, there are some big people here too Big people? Here? Hello! Agh. Big people! Don't worry, it's only our friend Lucy. She's a big girl Lucy, these are aliens, they're here on holiday Hello aliens. You are big aren't you? Are there more like you? There's my mum and dad, we're having a picnic over there So there are three big people on this planet Oh no, there's loads. Millions and millions. Most of them bigger than me Hm, perhaps it is time for end of holiday Ok! Let's go see if your flying saucer is mended Ah, just in time. I've mended the flying saucer. Well done Wise Old Elf. All those tubes and things made it a bit like plumbing and elves are good at plumbing Thank you I will now start the engine Oh, that's not right. It sounds like the fairy car on a cold day Yes it does A big of magic always helps start the fairy car No! You must never mix magic and plumbing Sounds good! Thanks to me being an excellent plumber Thanks to my magic fairy dust you mean Now now, let's say elf skill mended the engine and fairy magic got it started. Lucy! That's my dad, I better go Mum, Dad you'll never guess what I just saw! Don't tell me? Elves and Fairies again Yes and aliens too! Haha, aliens. Oh, aliens, of course Lucy We must leave now, Ben, Holly would you like a little ride before we go Yes please! Weeeeee Dear Lucy, everyone knows, aliens don't exist. Hello Lucy! Hi Ben and Holly The aliens have to fly back to their planet, they just wanted to say hello to your parents Hello big people, we have just been here on our holidays Erm, Hello We go now, bye bye Bye bye Bye I think we'll have picnics somewhere else in future Whee! Bye Ben and Holly. Next time you go on holiday, you must come to planet bong! Ok, we will! Bye.