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How To Connect With Anyone

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and uptake message estimates I can out and ok hard he so lame she peed heard and means when men staring in each other's looking into each others eyes your doesn't seem natural fun long time know the instructions and not have to look in your eyes you that's it and set low great well began pulling race cancel the more low on him attention while 0 like line the and you feel weird 0 in 55 years of marriage in we've never released looked into each others eyes like 10 than I do look at your eyes sometimes cuz I'm checking your blood sugar you check on me all the time yeah the name I wondered what you were thinking how wonderful it was to just sitting here and look at my wife at saint without discussing work business and situations when i'm looking very closely I realize how much I need you low and what you mean to me an because that's the truth and I at good magid beanie with anybody else on it's pretty interesting to be able to sit in front of them online you now the think they're likely to get a good yeah really care not see each other yeah I'll walk that way and I have a chance okay be like weekend get right to the dance floor something like this but used him yep but not at at Anfield you I get but meh cutbacks its to just like old times is like a I I had died so thank you something