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What if Superman Punched You?

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PV sauce I'm G can if you've played injustice gods among us you know how awesome it is to be Superman punch people into space but what if you were to hit you in real life what would happen if someone who is able to live to 100 quintillion times with one hand power the Sun or my favorite punch dimensions apart were to punch you in this brings up an interesting idea superman's a really any fictional characters powers is completely determined by whoever's writing so he went from being able to leap tall buildings in a single bound to going the speed of light or faster in this theory matter how strong superman is there is one universal law of physics that he can't break the nothing with masking it she'd traveling at the speed of light so we will form one percent below that $299 million 790 2,458 meter per second limit and 99 percent the speed of light so you are unfortunately about to fight the man of steel who in this case will not be restraining himself if his fist has an average massive 300 grams and is moving at 99 percent the speed of light it would have a total energy about a hundred and ninety quadrillion jewels which is equivalent to 45 megatons of TNT or over two thousand eight hundred times more powerful than the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima throwing just one punch at near the speed of light with that much energy would burn around 45 trillion calories which is equivalent to almost eighty two billion big macs now you have one of the largest bombs ever condensed into a fist in aimed at your face what happens when he releases that punch well this is when he gets incredibly cool or incredibly hot since the energy being released by superman's fist would be around eat freely in Kelvin which is $5 million times hotter than the core of our son it takes about 1 cent to second for the light that hits you read no to then be processed by the brain so since the punches traveling at near the speed of light it would only take 3.4 nano seconds for the fifth to get to you so you literally wouldn't see it coming what we can see from the this prospective students going to 196 million meters per second is that time is practically frozen all the particles near the oxygen action or just suspended in time superman's hand is getting there was so much energy they create nuclear fusion gamma rays exploding creates an explosion the earth is never seen a giant fireball engulfed the surrounding area and a blast wave shoots out shattering windows structures in rinse trees on the ground there might be fictional characters with more powerful punches but at this point when it comes to you still existing it doesn't matter Superman wind just knocked the wind out of you oh no he would not be Adams overview his fist is pretty much become a particle beam at seven billion electron volts is more powerful than the Jefferson Lab particle accelerator in Virginia the items that meet you would be completely disintegrated you be liquefied at the atomic level you turn is a fundamental particles important who won plasma which is what was created right after the Big Bang in from all his energy new particles an anti particles before so if you're fortunate destruction something new something we might have never even seen before could be created to visualize the explosion we can use new map to see what a 45 megaton bomb will look like in terms of sheer damage we can really show is that the damage from Superman's punch would look more like a traffic cone which have been showing up wheres this land in destroying everything in its path in creating an explosion all around we leave a crater almost one kilometer in diameter in 221 meters deep so how close did you write get to Superman strength my friends he said science breakdown strength muscle growth and how super human strength might be more painful than ever before so don't piss off superman and as always thanks for watching