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Things Men Are Secretly Jealous Of About Women

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like no man will ever be affected like a woman like with all her curves and a beautiful hair like from for the Gmail the truth police believe him them there bathrooms as the described to me this on my country clubs where they have like anti chambers and couches and set the sandburg cents from the four corners of the globe disorder billowing and sort of like a social gathering atmosphere and super jealous that girls can goes to the bathroom with someone all the time I think beef recall of lebanon double-decker just look over my body and be like you know dude con about them at me in the beginning a relationship the woman is not expected to pay for it thing you know I'm walking down the street with my boys really go to the club and we think that long line and we can get through a group of girls just Lee lock by open up the doors for on free number it called the penis tax superstars like a long flowing hair like how to complete their like moving around in its I'll maturing computer phone looking I think guys can have long hair had tried it once and didn't work out so well for me when it comes to fashion legging those look like the most comfortable thing in the world women can like turn almost anything in the clothes pair things I was like look like curtains me women's clothes plan just like that with mine came I also very jealous a women having a bigger section in clothing stores because that basically telling men by you don't have to look as well put together and you have the care that much about your parents as well no matter what gender you are went back to our that like everybody likes bales women have to deal with a lot old crap this constant pressure to look a certain way a general idea that you don't feel safe walking alone the inequality factor then also the whole period thing women aren't allowed to be like oh I'm bleeding and it hurts so they don't get enough credit there they're tough for having to put up with all the stuff that they do