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"2012 Debates Highlights" — A Bad Lip Reading of the 2012 US Presidential Debates

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Okay, so, according to Mufasa, there was a lot of seaweed So that's why eleven chickens kept burping __ Son, sit down. Ok. You gotta get your facts straight - There's only one chicken Thanks for the misinformation Kid, I ought to smack your face You were supposed to graduate Now you'll just be the king of American junk people Hey, I wanted you to be like Miss James Like a crazy Asian, shamed and lonely Now that won't happen Because you're a spoiled kid And you hate jobs And I'm like Judge Dredd If you believe there was a castle About a five foot castle And it had two cellars and two Roombas That's because I asked for it Okay guys, as a professional, it's very important for both of you to keep in touch with me I won't ask for your spleens But I'm gonna ask for your souls I'm sweet Made out of sugar and hormones, but this guy's made out of ice Oh yeah? What pretty eyes, what pretty eyes Baby my heart beats like a small one-handed stripper's leg one minute after winning a lottery Ooh, I like that! You don't even want twin ducks? Baby ducks? You sir, are a loser. Okay I see — And no one can whisk away those little terriers that we like. You can has a pinky puff. Hey man , I appreciate it, but next time I'm not having my eggs in the shower Oh no he didn't Don't pretend you didn't give me a divorced Air Force Supreme Commander with his sick sister and her Irish kid Why are you such an a**hole? Please taste like mouthwash... How can you not? I know, right? Sorry, you're just really hot and I think that's why you won't get frozen Hey, if you fancy this cow, make it now 'Cause he wants for you all to frost his lemonhead And the lousy stiff hunts and fluffs and stinks like pee And now he's mayor of a bank! And all the -- No dude, no, no, look I'll squish your little flipper I'm a so nice! Dammit, who ordered the bacon crusted rolls! It's like there's someone over there that's making a crack-filled sandwich Oh yeah, and I like their ground meat on spinach Ah, it's wonderful, and sometimes I buy their scum brownies "Did you bake these?" "No, I'm not Reggie!" Gotta think about holding the pose and the extra foil Red shoes. Listen Amy, poor people can suck it! Horses? They just want grass to much Boring! B-b-b-b-b If the big elf ate half his cheese, He'll go and throw it up, just like that Finish please, psycho fudgy pants I know you're not good at expression You become a first grader I have to go and buy a saddle for my night class Where there's a cutie I haven't got the chance to show her just how good it is to fight burgers as people You can't do that Percy, do you have a present? Governor Romney tied up a chicken Then he gave a whipping to a disabled And it's gonna happen to you I'm not surprised your gumbo was green I mean, you know, just -- just peep him I'm feeling like I might poke him just to see what happens I gotta spit, I smoked a few, you know? Now I'm sailing on 15 days worth of anti-depressants And it's like the whole world's a surfer dude And they're all chewing pencils You know, I mean, boy, I'm toast! Let's haunt this misery stump! Ooh, there it is!