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Splinter Cell Blacklist | First Gameplay Demo

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Peggy 18 and hi I make them better creative director at Ubisoft Toronto I'm here to give you a look into Splinter Cell blacklist the studio's first production ship our demo begins near the iran-iraq border were 4-12 is located a terrorist leader to come off custom those go do is get Scottish up of do you judge got this D up city murdering dog here home rule GT where you think you can stop the blacklist break to the Disney up the premise of our story centers on a mysterious terror network at masterminds a series of escalating attacks on US Pinterest the president but Sam Fisher in charger for cash loan a blacker than black special operations unit up up home home hot Sam is always one step ahead of his enemies seeking out his next target all that's killing in motion after mastering Sams abilities you can move efficiently tree environment while taking up targets quickly and fluidly Sam always as multiple ways to tackle any situation either by choosing the less obvious back order right gadget tool or ability from his Arsenal I'm up camp Jan keep you EMU tour that stock sleep Graham technical Plaza like an armed escort portadown copy track on your on as the leader of the newly formed for cash lawn something I'll call the shots directly from the battlefield up check Park here right by surprise cry I know why were you up up just man up length start talking always playing trouble her hair really him I'm already dead hack shines bring you a the online now breaks redirect my current location now watch for Splinter Cell blacklist coming spring 2013 x-box 360 revision3 NPC I'm