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Pencil Charm on the Rainbow Loom

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hi this is made by mommy and today I'm going to teach you how to make this adorable pencil charm using a single rainbow loom and a bunch a rubber band for this design in order to repeat the pattern I've made I use four black seven silver 12 white 10 paying and 21 yellow this silver that I'm using is from rain balloon brand they have come out with some metallic band their little bit hard to locate if you don't have the silver a good substitute is gray or even black and I also made pencils that came out really well using just yellow for the entire body so if you don't have all the colors be creative I'm sure you'll come up with a good design my first encounter with I a pencil charm came from Gabby bracelet on Instagram I saw this adorable photo as a part of her account and I contacted her to ask her whether or not I could share her design now Gabby being a responsible designer told me that while this particular design was hers that she had gotten the idea from somebody else she had gotten the idea from Abigail so Abigail sikorsky and her friend Anna have posted this video up on YouTube up with the link below in the description so you can see how it started she shows how to turn this pencil into a bracelet that goes all the way around my design a slightly different up but there's no question the path of inspiration goal is from Abigail and Anna to Gabby and then to me so here is made by mommys version I'll the pencil charm to begin with I want you to check that your limits configured as minus I have the pegs adjusted to be straight across the arrow is actually up here pointing downward we're going to they are rubber bands this time from the top to the bottom so that coincides with this chart that will be available for download on made by mommy dot com the first rubber band you need is a single black rubber band place that on the top center pack and pull to the middle next take to pink rubber bands at a time from the center to the side and again to pink rubber bands left to the center now we need to work she wore pink rubber bands and think you can guess what comes next yes to pink rubber bands this is what's gonna make the center over racer to complete the eraser two more pink rubber bands on the right side now we're gonna add on the silver band two at a time left middle and right side then switch to your yellow color they see I actually made two different this is the rainbow yellow this is actually rambled neon orange I like it better for the pencils so that's what I'm going to use for this tutorial course I've also make purple pencil so anything really does we're gonna go traditional for the demo two-tier time again left Center and on right side so now we're ready to switch to white unless you have a better colors and I could find create that sort of would hard the pencil left Center right to rubber bands at a time you've ever been to time Center and from the center the day now men to create your pencil tip to black and we're ready to start placing our cap am the first one starting from the bottom the single black rubber band wrapped around one pag for time one to 3 for now you can take a single white rubber band and wrap it around these to twice the next one is going to go across these three take a single white rubber band poet twisted and then fold it back over same three do the same thing next row but with yellow we're ready to put silver cap and on here the sylmar rubber bands that came even from Rainbow are less stretching I if you're very worried about breaking bands then use pink here instead of silver because the silver ones are much more likely to break when you pull them like this Erica olive your rubber bands are now I'm a Leo and you're ready to begin hooking starting where that black and wrapped around four times we're gonna reach in with our hook and pull back on those damn bring those two black rubber bands forward then reach in and grab the top to white rubber bands which will go up on your day at No to the right go back in for the two more white rubber bands of forward to the center part now for hooking up and like this where you have rubber bands coming from two different angles sometimes it's helpful to look at it from the side so that you can see exactly where each those pairs heater pullback happened and catch just the two rubber bands butter on top go forward thanks much simpler going back n catcher to cover bands that go on the back when you can come back here to the right side go inside cap and and go for it again that's what's gonna create your triangular pencil point and now we're going to proceed forward straight up all three rose just like you would do for a triple single bracelet making sure to catch just to cover at a time and if when you're going through this you realize you only caught one it's okay just put the one in place and come back and get the second one just make sure you do it before you hope the next one here yeah the body of the Phantom coming together and Tyrone just wanna look for all these the shapes because that's how you're gonna know this will stay together well and you haven't missed any so now we just have to tap the pencil to do min ago and from the left side poll two bands to the center and then repeat on the right side looking two bands I'm bringing those to the Centers palace or other around on this one spot you may need to push it down with your fam make sure nothing pops off and now the only thing we have left to do to hook this loop that will connector charm to wherever it is you decide to put it cell reaching way and to get just that Black River Bandits on the bottom happen around than to make a slip knot to secure it take the rubber band it's on the bottom on your hook pull it pull it through Center the top rubber band and pull tight and now you're ready to take your pencil awful them I always like to loosen these up a bit specially ones at the bottom there stranger use the back my cock find people on anyone rubber band by itself too hard much more likely snack much got delicate point this you can use it from the side this one of course being the biggest challenge capitalists rubber bands many once you've got a solid piece to grip on just take your two hands to serve pullback pop of tire pencil nephew tug organized you too have your very own pencil charm be proud of show off to your friends I hope you enjoyed making a pencil charm with me today if you did please consider subscribing it's the best way to tell me to keep on doing what I'm doing I also like you to consider watching some of my other videos I've got lady by got up and FA smiley face we've got the Ugly Sweater charm we've got flowers we've got mustaches plani a fun project to try next thank you again for watching if you'd like to stay informed in addition to subscribing please consider adding yourself to my mailing list there's a link below for that in the description as well thank you have a great day