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15 Scary Deep Sea Creatures

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danger dolan from giant mouth shocks to clone a doc octopus we can't 15 deep-sea creatures both fascinating and often times terrifying found thousands of meters below the ocean surface the 15 thing to you tho ok a fish although these wonder too small to harm humans they have a nightmarish face you'll find commonly developed in a deep-sea the teeth are known to be the largest have any sea creature sir big in fact that they bang tooth can never close their mouths fully they're also into the deep is living fish found as far as 5,000 meters below the surface of the ocean number fourteen stargazer these a pitch that have evolved a head tilted forever upwards and this is because the trapdoor predators they bury themselves in sand and shoot upwards to ambush pray that possibly beheaded so species a stargazer even have a little worm shaped allure going into their mouths to attract prey before they strike likewise the stargazer ill so deadly poisonous have been known to cause electrical shocks from time to time number thirteen giant I so pods this is like a giant would laughs one only appears in the deep ocean is a result the deep-sea gigantism and even curl into a rigid ball when threatened they mostly carnivorous feeding on dead whales patience quaid but they also hunt slow-moving pray like sea cucumbers sponges nematodes and some fish Bill Mosely find them off the coast of Australia but they've also been sighted in Mexico in India number 12 terrible club stuff the scientific name for this one is done a callous possibility named for its terrible fearful pale red clothes is a relatively new species a blonde loves to 124 discovered between two similar species both in Australia the first look there was found during the overall remission in 2007 led by the US in French natural history museums number eleven Dragonfish this tiny six-inch sea creature is as evident purely from its appearance a daily predator it is a large head injuries a jagged teeth with bias long bobble attest to its Chad one with a lot producing organ known as a for 24 if looks the light on this organ on enough to attract unwitting prey in strikes you funnies 5,000 feet below the shoes a small children number ten Pacific hatchet fish your funnies in tropical and subtropical waters of the Atlantic Pacific and Indian patience and over the years they've evolved a peculiar body hatchet shape with by luminescence for 24 used to escape rate is lurking in the depths by matching what like there is for camouflage unlike their appearance the perfectly harmless and only coming in at five inches in size but they just another example have deep sea aesthetic craziness number nine dumbo octopus this was first discovered in 1999 the deepest living octopus species seen so far coming in at seven thousand meters below the surface of the ocean this one hope is down under tremendous pressure wat no sunlight softening up snails crustaceans and the like to feed the number name clearly comes right to parents number eight make a mouse shock these are extremely rare species of shark in fact only fifty eight specimens have been found in the entire world to date have an enormous joy he's peacekeeping up plankton in jellyfish and these things can grow up to 5.5 meters in length and the average size them out the learn is 1.3 meters seriously not something you want to get swallowed by the seven Pacific blackdragon these ones a peculiar 60 centimeters long with bang teeth now long whiskers attached to the chin they don't have any teeth their chin bobble and no stomach to process food but curiously male survive only long enough to mate it's up to the females the hunt elevation crustaceans in the role of a predator number six by asking shock another big mouth ocean shop another passive feeder filtering zooplankton small fish in invertebrates from up the two thousand tons of water per how is often mistaken for plesiosaur the long-necked reptile from aged the dinosaurs and these are harmless to humans however humans are very harmful to the basking shark the generally hunted for food and hide leather the rapidly declining numbers have seen this shot close to extinction the five red octopus your funnies in a deep Atlantic waters off the US coast with 8 calms connected by a colorful webbing used to swim has rosa by Lee missus suckers down its arms a glow in the dark widely believed to attract planktonic pray and in sex to the light although I've known about this for a hundred years it was only recently we discovered that they color before go put eel this is a man of loosely hinge to its Joe like a pelican but just as with a snake it can open it to swallow pray much larger than itself not to mention it can stretch it stomach to which comes in handy when a peaceful your entire family while they sleep agrees to a total length 26 fate if found all over the world three to six thousand people over the ocean surface 3 blog fish crazy ridiculous looking fish in DPT ocean when the legs very much different when is an international environment but because it needs to adapt to all that pressure it has weak muscle tissue and when exposed our environment it turns into this crazy mess a lose of the cursive Australia and New Zealand and having to lighten the skin means they can swim with exiting energy a bit too squat lobster offended a dept the four and a half thousand feet it looks somewhat like a head crab but with large front too close in compressed bodies they have a large skill set comprising get you to speed is alkyl grazes scavengers and predators adapting to their environment and will we don't know much else about this one it's still kind of a mystery number one colossal squid something from a nightmare for tales from the lost C but it's very much a real the growing links be on 14 meat is the size of a long bus and they've been known to attack those giant sperm whales and field fission squid in 2007 a specimen was found in the Ross Sea and is now on display at New Zealand that's it for this countdown have not