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Introducing the Chromebook

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[MUSIC PLAYING] This is a laptop. This is a computer? This has the web? That's weird. OK, so it's the web. There are no programs? So, there's nothing to start up. Then how do I do stuff? There's no messy desktop? So, no rolling hills of green. Can I use it anywhere? On a unicycle? My calendars? Emails? Documents? Everything can be saved to the web. That's crazy. So I could throw this thing into a river, and I won't lose my stuff? It doesn't need virus protection? What about annoying updates? Or patches? Or patches for the patches? So it gets better in real time. I wonder if people are ready for this? It's kind of a new thought.

this is a laptop %uh this is a computer this has the web that sweet are okay so it's the web on there no programs so there's nothing to start up then had a way do stuff there's no messy desk top so no whirling Hills agreement can I use it anywhere on a unicycle my calendars emails documents %uh everything can be saved to the web I'm that's crazy so I get through this thing into a river and I will lose my stuff do do it doesn't need virus protection what about annoying updates do more patches were patches for the best so it gets better in real time on to wonder if people are ready for this it's kind of a new side the do you