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Top 10 Mind-Blowing Fan Theories in Movies

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award are well are ever find yourself watching a movie and wondering what the filmmakers are really trying to say held host I'll welcome to watch mother da comp and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 mind-blowing fan theories in film for this list we're looking at the most outrageous unproven theories or popular ideas the fans have come up with about their favorite movies skinny one more chance to prove it mister great so I asked number ten willy wonka is a killer Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory the air in my old our rushing blame and won't go out hunting the year lips and then this theory suggests that the celebrated candy maker snapped years ago and is actually a serial killer I don't understand chilena disappearing like rabbits well we still have each other those golden ticket seal the kids deal as the game access to a factory Walker had staged to kick off his victims one by one in various ways he was a bad day and wish you don't were all the other bags Co down the garbage chute lot think job it ship the will lead to to the furnace how else do you explain the fact that there are only specific number of seats on its very or that his Google loopers are always ready with a death song through know exactly to blame and if you wanna go more extreme there are even some who think walk is using his childish targets as the source material for his chocolate bars see nobody ever goes the ca nobody and I comes out West number nine Doc Brown is suicidal back to the future party automated Jack welcome to my latest experiment this is the big one the one other waiting for my life doctor anna Brown is depressed he's never had a successful experiment he makes a half-assed attempt to get himself killed by double-crossing terrorist but finally the scientist decides to ended once and for all after one final effort trace accessed so one night in 1985 he meets his friend Marty medfly and reveals his newest project a time machine built from a DeLorean the way I see it if you go to build a time machine into a car why not do it from style Doc Brown steps in front of the car and waits for the end only it doesn't him it has disappeared into the future Paul doc has finally accomplished something and miss restores his will to live then come the libyans C a number eight sandy's dying dream Greece all this while singing summer nights Danny boast about sandy today yeah some fans believe that this line is evidence the sandy didn't drown and Greece is just a dream she had before meeting her death just had the best summer of my life and I have to go away however there are few holes in this theory tell me back stack why would send his final dream include a shot glass a beauty school dropout and a teenage pregnancy why yeah like on the other hand the ended the movie C sandy seemingly being flown into the clouds be a red convertible is this a metaphor for havin you decide any is being course not its home in the beginning number seven kubrick fake the moon landing the shining do you the faking the moon landing is a conspiracy theory in a bad cell me but ever since this adaptation of the Stephen King novel came out there have been many who believe the historical event has a Hollywood connection okay and speed these theorists believe Stanley Kubrick directed the moon landing and boldly showed it off in the shining how is quite a story the proof first little anywheres unneeded shirt have an apollo 11 spacious then there's kubrick's decision to change be room from 217 the number in the book to 237 which some fans have linked to the two hundred and thirty-seven thousand miles between earth and the moon gloomy the the devil's in the details here's Johnny number six roses imaginary friend Titanic I'm like it was standing at a great price for peace with no one to pull me back no one who cared her even know who's was rose so depressed at the thought of marrying Cal that she literally dreamed up for perfect man otherwise known as Jack Dawson the true they did me just as Rose is about to hurl herself up the ship you crazy that's what everybody says but with all due respect miss I'm not the morning of the back ship here and after their encounter her competence is suddenly loads higher still Jack was only a figment roses imagination wouldn't have dinner scene be a million times more awkward a real man makes his own tried awesome him and you find that sorta rootless existence peeling do or yes ma'am I do and if there was no Jack then who's behind that new drama rose take a look at this drawing every fan just today a piece of paper that's been underwater for eighty four years number five what's in the briefcase pulp fiction we at Vincent we had we hear the million dollar question of pulp fiction plans at are halfway point at Bart the contents of the briefcase keep on changing the most popular guest is that Marcellus Wallace is soul is in there upbeat day after all legend has it that when you make a deal with the devil he removes your soul from the back of your head right where Wallace had that band-aid not to mention the fact that the replaces combination is 666 yep them mark up the Beast so I think it's on speak the unit ready Buehler Buehler number four Paris Hilton Ferris Bueller's Day Off his is ridiculous okay I'll ago I'll alkyl ok I'll with ago happen three kids spend a high-profile day on the town on a school day and not get caught all slow near are a long now I guess if my dad either Paris is just that good for he's the product Cameron's daydreams camera and this is my ninth sick day if I get caught I won't graduate I'm not doing this for me I'm doing it for you as a quiet and depressed high schooler it's not that far-fetched to think that Cameron would create an alter ego whose cool fearless and can do the things he'd never do in real life don't have all day to bark at USANA make this short and some weight camera even brushes Paris of after realizing he doesn't need them anymore to take a stand near the film's end I'll take it the updated no no you don't want this mushy I want I kinda wanna I will let you take the car out this morning by major take the car this morning could stop here it is possible to stop mister Ferris Bueller number three jesse's owner Toy Story 2 I'm home big deal big Kyle I'm sure precious is dying to play with the one and cowboy doll why Jesse you know he wouldn't last an hour on the street in his condition all have our hearts bro when we learn just he's back story about being I once loved all that was outgrown and given away by her owner Emily you never forget kids like Emily your ENT batik but what is Jesse's owner was actually Annie's mom only way to do big nerd can t think he's ready to drive a car yet since and his mother's first name is never given n Jesse and what dr. from a playset that existed when she was a girl and his mom could very well be Emily well if the booth Fed's just take a look at and East cowboy hat which looks suspiciously like jesse and not his favorite toy woody hate it makes more sense than the parallel spender drying between the Toy Story franchise and the walking dead but maybe that's just us and she happiness butch the movie on are number two the code name the James Bond franchise you know the complicated cloned doesn't hit the occasion with mister bond James Bond since 1962 several different actors have stepped into the role a bon without a single recast Joe be made goes this gave birth to the theory that James Bond is actually a codename and not the super spies real identity so funny about I think very pretty name nit pickers have pointed out the did keep the by name when he went rolled but how else would you explain a man who hasn't aged 52 years the hell if you be enjoying death 007 reporting for duty it's not like he's a Time Lord actually I don't ever stop leave the things you don't need a quick before we uncover our top pick let's take a look at some honorable mentions superheroes New York came that my last french-made lap and Ed you'll shed having already logged in I'll first BK guess half-hearted get into trouble number one the Pixar theory the pics our universe Paul cast be like can we ensure first to get back tomorrow in a nutshell the Pixar theory is the idea that all of the studio's films are interconnected and that the characters essentially live within the same universe starting with Toy Story and ending with monsters University each movie is one part a single bigger story I do hundredth few to the Easter eggs cameos and references Pixar puts and all their movies fans have gone so far as to build a complex time-line incorporating each production and showing the origins a magic in the 14th and 15th centuries how animals and objects can talk squirrel my master is good sparked what the world would be like two thousand years into the future and much more by accident or by design the Pixar theory is a really one thing you should check out a miniature do you agree with our list 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