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SURICATE - The Superheroes Hangover

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I'm on it! Oh Shit. We did it again, right ? I remember... I don't know. What's wrong with your voice ? -I think I yelled too much... Oh my god. I only remember how it started... What's up dude ? -Hi guys, Come on in. Let's get crazy ! When will the bitches get here ? Robin should be here any time now. - Oh, he's coming ? Can we turn the music down guys ? What the hell are you doing ? I'm taking a whizz. There are people waiting ! - Yeah ! I hate it when you do that, pig. - Shut the fuck up. It must be Flash ! Hi homos ! That's all I remember... Maybe it's not our fault if New-York is destroyed. Holy shit ! Someone stole my heart ! Awww dude... Charles ! We can't remember last night, can you check our memories ? Okay, let's do that... Please be gentle... Come on guys stop it. Can we turn the music down a bit ? Calm down people. With great power comes... a lot of bitches ! Ah Ah Ah ! That's not really funny, Kryptonite makes me die a little bit Please guys, can we turn the music down, my land-lady's gonna be pissed. Yeah, Ok! Hey do you have something to pump up the volume ? Why don't you use your battery ? Yeah ! Awesome ! Snoop Dog! Stop it... Me me me ! Yeah, This party is awesome ! It's not a real party, it's a SURICATE video ! You okay man ? Does that piss you off ? And now are you angry ? And does that piss you off ? I said, turn the music down ! Ooh man... - So what happened exactly ? Who is behind all his ? Mmh... Well it's clearly the...the Joker... Calm down Hulk, we are cleaning this up ! Hey Hulk ! we can all see your cock ! Oh no, I cut my finger ! Lex Luthor, Green Goblin, Magneto... All those assholes have done that. Hey let's fuck a little bit ! Bastards, bastards, bastards, bastards... Bastards, bastards... And what about this symbol on the moon ? Is that some kind of riddle ? -Yeah totally, that's a riddle. And a tough one, we will clean the city a little and then we will get on that. He drew a wiener. Yes Mrs Lemon, it won't happen again I promise... Yes I know that the walk-through is tomorrow, but I'm... abroad... I'm really sorry... Hello ?