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Brothers Official Trailer | Akshay Kumar, Sidharth Malhotra, Jackie Shroff and Jacqueline Fernandez

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Fighter you ready? Fighter you ready? Let's fight! Hey..hey.. How dare you touch him?! Monty... Monty Get out of here! David Fernandes! Once, a Physics teacher... ...he stands in this ring today as a full time fighter. Monty Fernandes! He's created a storm on the internet with just one video... Your daughter is born with weak kidneys... I shall never forgive myself if anything happens to my daughter.. It's not easy to become a fighter. That's the difference between David and you. You're right, I can never be like David. That's not what I meant Monty... This is not just any local street fight. Give me one chance.. This decision didn't have to be yours alone, it could've been ours.. C'mon boy, you gotta fight! You cannot be forgiven for what you did, only punished! For the first time... ...I shall stand with my head held high and the world will watch... Ladies and Gentlemen! This is the biggest spectacle the country has ever seen! This is epic! Do you even deserve to be on this platform? I don't know whether I deserve it or not... ...but my family definitely deserves this chance. Get him! Just like the Mahabharata, this is a war between Brothers!