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Running Late - Quick and Easy Hairstyles

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hey out the for me dreamer just turned around you have to tell you through your mind no two-day are used week really fun video with a lot last many here works here idea it here in Iraq yeah favorite ways to do our hair when here dirty and Technology Inc you an awfully do anything or be freed like legit running out of time to get ready and you just have to drill into K treaty second a straight hair is naturally okay nah I'm really will wrangling and to hear cell we're showing you wanted to Noumea by line coming in. it okay I cap date being and one baby wit for an attachment be are like every crowing and I ever owned by you it than a kilometer 25 32 you reverse one is from big to small at Pearl editing get off me ended really cute little carrying case don't like it totally works for travel and also comes at a club if you're not super adept acts curling without burning get a happy time gone I a trip back in like manner Chad Brock if I wanted me and without are compact into one little thing like back to you not much baby added me take you to cry act and that's I'm carried out where you can cut down below breaking it and it can online yet and don't forget you trash can you hear it out already pressure to drown quick tech hairstyle be sure to you tag on Instagram and you can hash tag I don't know Saed here AG hair and field goal kicker Carey implement something and Lake rebound damping share given maybe one be more hairstyle and then detailed down your talent jump right into the video bull delivered going to be doing the EP shell grade and kinky way be taking and lack and cutting my hair to the side that I'm afraid to go to H I A hard over to collapse third gonna be on the dollar anguish a clear plastic but it'll be okay imagine here thermal I bulletin in the middle I from the back and oh my gosh Richard this that and hold there and all kinda hard when I get when I first get started and have really short people heaved hauling either side old in making your way down here do will be when you get down kilometer and if you care about how long you want it then you can just role killer dig down me security this many can kinda messed your fishtail down there yeah %uh and fishtail braid do another twist on just a plain tony and I like to do you is to braid the front section and then put my hair into a ponytail so basically I just take p French I'll close my here affectionate of like the front bang area and then it but there s just back in honey just in talking to break that party to hear and then you do if they think french braid which is hard we learn at first but with practice it's pretty three sections and then Jess very ok and as you Brady grab here too at the you're gonna unit I can get me there out think school typically could just bring their but you know how to get here day any competitor thank you to you going to grab my love the here including the braid and into a ponytail many display then pieces rewiring happy touchdown braids and KR power and that is entertaining tale fancy honey if you will maybe a little extra time and you like you know I'm I'm really want to curl my hair cell that unit I am going to do you think then you need I in line and and incoming because I want people that like I just happened to him happen here did have done everything did I just like to thank you know 8k infection well that day I'm just going to with their burial away from my faith kinda she's my favorite way to do it the week the Holy curl Batman when you're in a hurry he likes you I'm that much time to do all my fiction stop my sections may need to be a little bit better I'm gonna be can never get the sections there a mountain the like to put it meanders see image and cool down a bit pulled bull the bold bold do you think a girl in between layers the trend the May treat you break in number board pulled bold do do do I love these girls don't like you to believe he reclaimed nearly K I'm go to school but I still wanna eat lamb honestly that probably took nearly 10-minute yeah their rivers one brand new me back month me and I love it do port look at twenty kinda half up half down kinda horny tight took and so I'm going to start just teasing the front section at my here I'm just teasing with a basic home doesn't have to be super super cute because waco and four the snarky think they're going to take that once you've got it where you wanna injured by NCI twists and you can push up a little bit I don't buy in been the boobs package tax credits to secure but we're not done yet you could your cuz I think cute he stopped here by if you want you to take it happen knots we're going to act basically to happen Afghan pony and a his neck are you going to take even more love your hair pretty much like from here year forward on both sides and you're going to pull it back great once you have that gathered you can just grab a ponytail holder and secure all figure into a problem you don't have a clear elastic you can just grab people here twists and you're facial holder and unit you keep a kinda concealed right and that is the completed happen pat down the players and you can't stop it just the proof breaking go a little edgier a little rocker sheik if you will and do it like this but they keep it like all at your faith and if you can't afford then this is perfect do don't let me look at me and you're here for 30 cooperative work by no 1i be fun mayor pretty much looks like this in a week well we're going to take friend shop and starred and then you're gonna bring it to the back income likely to relax a little bit on their Tehran n hidden and then take another bit another side Philip pipeline to relax well thank you look at two and one got curly hair one day and then both so chic plenty real allow doubt he's going to be an actual ponytail but with a twist for girl like me then have not very good growing here the way might help look kinda longer stood to find even one they make sure if I tell it like prolong great thank you separate my here into and Q tap tap into a ponytail and then I take effect in hand and you money with as well reminisce spray it thank you Okies your upper plate well if you want a little more volume P and that is the completed longer looking when one point his neck I call fact be hi County and you'll see what I'm gonna bobby pin now this section here and good luck cyber psychic I just don't have to free it later now we're going over here grandpa from the back honey so we can an ran in cover the band minge take bobby pin K me now bombay 23 bonked happy me yeah thing okay this is by far a high me rate cares about doing a hurry and be when most requested tutorial to do and in the S suck buy in and evolve into granny no that this with a lovely long process for me to learn how to do cell I'm kinda like that but I can get first thing you do you is you put your hair into a pony and you can do you like hi connie had been the threat of your head could do a local you have it you know on the back yard I like to do it somewhere in between not quite at my head but more towards like them back at my head so put it into a ponytail and the cool thing about this it you have dinner here that still works and it makes it look like you have care so you got your money you can hear you wanna be would you call it nah she don't or you can use to thank ICU connected don't think about 30 but over your ponytail like so and going to bring it issue to tap a beer here and spend around any just start tucking in rolling divers job but you can always fix it keep talking and rolling until it gets into the shape the way very and then you just play it there and you can make it messy you can make the band really lose you can pull down pieces that hair sometimes I have to plan my banker that a ninety ban and in that last day banquet and that'd be it completed a sock bun luck my favorite your do maybe you will come in you're like bang I have to be in class in like by many you want to cover up your hair can maybe it's kinda creepy and yeah I'm production him so you just passed out to be greater New Year cute with curly hair NetBeans their favorite and great Turk only when the NFL fail your favorite where BT is your best friend love it we hope you enjoy you know the birdbath black players down here so I did yeah I know that we got you a good idea prime even just looking at all here style I'm things do but I just don't forget to tag in your hairstyle pictures 3 get more yet how did you hear get feel %uh don't forget to get her ppl walter Koenig back