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Happy Ending Official Trailer | Saif Ali Khan, Ileana D’Cruz, Govinda & Kalki

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Love looks good only in movies. Extra crap is edited out, They show only comedy, romance, songs.. Boy kisses girl.. Then what happens?! Happy ending? Why aren't you writing your next book? Fame, girls, money.. I have everything! So why do I need to work? You WERE a successful author. Once! Your books are not even in stores any more! I am the superstar of single-screens, And now I want to takeover multiplexes. First half. Meet parents. Second half. Meet Fockers! Copy and paste. Silver jubilee! How do I look? Like you were at it the whole night! Shut up! I suggest we try something different. What's 'different?' 'Different' is nothing! If the boy and girl run into each others' arms, let them! Let there be SLOW-MOTION! Let there be sunset! Let a song play! I say, let them kiss! Even the Censor Board allows it these days! Public should be happy. Don't work your brain too much! Hey! Arch your back. Stomach in. Chest out. Chest out. It is out, Yudi! - Okay. It is not working. Take off your top. Listen, add a few kissing shots in the movie. Youngsters should enjoy. Milkmen? - Not milkmen. Youngsters! I am making a movie, not tea! It's a good combination. She's hot, I'm cool. She's young, I'm young. Shut up, I'm not old! Okay. Young at heart.